Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the Brink VI

I have always wanted to do a proper Rifter cinematic style movie. So far they have been documentary, where no matter what happens I fraps and record highlights from a roam. It only worked well  in my first video I think, (because there was real action! I had agression timers like the whole way) maybe my second one kinda when travelling to the famous sites in Eve.

My goal was to lose all 36 Rifters before hitting publish. Then RL screws me and I realized we will be on the expansion after Crius by the time they are all gone. I have 24 left at the time of this writing and enough footage for the song length so I decided to publish.

Also there has been too much doom and gloom in my blogreel lately. (eve is dying, subs are down, null is stagnant blah blah blah)  Was hoping to make a hard counter to it all. Eve is what you make it. Put a tattoo on your face and go blow yourself up in lowsec.


Thanks for watching and reading o7


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Good ol' Days II

I sorta left ya off with "I found a wormhole to Fountain." Had only a couple ships left from my largest ever accumulated stash in Adirain. Decided it was best to airdrop into deep null in a Claw and blast around like I own the place. (Famous last words)

It's mostly empty so I will save the words for when needed. Yay pictures.. if only I took more...

Same dots as normal, representing places yours truly has been.


Renaud Pierre > gf


Not just a cyno, but also his probing ship! I've got a world championship to win!

Just passing through space, then some guy talked in local:

H0mmel > First time loggin into Eve in over a Year!  Whats up goons?
Brink Albosa >      
(aww it don't work anymore. Was a gif of a fat man being overly excited by what looked like chicken fingers)

I called it a night somewhere out here. Camping out in a Claw. Not much to do other than go to the crew mess and hangout. (get wasted, I'm a saucehead) Shutting down everything but only the essentials like life support makes you impossible to detect.

Good night o7

I took some time and had this big, fancy route planned out that was gonna take me through parts of Aridia, Solitude and Syndicate. Then my ADD kicked in- "Ooh Khanid!"

Waypoints.. DELETED.

4 jumps west and then south, I was in Khanid.

I couldn't believe how active this area is with BNI. Plenty of T1 frigs and destroyers, it was like I was still in lowsec. Apparently I was in their capital system. I loitered around and bounced around celestials but I couldn't get just one Brave alone by itself. I would get someone alone at a gate, would yellowbox but wouldn't do anything. It's like they are a hive mind, they need an FC to tell them what to do.




So I moved on.

I murdered a Crow, right in front of his Russian fleet of like eight interceptors and a Sabre. And I got away.. within hundreds of meters of being tackled myself.

Brink Albosa > gf

Dem feels.. tee-hee tee-hee!!!

Then I blasted through my next set of waypoints. Good to put some distance from that!

Had to call it again. Long day. A good roam. Reactor shutdown. Radio silence..


I wanted to go to Curse, but there was a mighty bleb of BNI in the way. After trying twice, I gave up and went towards Impass instead.



I busted a mining op. Then the Loki decloaked. RUN AWAY


Look at all the neat little lines in null!


I get the impression someone lives here.

I met a Raptor on my way out of this pocket. He yellowboxed me and I obliged.


I have no idea where all his friends came from! I locked all the things I could and kept shooting!!!


Capsule (Empty)

I think it was a good roam!

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Good ol' Days

Brink's Bar. The station at the fourth moon orbiting Adirain V - CBD Corporation Storage.

The cowbell rang, the lights dimmed. The clinkity clang of bottles as pilots finished their drinks and walked out the door. Some smashed, the glass falling onto more glass on the floor. No one cleans the shit up. The one place in CBD that is not Caldari grey.

The tires are burning. The Adirainian and Aeschee underground united from many banners to form one.

In the hangar, ammo, nanites, cap charges, and even ship hulls exchanged hands. Guys checking their holds, briefing their crews. Even after undocking, changes to the fleet composition on the fly.

They asked for Deimos pilots. Nashh Kadavr and I were the only ones not in them. Nashh was able to switch. Only one stubborn Rifter Captain can't fly those. One of the gorgon twins had an SFI.

Compared to a Rifter bridge, this one is very nice. A gorgeous view and a comfy chair to die in. *Brink lights a cigar.*

We were pretty sure there was at least ten to fifteen of them.. but the dscan inhibitor kept us from really knowing what was going on. We were only 5.

Damage control teams, Overheated guns and my repper.

Seemingly against all odds..

..they took the gate. Every captain had a job.

-They fought like bearcats.-

The other guys had to take the initial volleys if this was gonna work. I was the last to land. My overview filled instantly with the enemy fleet.

The ship shuddered from the battle all around. My job was to intercept the Ospreys. I sicked the drones on one of the two nearby frigates. (A Condor I think) The mighty Stabber Fleet Issue lurched ahead, microwarpdrive pulsing. Immediately I was yellowboxed. I braced for some impact.

Guys were taking some serious damage but our logi held. I was never fired upon, and continued to take my liberties with their logistics ships. Swapping where my flight of Warrior II's should be, on the targets *CLASSIFIED* was calling.



My targets were dead, fleet chatter was busy but concise. "Where do you want your SFI next?" No one had established point on the Pilgrim yet. I had my orders.


The battle became chaotic at this point, our main targets were down. "Spread points" is the best thing to hear in that situation.

The enemy was broken and directionless now. The ships started to scatter.


Omen Navy Issue

The militia had left, we took the field. We were the kings of the hill!!

We grabbed all the loot, and moved back to Aeschee's Federal Intelligence Office station. We couldn't believe how well we came out on top.. losing no one.

Wanted to stay and get falling down drunk at Brink's, but I had a nice wormhole scanned down. Got back into my Claw after giving back the SFI and rode off into the sunset.

Three jumps later, I am in a classified location in Fountain.

Until next time and thanks for reading o7


Friday, July 4, 2014

Unofficial SKRMR Gaming Jerseys

 Presenting Screaming Hayabusa's July 2014 gaming jersey.


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-100% Polyester Materials

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Happy fourth of July