Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Went Home

I awoke in a familiar place. Just a void in my memory as to how I got here.. Pator X, Moon 1 station.

Last night I had some stuff on my mind, I needed another pilgrimage to Molden Heath. Undocked my Rifter and set off for the infamous loop.

Checked the Hrokkur/Hrober pocket real quick - nothing. Headed back to Heild. Lots of Vherokir tribesman in this chunk of the loop.

The 2/10 static; I learned to walk here.

Buzzed the tower before heading counterclockwise around the loop. Heild X, Moon 1; like it says on the t-shirt.

Egbinger. Usually a few people in here so I had to just check out the central part of the system. Former R1FTA HQ and a place I called home for a while.


The Heath is quiet.

Spotted a couple of Ventures on dscan, but figured out that they were postrash. Couple of glacial ore sites with rat wrecks but no joy.

I waved at former jacket haerod, now a member of Calamitous Intent. Joined their public channel. There are alot of them around suddenly. Wonder what they had going on?

I went into the Istotard pocket, it's got 3 dead ends to check out. The last one I was in had a Coercer at a Satellite thing. Warpwarpwarpwarp

He was there at zero.


Coercer warped off at half shields to a nearby belt. I pursued.

Again, at zero. I attempted to lock on but he was able to warp again to a station. Elite PVP.

Stopped at Calamitous Intent's Headquarters in Bosena to check their Rifter stocks. Completely empty! Which is unusual, normally they are very well stocked! By the way, there's a CSM that lives here. She was the only one on my ballot. Congratulations Sugar Kyle!

Nothing happened on this roam. I stopped back in Heild X - Moon 1. I bellied up to the Heild Bar and Grill, and I ordered and downed a shot of Thukker Fire. Ordered another one and stared at it a while..

I had a nice roam, but it was quiet. No wrecks.. 

*downed the shot*

I'll know when it's time to go back, I'm not done here yet.


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  1. Leadership keep claiming we live in Istodard. Not sure I believe them either though.