Thursday, December 25, 2014

Space Merry Christmas!

I haven't played in a while


*puts character pants on*

Brink is at his couch in his quarters.

I'm getting fat here in Lulm. I haven't undocked in a while. That stunning view. Mail from Lucas; a contract! A DRAMIEL!!

I've never had something so nice.. at least not since that one Daredevil.

Huh. The new map. I tried a few variations, being in a beta still I think actual color looks best. But for the traditional, my night started in Lulm like it does usually the last month or so already.

Dramiel!! Lookit!!

Why do ships like this make me nervous to fly. Why am I nervous? Really it makes no sense... so let's try to die in a fire in my first Dramiel. With zero fucks given I load up the ammo, the nanite. Sorting out the guns to look symmetrical on the ship itself. (yeah yeah heat rack transfers) I don't care.

Everything's starting to look good. In the back of my mind I'm thinking I'm gonna lose it three jumps from now from that Thrasher rape gang that hangs out at Arner/Hadozeko or Egmar/Gulmorogod. It always seems to happen when I covet a ship, I spun it too many times and I touched it and I wanna pet it. I put insurance on it even....


Just pixels man.

It's time.

Now there's a frigate roamer tune.

Here's what it looks like:

I made my way for Amamake, but first I check out the Lulm-Bosboger-Gulmorogod triangle.

For those that don't know the area, here's an introduction:

LULM: I'm usually here, or at least launch from here. You'll see Alek Azam around here too. I often see the Boy Wonder of Lulm; Transmaritanus. Militia members come in, including the farmers that retreat when others appear on dscan or on grid.. Lulm for me is a treat. It's off the path, not on the road between Dammalin and Amamake or Egmar so the traffic here is pretty much local and here for a fight. How have I gone this long without knowing about this little system?

BOSBOGER: A contingent of Tuskers has moved here. Since I moved to Lulm I've gotten to know Johnny Twelvebore a little better, and Phloebas. Old friend Gavin2505 has also moved here. (Pretty sure he's following me?) At any rate the Tuskers are great frenemies for fights and Bos is always a great place to check before going out beyond the Huvilma constellation. Bosboger/Dammalin is actually camped more often than I thought, so do scout it if you have to go to Rens.

GULMOROGOD: I've heard or read somewhere that in the days of Wensley, he used to keep a house here. Now it's full of the blebs, the links, and there might be an insta-Thrasher gang on the other side of that Egmar gate. I'm wary of fights here. The dirtier tricks will be brought out. To each their own. I stayed here not too far from Lhorenzo's place when I was looking for a home. Heh.. made it a whole jump away. It's not a bad neighborhood but use caution.

I didn't have a destination set. I don't like going north into Egmar so I went south towards Amamake.

Amamake... still the worst 360° dscan ever. Whoever owns all this needs to pick up their shit. I check all the plexes and they were empty. So I picked a small and waited.

Vengeance on short. I overheat the things.

Was that Loki there before? I decided to leave.

I left for Vard..

Nothing in Vard. Nothing in Dal. Or Auga. I set destination for Houla and a waypoint for Kamela.

I jump into Huola and this appeared in local:

[02:19:02] Rajeet Achmar > if you dont use afucking competent pod condom you deserve to get podded*

What the fuck did I just jump into? I'll filter out the rest of the poo-throwing in local and give what I assume is a clue on my road to Kamela:

[02:20:08] Tresito Gaterau > Santo is by far the best.

Santo Trafficante, even pirates turn around at the mention of him, and if this guy is a wannabe mouthy smartbomber, I guess the Bleak Lands are out for me. I turn around for Metropolis skies.

Destination: Sirekur.

Kinda backtracked a few jumps so I just blasted through them.

Then I run into a system called Frerstorn, a Firetail was out and about. I warped to a plex and waited.

Firetail on short. At the last second I loaded Fusion.. I hope it was the right choice..

There he was! Shit.. overload everything, lock, all my offensive modules are blinking, drop the drones, git transversal, git it now.

His first volley didn't hit me very hard.. was it because of the tracking script? Is he arty? I don't think he is!

ORBIT 500.


Brink Albosa > gf
HB Gengod > gf

I scooped loot and continued on my way to Sirekur. Nice. Whew. Happy to get this Dramiel broken in.

I sat in Sirekur a good 10 minutes at a Novice plex. What does [DAKKA] do in their home system? Watch streams? I jest of course I've had many good fights with their pilots. oo Condor on short. And then it was gone. I had some loot so I set my destination for Lulm.

Next few jumps, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Back in Gulmorogod, I spot another Firetail on scan. I warped to a Novice and I didn't have to wait long at all. He was on short about 10 seconds after I landed inside.

It was an awkwardly long wait. Long enough to get me suspicious. Is he talking to his FC? Is he undocking his link alt? (this is Gulmo we are talking about)

There he is!

I had Fusion loaded again and all the things overheated. This fight reminded me of the other one only this guy seemed way tankier. I stopped repping because I kinda wasted my second repair charge.. but then suddenly I was almost in structure and behind on reps. It was a DPS race to the finish and


Brink Albosa > gf
Odemis > gf

That was really close! I scooped his loot and returned to Lulm.

And here I am. On my couch. Writing about tonight's experiences.

Do you like the jacket? It's declared SKRMR's new corporate uniform by Nuke Cave. Mr. Bull loves highly mandated corporate stuff and treating everyone like a number (literally) so I figured I could try it on for a bit. Not bad colors!

It's nights like tonight I feel the progression that a capsuleer goes through. I've never flown a Dramiel. I have only stared at those pirate faction frigate flying pilots with awe and jealousy at the same time.

My endgame perhaps? Fancy fitted pirate faction frigs?

It might be! I remember how large a Hurricane looked when I couldn't fly those either and that was another moment of this so called 'progression' I felt.

This Dramiel Lucas gifted me was a fit stolen from Rixx Javix. (is there any greater form of flattery? Stealing fits from zkill?) This fit also reminded me of the good ol' days when DARKSTAR would buy 200 Firetails at a time. He flew a very similar fit. This Dramiel kinda handles like that only with some drones.

It rides great!

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading o7



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