Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It was Crake Gaterau Tribute Night

It's been a while! o/ It's late and I'm scatterbrained. A lot has been happening too.

In case you haven't heard, Crake has left us again for the biomass chamber to join his friend, the Biomass Warden in Doomhiem. He was kicked out once already for bad behavior, maybe he was brought in again because of bad behavior!

I been sneaking away from the Aeschee conflict to do my own little thing, roaming around in Frigates, but usually what happens is I get about 20 jumps away and then suddenly they need a fast tackler.

How about a personal Crake story?

My best fight ever was with Crake. There was a new character in Hevrice local and he changed the  name of his Condor to match; I assumed too much and actually thought I was gonna fight a 2014 character.... It was Crake at 0 meaning only one thing: ROCKET CONDOR

I pull range in my tankless arty Slasher, Trading volleys, it was so freakin' close... I blew his Condor up, his last volley of rockets blew me up.... .... CAN YOU BELIEVE............... WHAT WE.............. JUST SAW?!

No question; best 1v1. Bioworthy lossmail :) It looks like his capsule shoots rockets.

He is an incredibly skilled player, and a content generator. Fun FFA's, and unique fleets. Hopefully he gets that itch again to come back.

Since Phoebe, the cynos don't light as often. Also to Shadow Cartel's credit they are much, much sharper now with dscan and aligning out; rarely missioning, they must be doing it when we are not on. (It's not really classified intel but I think the Adirainian resistance is pretty strong USTZ)

What's going on in Aeschee you ask? That's for another post, maybe soon. Tonight was not about the Aeschee conflict. I heard a couple days ago that Crake left us again. It didn't strike me right away like it did last time; that was the tipping point for me leaving the Black Rebel Rifter Club.. thought I would go and fly for Crake for a little while. Ended up staying way longer than I thought!

Tonight I was bored. I scanned down a local wormhole and then in a moment of inspiration I was moved to Paint. MS Paint

Aeschee Revolution I:

They say you've won Eve when you log in and you don't actually play.. which is almost what I had done to this point. After enough dicking around in chat channels and Paint I finally got to what I wanted to do for Crake. Enough Aeschee shit!!!

I bought four of his Atrons he had shared with me long ago, and the implants needed to fly them. This is way overdue btw; I've been in Screaming Hayabusa this long without really trying Atrons fully.

Presenting On the Brink VIII. Spoiler Alert: I did terribly. (Yes, the 8th. OtB 7 was cancelled.)

My first fight was against a Worm.. and I didn't have Num Lock engaged? Or I did? So my hotkey for recording didn't work! (Yeah right) :P To summarize the worm fight, I died so freakin' fast. I think he was MWD brawler.. so my longpoint was no bueno.

My heart was pounding out of my chest during that Hookbill fight. That was a great fight dude! o7

I almost didn't take the fight with the Condor; because I figured he'd be a TD fit or something. (And he was!) Which would have not been so good for my rails. Plus it's in Huola.. Not sure I trust that local to not use links and stuff. 

Against the two Atrons, props to that guy for getting out of there.. and I'm a giant idiot that wins the Golden Gategun reward about once a month.. at least.

Tristans are the new YC115 Condor. Only they can come in so many different fits. This one neuts, pull range and he brought friends.. don't care just kill me now :p 

And then I poddled back home. Again. This video was way longer than I thought it would be. Maybe next time I'll just have two Atrons.

Screaming Hayabusa had a recent rebranding; changing from the lightning bolt Hayabusa bird to a more Gallente-military-looking-Eagle. And Orange. So I thought I'd drink some of that orange Kool-Aid and change my UI! I think it's bad luck so I will change it again; probably back to the Brink blue again...

Not a great night for me; just made fun content for everyone else lol. By the way don't shoot neutral or positive security pilots on gates. My Crake Gaterau Tribute Night was like a sports team's fan appreciation night and the home team gets curbstomped 10-0. lol

Maybe someone out there who is apprehensive about getting into PVP because they worry about their KB stats.. well my mindset is like it was a bad CoD match or something; just go undock the next one maybe you will turn it around. Frigate PVP takes a weird set of instincts and swagger more than skill sometimes. At least it does for me. A blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

Even though I haven't been playing lately.. Solo burnout is what I am feeling tonight, just like Crake. Eve is a fickle mistress though. She always finds a way to lure you back.

Gonna open up a bit here; sometimes I think about mixing it up a bit, maybe trying a new challenge .. like starting my own corporation or something. I've still never tried FW, despite what I hear and read I still wanna try it someday. One of my favorite posts; inspirational for me actually was when Azual Skoll blogged about giving FW a try. He not only joined it, but made his own corp and joined with that! Diving in headfirst. I wanna try Factional Warfare like he did with his own solo corp.. Except I would try to recruit. Have a constant standing fleet; recruiting from scratch.. wide open too so there are spies and shit. I dunno I got some ideas. I'm rambling here. You'd be booted if you're caught dead in a stabbed ship plexing. Die on your feet soldier. Minmatar of course.

Another point to being CEO: I move my assets around via public courier contracts. Often times it's small stuff like the collateral is only like 1-10 million ISK; so the only people that will bother with that are really bored highsec people or really, really new pilots searching for player made content. I actually love that... meta? Is meta the word for it? I bet being CEO would give me moar meta. 

That idea feels way out there though. Leadership does burn me out. Probably the biggest thing I learned being a director of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.

That Atron btw, is a lot of fun to fly. Fast and kicks like a mule. I'm gonna buy more, and some Comets and Incursii too

I can't seem to figure out those 10mn Firetails. They seem to work great for some people, not I!! I lost a whole bunch of them lately.

I been enjoying all the hate for the 25 new Frigate wormholes that are coming soon to Rhea. Leave it up to the ingenuity of the few frig corps remaining then to come up with tactics for how to use those holes. And T3 dessies could be cool. Create the content!!

This post was all over the place.. Thanks for watching/reading and have a good night o7


PS: On the Brink VII was about 90% done when the Aeschee conflict began. I ended up setting that aside for so long and it never got finished. I decided that it never will either. (My stash for that video was located in the top station in Aeschee; the Federal Intelligence Office.) I already broke it down and shipped it to Dodixie via public courier contract. (all contracts were successful)

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