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*A woman's voice in the distance* "Subject three-zero-three-six-four-eight"

"Medical scan analysis complete. Subject 303648 has a blood alcohol content of 0.04%."

Aura? - It sounded like her..

"Trace amounts of illegal boosters are detected. Initiating detoxification." Yep. It was Aura.

"Other vital signs - within normal parameters."

I was no longer in hydrostasis. When did I start breathing? I struggled to move my eyelids. The lights, are so far away. Massive headache. I can move my jaw. ugh.. nnnngh... it was like my own teeth didn't fit in my mouth. What a hard hydrostatic nap.

*Schoompf* The door flings open.

I fell out of the chamber and collapsed onto the floor. I can sort of feel my legs now.. My arms.. Just barely, horrid circulation. Was I dead? I haven't used this clone in a long time. And I was so cold.

This sucks.

Aura: "Disorientation will subside momentarily. Please stay inside the white line." Just as she said that I can see well enough to notice the white box that was marked on the floor.


Suddenly my vision was alright. It must be those +5 implants.. those stupid things cost so much. They won't make you a sudden chess prodigy or anything but something is definitely going on upstairs.. in my head.

Inhaling deeply, headache going away, I can feel my heartbeat, I can see. I noticed the bright, screen hanging off the side of my vat. On screen it read:


What the fuck?! I've been out that long?

I needed to get up. I carefully got up, using the wall to help me stand, just incase.. but I was already better from the stasis. Sometimes it takes a while to fully come-to after being in there a long time. I walked over to the balcony and stepped out for some air.

A sudden rush, the deafening noise of trillions. The heartbeat of New Eden.

Jita 4-4.

It smells like feces and fast food. And thruster exhaust. Tickers and local chat-shit splattering over every square inch of space. Easy ways to double your ISK or contracts containing fitted Gneiss.'

*Brink shakes his head* "...high sec."

I need a cigarette.

I checked my chat channels - Alliance.

What the fuck?!

Neo-Bushido Movement; [8TRON]

I've been gone too long already. I caught up with Peach Pride, Miura Bull, Nuke Cave and Lhorenzo. Was nice to see them again.

Hopefully SKRMR stays the same. I still want a legit shot at that SKRMR world championship. Imagine my name on the cup with those other legends?!

Unfortunately, Real Life has me sidelined; but soon enough I won't have any more excuses. I'll have nothing but time. Out in the lowest of lowsec, killing.. malice intended. It's not gonna be easy, with the second coming of Crake, Nuke Cave. Lho, Or Dilum, or Reciprocrat, or the legend himself: Miura Bull.

I dreamed during my time away where I want to buy 36 ships at a time, shipping them to a new place to live everytime. Do I buy 36 of one kind of ship, maybe 4-6 different fits? I dunno, the gears are turnin.'

Also, where's a good place to live? I'm eyein' up Hadozeko. Kinda wanna look at the redspace again. Lantorn would be good too.

I'm not in Jita often so this would be a good time to buy what I need. Giving myself a few days to think about what to buy and where to ship it.

Maybe July 14' will be my month. Is this the month?™


Just inked a year long deal with you, CCP. $130 bucks heading your way in 1 day and 9 hours.

Currently sitting at 61,034,309 SP

Next June I will decide if this is still my (possibly favorite) game.

Obligatory character review NO let's do a character preview.

I read about Frigate Junkies over on the Brutor Bullfighter.

After getting my Riftery V in January, I've been like a lost puppy. "Sure.. Tornado mastery IV looks cool" Then I realized the big ships are too much for me. I'll stay in my class and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Gonna knock down the rest of the combat and attack frigs. Fly more than just a Rifter.

I am chasing down what would arguably be the most worthless little piece of flash .. the Mastery V logo. I've got it already for the Wolf, Rifter, Stiletto and Claw. There is nothing I could possibly train to make those better.. unless I was insane, and did applicable riggings to V. But for no reason whatsoever would a guy do that. (Actually I don't know that.. maybe you would)

I want mastery V in every combat and attack frig in the game. As of this writing.. 364 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes and 9 seconds remain. There is a remap in there too. Somewhere between 19-21 million more SP by next June.

43 skills planned, 32 unique.

I will have Interdictors V, and Electronic Attack Frigates V. (I could probably take EAF off, I don't really have interest in flying those atm.)

Tactical Shield Manipulation V (Your bullets won't hit my armor till my shields are all the way gone.)

+3000 meters drone control range.

Let's not look at the remaining skills list, instead lets look at what they do:

10% to drone damage and mining yield. Also -10% drawbacks for armor, astronautic, shield, launcher, drone, electronic superiority and energy weapons.

5% signature radius in all missile explosions. EM, Explosive, Kinetic and Thermal Shield resistances to shield amplifiers. Less cap need for Turret Destabilizers. Tracking Disruptor tracking speed, optimal range and falloff disruption.

4% to each Radar, Magnetometric, and Gravimetric Sensor Compensations.

2% to all missile explosions, rocket damage, light missile damage, small rails, blasters, pulse and beam lasers. Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar drone damage. Less cap need for shield boosters.

I think eventually I want to have all the frigates and destroyers in the game at mastery V. T1 and T2. Then I have no idea what to do after that.. finally "man" up for cruisers? Train social skills? Biomass? Start my own corp? Perfect trading skills? Drug production? Maybe skill straight from frigates to the Naglfar..

.. that's about it. Only a tiny improvement. I know it's beyond diminishing returns but I wave my D at your big ships. Screw you guys. :D

That is all for now, thanks for reading. o7


  1. Great post mate.

    As for tactical shield manip 5 don't do it! It's one of the few skills that you'd be better off keeping at 4. Your shields actually benefit from the armor bleed.

    I don't even know if the skill actually works the way it is worded or if they changed it or not but from back in the day I was always told never train it to 5.

    Maybe needs some further investigation. But I ain't touching it just in case. :P

    1. Interesting.. more research is needed!!

      I will sideline said skill. I can fit covert ops V in it's place!