Sunday, May 18, 2014

My last days in R1FTA

In case you're wondering, here's one of my WH maps that explain what exactly the Molden Heath loop is.

This news might seem sudden. Had to get away. Lots of thinking. Corporate cultures change. I've seen it several times in the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Multiple exoduses. Rebuilds. New directors and CEO's. The Franchise has had glorious months and quiet ones.

Bleh what do I do about this new wormhole corp? My first suggestion was -1 and to deny their entry into the alliance or kick them and wardec.

I killed this Crow. Felt nice. I felt better. I can't believe I suggested wardeccing Operation Devil's Tattoo. Well maybe I can, I seem to be lawfully Evil.

The few inhabitants that aren't 7-2 that are left in Molden Heath scatter like cockroaches. You can't kill a cockroach. Stabbed destroyers shooting planets, miners in ore sites.

I'm not sure how many loops I did this last week.

I mean, deader than dead! Yet peaceful. Solace. Brink's Bar chatter still comes in loud and clear even from way out here.

In three pictures, that's what my week looked like. Got into an honorable fight with a Claw in a belt and I had my nose bloodied a bit. Pretty sure I had him in structure too. Nasty little interceptor, tanky too. I chose to disengage.. I like this Rifter.

My Pew Pew came out to visit me. She had been asking often about Screaming Hayabusa and in a moment of.. not sure what you call it.. eh whatever. I told her that she's got it, she should inquire about going there. She didn't believe me at first but I reassured her that finding her own way in the game and as much as she thinks she loves solo pvp that would be as good a fit as R1FTA. Try it. For some reason she was unsure of herself, like she couldn't get in. 

I offered to make the introduction. Not that I'd have to. I mean, why the Hell not? Of course they would take you!

It was slow in Molden Heath. We found this AFK capsule at a moon in the Istodard pocket and we put it down.

Hardly a day later she was in Screaming Hayabusa. I was proud of her decision. She had just gotten her jacket but I think it's good for her to find her own way. There are former jackets everywhere. I love Nora. (When I'm not on the road, I love exotic dancers and prostitutes too) XD

The next day we left Molden Heath. Roamed through a bunch of lowsec Faction Warfare space after picking up some supplies out of Adirain.

Rifter - Nora had the good loss shakes, and this was this guys first pvp win. Good for both parties!

The other major thing on my mind was the sudden biomassing of friend and my biggest rival, Crake Gaterau.

The man had New Eden lowsec by it's balls. Everyone knew him. His Atron was feared. He flew wrecklessly. I've killed him only a few times to probably two dozen losses. He was a great measuring stick to where I am at PVP - player skill wise.

After getting over the WH news, (initially I asked Jameson to kick and send a friendly wardec) Crake had me thinking about seriously joining the wife over at SKRMR.

It's what I feel I needed. His number was 15. Maybe 15 weeks of SKRMR service in Crake's honor. And a shot at their title: WORLD SKRMR CHAMPION

Rest in peace Crake. You fucking rockstar.

Took care of some little Director things for Jameson2011. Set up some bookmarks established a new office in *CLASSIFIED* and I realized this moment that these were gonna be my last director things for a while. (Btw Jameson I owe you 1 billion ISK.)

You don't see that everyday! Had to stare at it a while while drunk on Vherokir Grappa. I'm Vherokir and that is not our finest alcohol. Something like paint thinner and concrete sealer put together. With a hint of grapes. Stick to our spiced wine.

That Daredevil I was kinda working on I decided to take out on a roam. Talk about scattering cockroaches. Everyone stays for my Rifter, nobody wanted to touch this Daredevil. Warped into an 8 man gang and they all ran except for one Breacher.

Up in Vaaralen near Ishomilken, I had spotted Rixx Javix in local. I sat and waited at zero on a warp in at a plex. Wanted to lay a nasty 424 DPS surprise for him and the other Frosty.

Enter Cervantes Marovinjun in a Sentinel. I approach and shoot, scram, web him. Literally he was in structure already, but his neuts shut me down, even the blasters!! I'm not used to that problem since I only ever fly Minmatar, so I let another couple volleys off after my modules were shut down and..

Rixx's Slicer!

He had the range, and my cap was still shot to Hell. I approached, started firing what I could as my cap came back, but he had the range already.  

Good fights were exchanged. Would have loved to have killed Rixx too but it is what it is. Was fun while that Daredevil lasted! It was a cheap one anyway. Not used to having such nice things! GLORIOUS SPACE BATTUL. It's FRIDAY \o/

They've got a corporate uniform. Not sure if I can go shirtless? Still got my black jacket on. I'll see how long I can go before the union or that weird robot Prototype Motivational Unit gets on my case!

My Rifter in Screaming Hayabusa colors. Business as usual. Until next time.


PS - When I was a director, it was right after Patrick Kasper departed for the Tuskers. I was Patrick Kasper's replacement. THOSE ARE SOME FUCKING SHOES. (another thanks to Patrick, I blew up a couple "Merry Christmas" Lantorn Rifters on my last day too) Noticed when directors leave, others seemed to step in and assume roles in their own ways. I'm sure R1FTA will survive this exodus. Good luck boys - someday I'll be back.


  1. I'd be more concerned about the Semiautonomous Guard Unit. That thing doesn't fuck around!

    Welcome aboard :)

  2. Nothing lasts forever. Come back up our way sometime and we'll have a re-match. Or we'll bump into each other somewhere, always good to know a gf when you see it.

  3. :)
    Mother Heath is very picky with what she gives.