Sunday, May 4, 2014

From the Ivory Towers


It's weird being a director. Lucas and I have been pushing recruitment. Great news is that it's finally starting to pay off. These Dragons have become Rebels.

We've got some new black jackets:

THE WIFE! Meeting her immediately after character creation, she decided to keep my Vherokir surname and we had a drive through wedding in Ammold. Nora Albosa has been a killing machine. She wasn't sure if her character was able to do anything when she was only two weeks old. I told her, "more dangerous than you know." I threw together what I called a 'poor man's interceptor' - a Slasher with dual scrams and an MWD with all speed rigs, and I watched over her shoulder as she learned to dscan, approach and scram Ventures, FW farmers, and even an Astero. She roamed up and down all the lowsec pipes, dodging camps, killing other noobies. On her first night she was like a mass murderer, and I was so fucking proud. She kept dropping killmails in the bar. People thought she was my alt! I had excused myself from this vote since I am her hubby but I think her reputation speaks for her when talk of her promotion came up.

Accolades: Silver Scorpion (100 kills)

After taking a long break from New Eden, Proton came back and started lighting up the killboards, to the directors attention! We saw he had been in over six months already and dammit get this man his jacket already. Lots of experience with RvB. A good man to fly with. Welcome to the Club, Proton Flux!

Sem Skord. I've heard people say he's the next Crake. In my opinion, I think he's the next Zodiac. Zodiac Black Junior. He will fly into anything in his Rifter. Old school. A fellow Rifter enthusiast and gearhead like myself. Hell yeah, welcome Sem!

Accolades: Bronze Scorpion (50 kills)

xxMACKxx. I met this Brave Newbie at gunpoint at a gate in Frarie. Because I was a criminal,  I had to let him yellowbox me and start firing. No slight to Mack, but I expected 20 more BNI Atrons to come from out of nowhere. He was solo, I underestimated his age.. and it was actually a close fight. I let his pod go and grabbed his stuff for him. We talked for quite a while after the fight, about what corp is best for solo PVP. I remember recommending and telling him of the Tuskers, Stay Frosty and Screaming Hayabusa, as well as the path to the Black Rebel Rifter Club, the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Sent him the link to our forum. Glad he chose to become a Rebel! Welcome xxMACKxx!

Accolades: Gold Scorpion (250 kills)

It was Sunday and I haven't been out in forever already so it's time to knock the rust off. I undocked the Wild and set destination for Alsavoinon, Placid.

The usual people in Aeschee, Ladistier was dead, and checked Vif. Vifravaert was empty as well.

Jovainon, empty. Hevrice, one other Tusker and myself. It was crazy how dead it was! Made my way up the pipe towards Eugales. Spotting another Tusker, Dark Magni, but had nothing interesting on dscan. Moved along.

Dead, dead.

Frarie, dead, Eugales, dead. I've been following a Falcon for a couple jumps.

I reach Alsavoinon and I spot a Slasher in a plex. I chased him around, tried to tickle him with my 200mm Autocannons, but he was able to warp before I could get my lock on him three different times. Just a farmer. What a bust tonight for a solo roamer. Or it's working as intended. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the lowsec scenic routes.

It was already late, and it's Sunday. New holoreels of Real Life start tomorrow so I wanted to get back to Adirain. Autopilot wanted me to go through Aldranette and down through Black Rise. Yeah right.

I spot Dark Magni in local Frarie. He's killed me a bunch of times. There was one other neutral in local. I warped to the only plex in system and waited on the outside. Soon a Tristan on scan. Do I want to fight the Tristan? I had almost thought about not wanting this engagement and warping off but before I could do that he was landing, and I was still on the outside of the gate, so he was very close to me, about 13 kilometers.

The Tristan was indeed Dark Magni. Approach, OH top rack, FIRE! SCRAM! WEB! We nearly engaged at the same time, his drones were tearing me up, my DPS was hitting him hard, hopefully hard enough! I noticed I wasn't closing the gap anymore but I was pretty close anyway, started overheating my afterburner. He and I hit structure. His armor reps were quite large. He was in half structure, now under 25%! I had even less structure remaining!


Wait, I won that? Exchanged gf's in local. I thought I heard the 'engagement timer noises' kind of before he (or I) exploded. Had moused over a celestial on the overview to get my pod out! I thought for sure I was gonna lose at the last second. I got out with 15 hitpoints remaining in structure. Win or lose, I love close fights like that. Feels like a game 7 OT winner in hockey:

When gf's stop feeling like this, I will unsub from Eve.

That's all for tonight and now it's really late. Goodnight and thanks for reading! o/


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