Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Good ol' Days II

I sorta left ya off with "I found a wormhole to Fountain." Had only a couple ships left from my largest ever accumulated stash in Adirain. Decided it was best to airdrop into deep null in a Claw and blast around like I own the place. (Famous last words)

It's mostly empty so I will save the words for when needed. Yay pictures.. if only I took more...

Same dots as normal, representing places yours truly has been.


Renaud Pierre > gf


Not just a cyno, but also his probing ship! I've got a world championship to win!

Just passing through space, then some guy talked in local:

H0mmel > First time loggin into Eve in over a Year!  Whats up goons?
Brink Albosa >      
(aww it don't work anymore. Was a gif of a fat man being overly excited by what looked like chicken fingers)

I called it a night somewhere out here. Camping out in a Claw. Not much to do other than go to the crew mess and hangout. (get wasted, I'm a saucehead) Shutting down everything but only the essentials like life support makes you impossible to detect.

Good night o7

I took some time and had this big, fancy route planned out that was gonna take me through parts of Aridia, Solitude and Syndicate. Then my ADD kicked in- "Ooh Khanid!"

Waypoints.. DELETED.

4 jumps west and then south, I was in Khanid.

I couldn't believe how active this area is with BNI. Plenty of T1 frigs and destroyers, it was like I was still in lowsec. Apparently I was in their capital system. I loitered around and bounced around celestials but I couldn't get just one Brave alone by itself. I would get someone alone at a gate, would yellowbox but wouldn't do anything. It's like they are a hive mind, they need an FC to tell them what to do.




So I moved on.

I murdered a Crow, right in front of his Russian fleet of like eight interceptors and a Sabre. And I got away.. within hundreds of meters of being tackled myself.

Brink Albosa > gf

Dem feels.. tee-hee tee-hee!!!

Then I blasted through my next set of waypoints. Good to put some distance from that!

Had to call it again. Long day. A good roam. Reactor shutdown. Radio silence..


I wanted to go to Curse, but there was a mighty bleb of BNI in the way. After trying twice, I gave up and went towards Impass instead.



I busted a mining op. Then the Loki decloaked. RUN AWAY


Look at all the neat little lines in null!


I get the impression someone lives here.

I met a Raptor on my way out of this pocket. He yellowboxed me and I obliged.


I have no idea where all his friends came from! I locked all the things I could and kept shooting!!!


Capsule (Empty)

I think it was a good roam!

Thanks for reading.


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