Saturday, October 18, 2014

Battle: Aeschee

Not much to say, the frightened look on at the pictures from only one jump away in Aeschee. Shadow Cartel's occupation is one jump from my Bar.

Just a short clip. And they keep playing it over and over again.

I reluctantly ordered my regular shipment of booze for Brink's. Might be my last? If you been kicked out lately, it's a troubled time in the area. No hard feelings.

Thank for reading. Until next time o7

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I fought Lucas Padecain!!!


Well it all started from a lowsec system called Gusandall, in Heimatar.

I logged back into a grand set of waypoints that were gonna take me to every single system in Amarr / Minmatar Faction Warfare space. 39 waypoints, 97 jumps. Probably not the most efficient route.. but whatever.

I bet I went 40 without seeing anything.

Actually I got this sweet picture! I love the new cloak look.

By the time I got to Sisiede, local had about 9 people in it, and there was aggression timers, and oh look; an Executioner, a Firetail and a Merlin at a plex.

I thought I was going into a 2v1, 1v1v1, who knows.

Nope. All 3 against me. I aligned and overheated and I webbed that, and that, and !!!


How did I get away?! I'll take it!

Dropped a gf, and docked up in the next system of Lantorn for repairs and to reload my Small Ancilliary Armor Repairer.

Quite a few jumps later, after running up to Auner, back down towards the wheel of Aset, I swung by Avenod to see if there were any Shadow Cartel lingering about. Gave up after a few minutes and went down south through Eytjangard. A Comet on scan..

I've gone this fucking far and so far nothing so here we go!!!

Rifter Krusual Edition

No lie, got dunked pretty hard on this one!

Brink Albosa > gf
Hamul Jinn > gf

Just was not a good matchup for my Rifter. But good for Mr. Jinn. Such a slow night I had to explode, or hopefully get someone else to explode.

It was.. a long ways back to my stash in *CLASSIFIED* The only clue I can give you is my Eisenheimm stash is not in Lantorn anymore..

I got into one of his Rifters and checked out how it was fitted. Speed rigs, no plate.. how fast is this thing? With the fresh memory of my last fight I wondered if there was a chance this thing could maybe be an effective counter towards another Comet..

*CLASSIFIED* and headed down the way I came from to continue one more little loop around Kamela up to Sadusairos or something before heading back and calling it a night. Ended up deleting all those waypoints so a quick there and back.. sounds good.

In Kamela I run into a gang, was just a Slicer on dscan, we sorta touched gloves at the FW complex gate, and we both entered. Got my web and scram on him right away, and suddenly a lot more shit on dscan and appearing on grid with us.

I had 6 people on my timer .. by the time I got out. How the FUCK did I get out of that?! That's twice tonight!

Later on as it turns out, that was actually another gang, the Slicer must have looked a little nicer than my Rifter.

Imperial Navy Slicer

Got up to around Anka, and I was trying to decide if I was actually done for the night or not.. In Brink's Bar I asked:

Brink Albosa > Anyone in Adirain?
Awarmingcoat > does the beacon need to be lit
Brink Albosa > This is a non emergency call :)

Lucas had said something about selling Police Comets.. he's in OE, they live up in Agoze....

Before I knew it I was in Adirain. Alone. I set destination for Agoze, it's like 9 jumps I will probably die by then.

Jovainnon, empty.

Hevrice, empty.

Nothing on dscan in the next few systems. I saw fellow corpie Nuke Cave in local. Went through Oueletta.

Loes was empty.

Agoze. I bet there was like 50 people here?

Brink Albosa > Awarmingcoat !!! Lucas Padecain !!!
Brink Albosa > Merk Stainz !!!

I waited in one of the FW complexes. Not a minute later, a Police Comet was on dscan. I started overheating everything.

2 former R1FTA directors.

It's a Comet, I am not supposed to win, but I love these uphill battles!!!!!!!!!!!

Glorious fight. One for the ages. I didn't expect to be faster. The Comet is a wierd ship I wasn't sure if he would be rail fit, or mwd brawler; plenty of combinations. But you ain't got time to think. If you think, you're dead..

I can hit out to 15 kilometers with my Rifter. Suddenly I was out of his web and 15-16 kilometers away, I did my signature "burn straight up" lol (Going ballistic, Mav!)

But even with all the skillpoints in my favor it still comes down to piloting skills. I had too much overheat damage really fast, as I went to turn that off I didn't get my web back going on again in time and suddenly he was in my face


I am not sure that I would have survived long enough anyway. I loved the fight.

Lucas I think you are right, this was our first ever 1v1!

gf gf gf

Lucas, the Gracious winner, offered me a ship. It was a fit he stole from me and one that I stole from Miss Carry back in the days of Eugales. Only this was a Thukker Thrasher!

Pretty flashy. My first Thukker Thrasher.

I made haste back to the 6v1 I had. I would love to fight that with one of these, maybe if they didn't come in together at the same time I would get one or two extra killmails!

There was 12 Ventures on dscan in Kamela....

I just warped to the small and waited.

b-b-b-b-booom!!! They all came in at the same time!!! I locked everything up and fired at the first one


I started firing at the second one~

Thrasher Thukker Tribe Edition

Brink Albosa > Ventures!!!!!!!
Brink Albosa > gf!!!
Bbqwings Sauce > what he said
Thomas Molijnr > ALLAHU VELDSPAR
Saerin Korvalu > ALLAHU VELDSPAR

Sorry Lucas, hoped for a more glorious end to that Thrasher but how can you not turn down a fight with 11 Ventures at the same time? :D

All that was left to do now was poddle back home and call it a night.

Thanks for reading o7 and goodnight