Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Background

I turned 3.

This shitty game. I picked it up and downloaded Eve the same day. You can buy Brink in the throwaway bin for 2 bucks at GameStop.

Hit random 5 times for my surname, 5 times on character creation because my computer at the time could hardly run it..

I didn't expect to still be here!!

*Role play pants on* 

Just a delinquent Republic Military School dropout. Never met my parents. Yes I'm blonde.

I couldn't leave Ammold fast enough. I only got as far as one jump. Emogranlan, which was a small mission hub.

My becoming a capsuleer granted me a certain freedom, to roam. I think it's in my genetics; a Vherokir Drifter is the stereotype. But a guy's gotta eat. I learned how to use a salvager module. At first I was begging in Emogranlan and Frarn for salvaging rights. Eventually I learned it was better to simply scan down battleships and just take the stuff that was left behind. I expanded my operation to Dodixie as well. I remember my first trips to Jita.. what a place for a drifting Vherokir salvager. All the ships, markets.. I was blown away.

Petty theft and running salvage was my main source of income, and my life in the early days. Barely a slap on the wrist from CONCORD. It just got me by, I couldn't fly anything nice (bigger) anyway, just watched my wallet grow. Started enjoying the finer Citadel cigars and spiced wines from Molden Heath. The occasional strippers.

Getting recruited almost randomly out of a local chat, into a smaller corporation. I just told him I like to salvage and I guess that was good enough.

I met a corpmate who I won't name. Somehow he saw through my salvaging, he knew I was a thief just by looking at me. So was he. His plan was to loot everything eventually from the corp hangars. I thought it was a great idea myself, I've got no loyalty to these other pilots anyway.

I had a normal.. day to day life in Megiathon Corporation. Then one day I met through my cousin this pirate. We went on a roam and we had caught a Taranis. Podded him too. It was a 3v1 so the poor guy didn't have much a chance.I liked it. Was I supposed to like it?

Normally by adolescence, a Minmatar has gone through the Voluval. This was a major source of teasing during my time in Republic Military School. I needed answers. I couldn't shake how good it felt to kill someone, so I met with a Vherokir shaman. It was time. My Voluval marking changed my face forever. I had a new sense of pride in my tribal heritage. I was a fighter. A murderer. And it was okay! The people in attendance didn't judge me like I thought. A murder but I still had a conscience..

..Someone did steal Megiathon's assets. It wasn't me. Now I know ninja salvaging ain't honest. Or blowing up a ship and podding someone..

I flew with that corp thief a while, all he wanted to do was grief, grief, grief. Started to wonder, and doubt if that's what I wanted myself. these bears couldn't shoot back. They would hide behind station guards and CONCORD. Soon we started our own corporation, Hell's Vigils. We did a lot of extortion, and once and a while some battery and assault. If it was slow I would get in my salvaging Vigil I left back in Frarn or Dodixie, but I was doing less and less of it.. pretty much basing in Jita or wherever our target was.

One fateful day in Arnon, I agreed to a Rifter 1v1 with a black jacket. I'll never forget that rush, my first taste of PVP. But Lowsec is scary, we aren't supposed to go there? This, according to these 'tough' highsec griefers I been flying with.

Got to know a lot of other highsec thugs. I wasn't as interested in getting on their killmails, I'd be the guy looting the field while they shot a guy after can flipping him. The guy I flown with from Megiathon, the corp thief, was cool; until he got around his buddies. He wouldn't treat me very well. Like I was some scrub. In front of his guys he scrammed and webbed my Rifter, neuted it out, then blew it up. To my surprise, he podded me too.

It had all clicked, just then.

I was pissed off. We had this contract to grief some miners from Black Anvil Industries.

I opened a convo with their CEO and made a deal. Half now, half later.

But I had failed to kill his Hurricane with my Rupture. He was able to break my scram and warp off. I only got half of the pay. The carebear was still thankful, and Hell's Vigils was dissolved.

*Brink shakes his head, lighting another cigarette*

"Highsec" Brink said smiling, smoke billowing out of his mouth. "Empire space."

I knew they were afraid of lowsec. I'm a drifter, now on the run. Always had to stay one step ahead of CONCORD, but now I'll never know how ahead I am of the mercenaries and griefers. Who can I trust? I remembered that fight with that guy with the Rifter jacket. He had made some introductions and soon I was a prospect in the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Becoming a Rebel was one of my greatest achievements. Trading my Salvager II for a 200mm Autocannon II was the best thing I ever did. Flew with them for over two and a half years.

I was one of the first guys through their BDFS program. We didn't have that when I first started in R1FTA so I volunteered for a stint.

Bonus to flying with these guys? Molden Heath is populated with lots of Vherokir! For the first time in my life, I felt home. Spiritually and culturally it made sense.

CONCORD never really paid that much attention to my actions in highsec. Before I knew it I was -10 and my standings with every faction are completely shot to Hell. Several counts of murder, theft, extortion.. they don't even know the half of it.

They can't touch me in lowsec or null.

Nowadays I live out of lowsec Essence, but I feel like picking up and moving. I own a small bar. Man I can't stay in one place and I own a little business.. Vherokir stereotypes!!

CONCORD keeps tabs on me, I know I've served undercover Federal Intelligence Officers drinks. I behave when I have to.

I now fly with the Screaming Hayabusa. Still a criminal. It's not always sportscars and women but I am loving life on boosters and booze.


  1. It always interests me how people come up with character names, some people spend a whole bunch of time and effort on back story and all that malarky, your method I can get onboard with.

    ps thanks for adding my blog

    1. No problem man! You and Nora are about the same age. We talk about training her into other race's frigs. Just a matter of when!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Very nice read! Moar! MOAR!