Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the Brink VI

I have always wanted to do a proper Rifter cinematic style movie. So far they have been documentary, where no matter what happens I fraps and record highlights from a roam. It only worked well  in my first video I think, (because there was real action! I had agression timers like the whole way) maybe my second one kinda when travelling to the famous sites in Eve.

My goal was to lose all 36 Rifters before hitting publish. Then RL screws me and I realized we will be on the expansion after Crius by the time they are all gone. I have 24 left at the time of this writing and enough footage for the song length so I decided to publish.

Also there has been too much doom and gloom in my blogreel lately. (eve is dying, subs are down, null is stagnant blah blah blah)  Was hoping to make a hard counter to it all. Eve is what you make it. Put a tattoo on your face and go blow yourself up in lowsec.


Thanks for watching and reading o7


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