Tuesday, November 25, 2014

pvp piracy and help

Firstly, some links: As seen here on Reddit

If by some how, some way that Eve trailer has got you thinking about Eve Online, for the first time or maybe you played before and wanna try something new in the game, and you wanna try the dark side, the lowsec pvper. And you somehow are reading this right now...

Anyone can start any time. There is no SP minimum so get that out of your head right now.

Join channel ingame: pvp piracy and help

Joined this channel right away and there's some serious mugs and representation from all the big gangs and alliances of lowsec: RvB, Calamitous Intent, TURN LEFT, Team Liquid, Shadow Cartel, The Black Rebel Rifter Club, Screaming Hayabusa, Tuskers, Stay Frosty. All here to give advice on anything you want. No stupid questions here. Game is rich with new blood again, that trailer was the bomb and we would like to get some newbros out in lowsec shooting at each other and us.

Just a bunch of scumbags that won't be dicks. Gladly will impart any wisdom we got on all the newbros.

Thanks for reading o/


PS - I moved to Lulm.

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