Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pod and Planet YC116 Entry: The Wolf-Rayet

I pounded my last cigarette into the ashtray.

I poured another rum. Probably my last one for the night.

It was a beautiful and quiet Lulm evening. I'm still settling into my new digs at Lulm III. I'm starving and with a bit of a headache. I rub my bald head. I look over at the woman and I'm sure she'd be interested in going and getting something to eat.

On our entertainment center in our quarters, I got it set up to see the intel scroll across the screen like a stock ticker, but instead of listing what the current Veldspar prices are at; it picks keywords out of the chat channels that are important. Normally this screen doesn't have much:

>obelisk waiting to jump into low and his corpier on other side in a harbinger

Somewhat zoned out, enjoying my drink, moments later:

>holy shit another orca

This is about as close as it gets to a good ol' Adirainian tire fire these days.

Without saying, I knew to get in Miura Bull's direction. I grab the keys to my Hurricane, and walk about 3 footsteps out onto the catwalk towards the balcony. I hesitate and go back for my Rifter's keys. I'm really not sure what we got here, and it's very rough waters in between Lulm and Aliette, with Faction Warfare and Amamake on the route. My arsenal here in Lulm is limited but growing; I wish I had something like a Wolf at least to bring to this operation. Most of the stuff I have is for lowsec PVP in plexes, afterburner fit.

I caught Nora's dagger eyes.. I better ask her if it'd be alright if I went and checked on this Orca that the Bull was on about. (Happy wife happy life) She's cool and said that's fine. She's pretty into her holoreels so it was a good time to escape.

"20-30 minutes tops." I said.

On my way to the hangar; keys, yep, handgun; check.

I check my pockets, got my lighter. I patted my jacket..

Smokes.. oh yeah I'm out. Fuck it, no time to stop.

I really love this view. I call it the front yard. The skies around Lulm are Minmatar. I've needed to go home for a long time.. I punched it for Gulmorogod.

Didn't take long to spot Alek Azam in local chat. Looks like he was answering the bell like me.

Made my way to Sinq Laison without problems. Saw a flashy red Apocalypse on the way but it was no trouble. I realized as I was zipping through Amamake and Sisiede that I didn't think to throw a bunch more ammunition in this Rifter. After all it's a possible Obelisk and an Orca..

I tried to dock up at the little lowsec hub in Egghelende but one of the locals in his Tengu didnt' want me to shop there I guess. He was parked just outside of the hangar. He took a potshot at me; luckily I was outside of his warp scrambler range and I met MB at his secret stash location.

Got about 800-1,000 rounds or so of all flavors of projectile ammunition. Republic issue. You gotta understand there wasn't much fucking around.. guys are coming from every direction. Dilium, Tawa Suyo, Nuke Cave. So far it was just myself, the Boss and Alek. At literally mach six, we were making this up as we went. I didn't think there was any time to wait; Mr. Bull agreed. There wasn't really an FC; we both sorta jumped into Aliette; despite the chance there is cloaky eyes watching these gates, or most definitely the wormhole we are about to go into.

No one in Screaming Hayabusa seems to have comms set up; so I plastered the information everywhere I could. We don't do much together. This is like literally the first time I've been on comms with my corpmates.

Honestly, I knew nothing of what we were getting into..

... but there is.. only one way to find out!

I hit my dscan screen.

Orca, Orca, Obelisk, Nighthawk, Amarr tower. No Force Field?

No fucking shit?!

I land about one hundred kilometers from what looks like the start of a colonization effort. There's a Nighthawk here now. I'm so glad I brought my only MWD Rifter. Instantly I am going 6km/second. With this kind of hardware on the grid though it might as well have been two hundred or even three hundred kilometers away. Just felt like it still took forever to close the gap. I lock up and point the Obelisk. My guns did a surprising amount of damage to his shields; but quickly I realized we have to deal with this other threat, the Nighthawk.

I started to take some serious heat. Instantly I was in structure. I took another hit, and another? I had maybe 2% left:

Alright, so it was 7% ;) I put the pictures in after the writeup

I did all I could do. This was critical because I was the tackle for the Nighthawk. Now do the guys spread the points? Possibly lose a Obelisk or an Orca? I started to align to a celestial; I heard what was probably the killing blow launch from the Nighthawk, and the lovely Aura let me know the warp drive still worked.

Alek on comms: "Holy shit it's a Wolf-Rayet" Meaning MB's Harpy does 1000 DPS, 700 DPS T1 Frigates.

I warp back to the fight, just in time to put some more hurt onto the Nighthawk as it exploded! Alek, Miura and I switched our guns and spread our points on the remaining ships!


Our guns are switched now to the Obelisk. My Rifter is on fire. I have no damage control teams with me either. Looks like I lost engine one.. Gonna have to start favoring left turns..

Dilium has arrived now and starts putting more damage onto the now burning Obelisk.

Our new problem now was what's gonna happen when this tower comes online? Are we all gonna be flung out into space? Can we kill all of this in 3 minutes with 4-5 Frigates? I'm just in shock at the hardware that's here.


Next was an Orca. There was two so we picked Selena's. I started to get a thousand yard stare.. we shredded it in mere moments in just our Frigates.


We begin dismantling the next Orca, when their Harbinger landed on field with us. We switch our damage to him and he was also exploded extremely quickly. Fast enough luckily for me because he had me redboxed and his drones were on top of my already wrecked-but-still-flying Rifter.


Back to the Orca. Dispatched without any incident:


This was just surreal. I grabbed loot and I warped somewhere for some reason. I was so scatterbrained at this time I don't even o\ (facepalm)

Tawa Suyo, of Flipsiders has arrived, with a hauler corpmate in tow.

A Retribution lands back at the tower.


This is a bit ridiculous now. I think it's safe to say we were all speechless. I had to do my best from  blurting all over comms like a little girl. Okay so I was doing just that!

No seriously. Fucking speechless! Killmails were linked internally at SKRMR and I dropped them in the bar.

Reciprocrat > OMFG
Reciprocrat > OH MY F G
Reciprocrat > Dem KMs
Reciprocrat > Need help of any sort?
Tawa Suyo > We need cargo space
Miura Bull > we're just sat here looking at the wrecks lol
Dilium > im not saying anything because its hard finding the words...
Brink Albosa > I'm at a loss as well
Brink Albosa > Nerdgasm
Dilium > yeah thats describing =p

Brink's Bar:
Lucas Padecain > wtf happened
Lucas Padecain > omg
Lucas Padecain > omg
Lucas Padecain > bahaha
Domino Vyse > lol
Domino Vyse > what on earth
Spectre33 > what tom foolery is this

I am SO fucking glad I didn't try to bring that stupid Hurricane now.

The tower onlines; and nothing happens.

The incoming Flipsider, on her way to the wormhole, tells us there is two Brutix's on the way. Her warp in was at range, and without a prop module, her Nereus was only doing a screaming 150 some meters a second. She announced that she was going to just stop and cloak.. and watched as the Brutix's enter the wormhole.

We got ready, and sure enough the pair landed together at the tower.


I don't think these guys understand the bonuses of a Wolf-Rayet wormhole. This fight we actually had someone cycle a repper module once.

Nuke Cave arrives, and we all wait for the next wave...

A Corax had appeared at the wormhole, but jumped back through. The pilots that fought us had also logged out. We finished scooping loot and shooting all of the wrecks before going home.

Dumbfounded. I put the bookmark in the wrong folder so it took me a while to find my way home. Made a bunch of copies and jettisoned them for my corpmates. I can't think of any other time there was this many Screaming Hayabusa on grid. We should do this more.

Through the horizon I can see k-space, Sinq Laison.



5 Frigates. 7.5 billion in damage.

"Team A Losses - Nothing to display here." - zkillboard

The corporation Red Mechanics was dealt a full house of Screaming Hayabusa pilots.

I told Nora 20-30 minutes.. which was accurate.. except I had to sit and absorb what the fuck just happened on comms with the guys. I made my way for Lulm about an hour later..


Had no idea. Expected to get halfway there and hear they went to a POS or something.

There was no plan, we couldn't have done it better even if we had one.

And to think.. so many consider Frigate wormholes useless.

Thanks for reading o7



  1. ..and where was the call brother?!

    1. Haha! Oh man if I knew it was going to be like this ... !!!

      I'm still like.. did this just happen

  2. I had no idea what I was flying towards but arrived a day late and dollar short... Thanks for letting me whore on those last kills though. It's not every day you get to fly a Taranis that does 750+ DPS!