Friday, June 6, 2014


I wandered without any real particular destination in mind, went here and there in the Bleak Lands in the southern Minmatar/Amarr faction warzone. The weather was a bit blobby for me. Went up towards Amamake and Bogelek. Realizing how close I am to the Uplingur/Yishinoon island, I paid a visit. Sometimes you can catch a ratter or a miner in the belts. And of course the winds took me towards Molden Heath. Go figure.

Sometimes, I roam to make a video, other times I make a video for a roam.


Kronos is pretty dang nice to look at. New starlight, warp effects, (I love the noise) and .. it's STABLE! Knock on wood.

You don't always get the killmails. But you can still tell a story.

Okay, I've been drinking.....

Brink is drunk.

Got my official SKRMR corporate identification card done. Following the SKRMR uniform code, in dress reds. Go ahead and laugh at my business look; I killed two people wearing that.

I love space barbie. Nora said this shirt doesn't make me look fat so I guess I will wear one for a while. Nice work on the new store CCP.

Stopped in Bosena for some supplies after shooting up that Stabber Fleet Issue; and small talked with CSM Sugar Kyle, Mother of Jaguars.

I also went to that dark corner near the ship hangar for some boosters. That's all for now. Gonna go sit on the couch in captain's quarters and drop some Exile, thanks for reading o7


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  1. That's a snazzy new look for you dude. Did Sugar ask about me? NVM.....