Thursday, May 29, 2014

Expedition Titanomachy and an Impromptu Null Roam

So with Apple Cake, I was able to make it without any trouble to Titanomachy

Unfortunately Apple Cake was blobbed near my destination to dock up in the next day.


So I ended up going back to Adirain, roaming around lowsec and died to a young capsuleer in a Hawk! Sent a gf and I called it a night.


I bought a shuttle from the Stay Frosty HQ in Ishomilken, and made my way back the familiar Ishomilken - Adirain road. Down through Black Rise, Abune, Heyd, OMS, Ladi. Except this time I was executed by a smartbomber from Nasarinite Watch.

This schlub in a smartbombing Rokh. My plan was to just grab another hull from Adirain and roam again. I woke up in Skarkon, Molden Heath, twice as far away as I was when I was in Ishomilken. Unusual to see that in Ladistier on the Aeschee gate. I've seen it one other time that I can remember, but I was able to chase that guy off with my Rifter. (Had warp core stabilizers)

Gallente Shuttle

How inconvenient!!

Or was it? Maybe it's fate!? I grabbed a corporate Claw; "Crake 2.0" and set random destinations in my new clean clone.

Video link

Was hoping for more fights but eh. You can't script these things, it's part of the beauty. Sometimes I don't roll my camera and of course there is something I wish I had caught. It's also training wheels for me a bit, I'm quite enjoying putting them together. Unique way to tell a story. Next expansion they will have new camera flares on stars and stuff so that will look nicer.

I am thinking about possibly doing a mini series on lowsec, like a 'how to,' where to roam, who is who, but then it becomes work. I'd use my favorite destinations. Probably Eugales, Ishomilken and Aset.

Do I just continue the day to day life stories? New Eden is quite a world.


That's all for now thanks for watching and reading.


PS I will update the killmails with zkill links once it seems to be back up and running again.

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