Sunday, May 25, 2014

Days are Long

Inspired by a bio from this character Frammasch Durin that Miura Bull had found, assuming from local somewhere. I checked into all the places that are the natural wonders of the New Eden universe and it turns out with my security status I will only ever be able to visit 6 of them. Many are located in highsec. Oh well.

Waypoints set. 200+ jumps. Fraps overheated.

The video

How many of these have you seen with your own eyes?

EVE Gate, New Eden
Black Monolith, Dead End
Caldari Titan, Luminaire
Arek'Jaalan Site One, Eram
Skeleton Comet, Deltole
Serpents Coil, Vilinnon
City of God, Shastal
Golgothan Fields, Ennur
The Mekhios Graveyard, Sarum Prime
Steve the Titan, C9N-CC
The Bonfire, Munory
Imperial Palace Complex, Nidupad
Shattered Planet, Seyllin
Titanomachy, B-R5RB

I made it to 5/6 low and nullsec ones. Super long roam, I hope to still make it out to Titanomachy. Anyways that's all for now. Thanks for reading/watching o7



  1. Very nice, man. Enjoyed it with my morning coffee :)

  2. Yeah, that was nice indeed. Thanks mate ;)