Saturday, September 13, 2014

Live from Nottingham

A real life post ahead:

Work has been incredibly busy. Honestly haven't played much at all since around July 4th.

It started a long time ago, maybe even before we got back from our last overseas trip, Nora and I pretty much decided that England would for sure be our next big trip outside of the United States.

So.. not a matter of if we go to England, but when.

Ooo the gears started turning. Since as far back as 2011, I would watch the larger Eve meets happen from the UK, I first heard of them from my time in R1FTA. I was pretty jealous that a bunch of my old corpies were getting together and having a few drinks; and for me London sounded so exotic and far away.. the gears were turning. 

Unfortunately my girlfriend was not an Eve player. We will shelf this idea.

I watched another Veto meet come and go, and another. The last one was literally a perfect weekend to do it, the Minnesota Vikings opened their season against the Steelers in London, and there just happened to be really good last minute deals taunting me. The Vikings and Eve in one weekend. Interesting right?

That following January, I was able to talk Nora into a meet in nearby Wisconsin. I met a few R1FTA's and after that I taught her the little I knew about the game. (My playstyle) Now she is starting to get it, and gettting to know the people I flew with for so long.

It was a good meetup, and from what I understand, a pretty standard US one. About 20 or so people at the actual Eve part of the gaming convention in Milwaukee. 

Then Nashh's meet popped up. Nottingham. How far is that from London? Would Nora be interested? Look at that guest list!!!

I won't bore you with the rest of the trip, fellow Eve player. Of course we been tourists. Checking out the Tower of London and that one cool bridge :P

A night before #EVE_NT, Vincent R'lyeh was gracious enough to offer to meet us somewhere near Chancery Road in London; we stopped for a few pints and had some pizza. Was awesome to finally meet the guy and we really had a good time!

This is Nora and I on the train from London to Nottingham

Coming up on the Antenna, the place that has the meetup. There are cameras and stuff, they are interviewing people. :o I was also interviewed and if I find it I will update and post it here. Not gonna lie, I am not good at interviews, so I hope I wasn't too awkward and it was on the spot. It's probably not bad. (I hope.)

Me and Nashh Kadavr. Nashh is the creator of this meetup, and he did a wonderful job. Quite the turnout and he seemed to me like a natural at coming up with a party like this. Said he was aiming for 30-40 people, I'd guess he easily got 120. CCP help this guy out! The Nottingham meet is the real deal!

Wowbagger and I, he's the CEO of the Shadow Cartels. A powerful man and a titan compared to me in lowsec, the guy asked to get a picture with me; which totally blew me away. He's heard of Brink's Bar in Adirain and said the guys would get a kick out of seeing the RL Brink.

How about that?

Me and Naughty Cargo. After meeting her and Gavin at my table the world seemed so much smaller. She's an Aussie, Gavin from the UK, and us from the USA.

Laguna Fox, of the Stay Frosties. I think every major player from lowsec had a representative here for sure. I literally asked; started to wonder if there were any frosties at this meet, and.. suddenly Frosty. We've seen each other in local chats before. Gonna have to shoot each other now :D

A bunch of Tuskers here. From left to right, Mister Marram, myself, Sa'haira, Incognito, and Suleimann Shouaa. Flown with and against many of these dudes, who are all still really high from coming in 4th in AT. Pretty cool.

Myself, Kane Rizzel, and Gavin2505. I've always been a huge fan of Kane's. In my opinion, one of the most notorious pirates of all time. Read his site/blog cover to cover.

Nora somehow didn't get in any of the pictures. Mostly because she was the one taking them. :D

Back to London tomorrow to be tourists again. Thanks for reading o7



  1. Thanks for the pics Brink. One of these days I have to get myself to one of these shindigs.

  2. Lhornz you can't do any RD meetings because then you would out yourself as a high powered Texas politician.

  3. Was so good!! :D That's turned out to be a great photo ^.^ Was great to meet you guys! Sorry didn't get a chance to say bye, I had honestly had.... in hindsight about 8 drinks, so... totally was not thinking. XD xox Have a good rest of the week and safe trip home! :) Indeed a small world- if only it was small more often.

  4. Looks like it was awesome & it was great to meet you guys in RL!

    So did you try the POS fuel?

  5. I always love seeing RL pictures of eve capsuleers. Brings them to live and turns them into real people.

    Every time I see your name I think of Artan Albosa though, can't help myself.