Saturday, May 31, 2014

I left Avenod without a Damage Control

I left Avenod without a Damage Control, the F85 would have fit but the only ones available did not. I put a tracking enhancer on instead and it actually worked pretty well. Thanks Shadow Cartel!


*Role play pants off*

I've been thinking about letting the blog go dark. Also planning on shutting down my Adirain base. Brink's Bar will remain open of course and I will drop by all the time, it's one jump off my regular path rampage. I think I will get one of those hologram things for a bartender or one of those creepy Prototype Units.

Reason for the blog shutting down is because I wanted it to be used as a recruiting tool for R1FTA. Still do! Rigas Ferreos mentioned my blog and MB's for his reasons for joining! Humbled, I truly am! Watched him yesterday from about 100km off as he warped into two blobs fighting and just shot at everything. Was pretty cool to watch. Twelve days in the Dragons, he seems to get it :)

I also realized that the possibility of becoming efamous might not be a good thing. It's risky in a way where every little thing I write is dissected, and for a reward I am not really interested in.. I'm not trying to run for CSM or anything. (Could be hilarious, I'm criminal enough for politics) Wait.. Yeah send me money I want to start a non-profit. Politicians need booze, boosters and hookers.. My policies would lean heavily (wrecklessly) towards solo T1 frigate pilots.

Loose lips sink ships. OPSEC.

The other half of my indecision, or the reason to keep it going is this: I noticed at a meetup I went to in RL that noone had any clue what it was exactly I did in the sandbox. Most of the people in attendance (99%) were goons or PL or Nulli.

We went around the room introducing ourselves, I was in the way back, so I ended up getting picked to go first. After me was Lucas Padecain!

"I'm Brink Albosa of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. I fly Rifters." Got some smiles, maybe a chuckle or two, I don't think they understood.

To them, a Rifter was a USB hub. Eve Online is about Titans and blobs. Hopefully the readers that by chance come across my blog will understand a bit better now. It was great to finally meet some RL Eve players though!!

I'm a one character -10 man. This is the life.

*Role play pants on*

Well.. that's all. As R1FTA folklore hero, THE JUDGE would say: FLY DRUNK FLY RIFTERS

(You're not a folklore legend till you've had a dark liquor named after you.)




  1. Never going to forget that meetup. Was definitely the best highlight so far in all my time spent playing games. And our response to those guys in the titans?

    "Throw enough Rifters at it, and it'll die."

    Great video btw :)

    1. That guy in the mask lol! The dude in the trench coat who owned two titans!!

      That was a great weekend!

      They got a goon one coming soon in Madison

  2. That was my favourite pirate blog :(

    1. Thank you! Like I said haven't decided what direction or what the purpose is anymore, thinking out loud I suppose. :)