Thursday, May 22, 2014

On the Brink

I've been roaming out in nullsec recently. In new ships for once!

I've had a bunch of cyno kills and poor fight choosing and poor range control on winnable fights. Two fights I shouldn't have taken, and one of them was totally winnable.. yuck.

Now I think I need a break already from null. Back to Adirain!

I loaded up a different Rifter this time and set out for Eugales. I got a couple jumps out and came across John Lawyer of Rusty Spewns in a Thrasher. FULL TILT!

I land in his Medium Plex and he was in a fit I didn't want! I was #dunked in two shots.



I might be the streakiest player! By the way, Rusty Spewns was started by former jacket Domino Vyse. A FW corporation that demands you don't get caught dead in a warpstabbed cloaking ship. Or you'll be kicked. How's that for refreshing?

I fit up another artillery Rifter, but with a minor change to the riggings. After that, I decided to get over this "tilt," I better start drinking now..

I burst into the bar, patrons and regulars squinting at the lights coming from outside. I walk straight behind the counter and hugged a bunch of random bottles in my arms. Clanging bottles and the sound of my boots on the deckplating as I hurried out the door when I bumped into him.

That fucking reality show director. Wanted to chat with me but I was in a hurry. He and his crew wanted to come with for some movie thing they had planned. I told them that I don't care if they come along, as long as  my crew gets the bunks.. if they get cold they can sleep in the engine room and drink whiskey to keep warm.

I was tired very quickly of his requests, and I told him that I was going to tell him just once that this is lowsec, there's no time for a second take or any bullshit. He backed off.

I decided to go the other way instead of Eugales. Set my destination for .. somewhere, the Bleak Lands.

I'll let this video do the talking. Hopefully youtube is cool. Here is the link if you're on a mobile device and that plugin thing or whatever you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading o/



  1. I'll tell ya about it. Took like 4x longer than the roam itself :) but at least I got an idea for how to make one for next time!