Saturday, May 31, 2014

I left Avenod without a Damage Control

I left Avenod without a Damage Control, the F85 would have fit but the only ones available did not. I put a tracking enhancer on instead and it actually worked pretty well. Thanks Shadow Cartel!


*Role play pants off*

I've been thinking about letting the blog go dark. Also planning on shutting down my Adirain base. Brink's Bar will remain open of course and I will drop by all the time, it's one jump off my regular path rampage. I think I will get one of those hologram things for a bartender or one of those creepy Prototype Units.

Reason for the blog shutting down is because I wanted it to be used as a recruiting tool for R1FTA. Still do! Rigas Ferreos mentioned my blog and MB's for his reasons for joining! Humbled, I truly am! Watched him yesterday from about 100km off as he warped into two blobs fighting and just shot at everything. Was pretty cool to watch. Twelve days in the Dragons, he seems to get it :)

I also realized that the possibility of becoming efamous might not be a good thing. It's risky in a way where every little thing I write is dissected, and for a reward I am not really interested in.. I'm not trying to run for CSM or anything. (Could be hilarious, I'm criminal enough for politics) Wait.. Yeah send me money I want to start a non-profit. Politicians need booze, boosters and hookers.. My policies would lean heavily (wrecklessly) towards solo T1 frigate pilots.

Loose lips sink ships. OPSEC.

The other half of my indecision, or the reason to keep it going is this: I noticed at a meetup I went to in RL that noone had any clue what it was exactly I did in the sandbox. Most of the people in attendance (99%) were goons or PL or Nulli.

We went around the room introducing ourselves, I was in the way back, so I ended up getting picked to go first. After me was Lucas Padecain!

"I'm Brink Albosa of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. I fly Rifters." Got some smiles, maybe a chuckle or two, I don't think they understood.

To them, a Rifter was a USB hub. Eve Online is about Titans and blobs. Hopefully the readers that by chance come across my blog will understand a bit better now. It was great to finally meet some RL Eve players though!!

I'm a one character -10 man. This is the life.

*Role play pants on*

Well.. that's all. As R1FTA folklore hero, THE JUDGE would say: FLY DRUNK FLY RIFTERS

(You're not a folklore legend till you've had a dark liquor named after you.)



Thursday, May 29, 2014

Expedition Titanomachy and an Impromptu Null Roam

So with Apple Cake, I was able to make it without any trouble to Titanomachy

Unfortunately Apple Cake was blobbed near my destination to dock up in the next day.


So I ended up going back to Adirain, roaming around lowsec and died to a young capsuleer in a Hawk! Sent a gf and I called it a night.


I bought a shuttle from the Stay Frosty HQ in Ishomilken, and made my way back the familiar Ishomilken - Adirain road. Down through Black Rise, Abune, Heyd, OMS, Ladi. Except this time I was executed by a smartbomber from Nasarinite Watch.

This schlub in a smartbombing Rokh. My plan was to just grab another hull from Adirain and roam again. I woke up in Skarkon, Molden Heath, twice as far away as I was when I was in Ishomilken. Unusual to see that in Ladistier on the Aeschee gate. I've seen it one other time that I can remember, but I was able to chase that guy off with my Rifter. (Had warp core stabilizers)

Gallente Shuttle

How inconvenient!!

Or was it? Maybe it's fate!? I grabbed a corporate Claw; "Crake 2.0" and set random destinations in my new clean clone.

Video link

Was hoping for more fights but eh. You can't script these things, it's part of the beauty. Sometimes I don't roll my camera and of course there is something I wish I had caught. It's also training wheels for me a bit, I'm quite enjoying putting them together. Unique way to tell a story. Next expansion they will have new camera flares on stars and stuff so that will look nicer.

I am thinking about possibly doing a mini series on lowsec, like a 'how to,' where to roam, who is who, but then it becomes work. I'd use my favorite destinations. Probably Eugales, Ishomilken and Aset.

Do I just continue the day to day life stories? New Eden is quite a world.


That's all for now thanks for watching and reading.


PS I will update the killmails with zkill links once it seems to be back up and running again.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Days are Long

Inspired by a bio from this character Frammasch Durin that Miura Bull had found, assuming from local somewhere. I checked into all the places that are the natural wonders of the New Eden universe and it turns out with my security status I will only ever be able to visit 6 of them. Many are located in highsec. Oh well.

Waypoints set. 200+ jumps. Fraps overheated.

The video

How many of these have you seen with your own eyes?

EVE Gate, New Eden
Black Monolith, Dead End
Caldari Titan, Luminaire
Arek'Jaalan Site One, Eram
Skeleton Comet, Deltole
Serpents Coil, Vilinnon
City of God, Shastal
Golgothan Fields, Ennur
The Mekhios Graveyard, Sarum Prime
Steve the Titan, C9N-CC
The Bonfire, Munory
Imperial Palace Complex, Nidupad
Shattered Planet, Seyllin
Titanomachy, B-R5RB

I made it to 5/6 low and nullsec ones. Super long roam, I hope to still make it out to Titanomachy. Anyways that's all for now. Thanks for reading/watching o7


Thursday, May 22, 2014

On the Brink

I've been roaming out in nullsec recently. In new ships for once!

I've had a bunch of cyno kills and poor fight choosing and poor range control on winnable fights. Two fights I shouldn't have taken, and one of them was totally winnable.. yuck.

Now I think I need a break already from null. Back to Adirain!

I loaded up a different Rifter this time and set out for Eugales. I got a couple jumps out and came across John Lawyer of Rusty Spewns in a Thrasher. FULL TILT!

I land in his Medium Plex and he was in a fit I didn't want! I was #dunked in two shots.



I might be the streakiest player! By the way, Rusty Spewns was started by former jacket Domino Vyse. A FW corporation that demands you don't get caught dead in a warpstabbed cloaking ship. Or you'll be kicked. How's that for refreshing?

I fit up another artillery Rifter, but with a minor change to the riggings. After that, I decided to get over this "tilt," I better start drinking now..

I burst into the bar, patrons and regulars squinting at the lights coming from outside. I walk straight behind the counter and hugged a bunch of random bottles in my arms. Clanging bottles and the sound of my boots on the deckplating as I hurried out the door when I bumped into him.

That fucking reality show director. Wanted to chat with me but I was in a hurry. He and his crew wanted to come with for some movie thing they had planned. I told them that I don't care if they come along, as long as  my crew gets the bunks.. if they get cold they can sleep in the engine room and drink whiskey to keep warm.

I was tired very quickly of his requests, and I told him that I was going to tell him just once that this is lowsec, there's no time for a second take or any bullshit. He backed off.

I decided to go the other way instead of Eugales. Set my destination for .. somewhere, the Bleak Lands.

I'll let this video do the talking. Hopefully youtube is cool. Here is the link if you're on a mobile device and that plugin thing or whatever you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading o/


Sunday, May 18, 2014

My last days in R1FTA

In case you're wondering, here's one of my WH maps that explain what exactly the Molden Heath loop is.

This news might seem sudden. Had to get away. Lots of thinking. Corporate cultures change. I've seen it several times in the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Multiple exoduses. Rebuilds. New directors and CEO's. The Franchise has had glorious months and quiet ones.

Bleh what do I do about this new wormhole corp? My first suggestion was -1 and to deny their entry into the alliance or kick them and wardec.

I killed this Crow. Felt nice. I felt better. I can't believe I suggested wardeccing Operation Devil's Tattoo. Well maybe I can, I seem to be lawfully Evil.

The few inhabitants that aren't 7-2 that are left in Molden Heath scatter like cockroaches. You can't kill a cockroach. Stabbed destroyers shooting planets, miners in ore sites.

I'm not sure how many loops I did this last week.

I mean, deader than dead! Yet peaceful. Solace. Brink's Bar chatter still comes in loud and clear even from way out here.

In three pictures, that's what my week looked like. Got into an honorable fight with a Claw in a belt and I had my nose bloodied a bit. Pretty sure I had him in structure too. Nasty little interceptor, tanky too. I chose to disengage.. I like this Rifter.

My Pew Pew came out to visit me. She had been asking often about Screaming Hayabusa and in a moment of.. not sure what you call it.. eh whatever. I told her that she's got it, she should inquire about going there. She didn't believe me at first but I reassured her that finding her own way in the game and as much as she thinks she loves solo pvp that would be as good a fit as R1FTA. Try it. For some reason she was unsure of herself, like she couldn't get in. 

I offered to make the introduction. Not that I'd have to. I mean, why the Hell not? Of course they would take you!

It was slow in Molden Heath. We found this AFK capsule at a moon in the Istodard pocket and we put it down.

Hardly a day later she was in Screaming Hayabusa. I was proud of her decision. She had just gotten her jacket but I think it's good for her to find her own way. There are former jackets everywhere. I love Nora. (When I'm not on the road, I love exotic dancers and prostitutes too) XD

The next day we left Molden Heath. Roamed through a bunch of lowsec Faction Warfare space after picking up some supplies out of Adirain.

Rifter - Nora had the good loss shakes, and this was this guys first pvp win. Good for both parties!

The other major thing on my mind was the sudden biomassing of friend and my biggest rival, Crake Gaterau.

The man had New Eden lowsec by it's balls. Everyone knew him. His Atron was feared. He flew wrecklessly. I've killed him only a few times to probably two dozen losses. He was a great measuring stick to where I am at PVP - player skill wise.

After getting over the WH news, (initially I asked Jameson to kick and send a friendly wardec) Crake had me thinking about seriously joining the wife over at SKRMR.

It's what I feel I needed. His number was 15. Maybe 15 weeks of SKRMR service in Crake's honor. And a shot at their title: WORLD SKRMR CHAMPION

Rest in peace Crake. You fucking rockstar.

Took care of some little Director things for Jameson2011. Set up some bookmarks established a new office in *CLASSIFIED* and I realized this moment that these were gonna be my last director things for a while. (Btw Jameson I owe you 1 billion ISK.)

You don't see that everyday! Had to stare at it a while while drunk on Vherokir Grappa. I'm Vherokir and that is not our finest alcohol. Something like paint thinner and concrete sealer put together. With a hint of grapes. Stick to our spiced wine.

That Daredevil I was kinda working on I decided to take out on a roam. Talk about scattering cockroaches. Everyone stays for my Rifter, nobody wanted to touch this Daredevil. Warped into an 8 man gang and they all ran except for one Breacher.

Up in Vaaralen near Ishomilken, I had spotted Rixx Javix in local. I sat and waited at zero on a warp in at a plex. Wanted to lay a nasty 424 DPS surprise for him and the other Frosty.

Enter Cervantes Marovinjun in a Sentinel. I approach and shoot, scram, web him. Literally he was in structure already, but his neuts shut me down, even the blasters!! I'm not used to that problem since I only ever fly Minmatar, so I let another couple volleys off after my modules were shut down and..

Rixx's Slicer!

He had the range, and my cap was still shot to Hell. I approached, started firing what I could as my cap came back, but he had the range already.  

Good fights were exchanged. Would have loved to have killed Rixx too but it is what it is. Was fun while that Daredevil lasted! It was a cheap one anyway. Not used to having such nice things! GLORIOUS SPACE BATTUL. It's FRIDAY \o/

They've got a corporate uniform. Not sure if I can go shirtless? Still got my black jacket on. I'll see how long I can go before the union or that weird robot Prototype Motivational Unit gets on my case!

My Rifter in Screaming Hayabusa colors. Business as usual. Until next time.


PS - When I was a director, it was right after Patrick Kasper departed for the Tuskers. I was Patrick Kasper's replacement. THOSE ARE SOME FUCKING SHOES. (another thanks to Patrick, I blew up a couple "Merry Christmas" Lantorn Rifters on my last day too) Noticed when directors leave, others seemed to step in and assume roles in their own ways. I'm sure R1FTA will survive this exodus. Good luck boys - someday I'll be back.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Went Home

I awoke in a familiar place. Just a void in my memory as to how I got here.. Pator X, Moon 1 station.

Last night I had some stuff on my mind, I needed another pilgrimage to Molden Heath. Undocked my Rifter and set off for the infamous loop.

Checked the Hrokkur/Hrober pocket real quick - nothing. Headed back to Heild. Lots of Vherokir tribesman in this chunk of the loop.

The 2/10 static; I learned to walk here.

Buzzed the tower before heading counterclockwise around the loop. Heild X, Moon 1; like it says on the t-shirt.

Egbinger. Usually a few people in here so I had to just check out the central part of the system. Former R1FTA HQ and a place I called home for a while.


The Heath is quiet.

Spotted a couple of Ventures on dscan, but figured out that they were postrash. Couple of glacial ore sites with rat wrecks but no joy.

I waved at former jacket haerod, now a member of Calamitous Intent. Joined their public channel. There are alot of them around suddenly. Wonder what they had going on?

I went into the Istotard pocket, it's got 3 dead ends to check out. The last one I was in had a Coercer at a Satellite thing. Warpwarpwarpwarp

He was there at zero.


Coercer warped off at half shields to a nearby belt. I pursued.

Again, at zero. I attempted to lock on but he was able to warp again to a station. Elite PVP.

Stopped at Calamitous Intent's Headquarters in Bosena to check their Rifter stocks. Completely empty! Which is unusual, normally they are very well stocked! By the way, there's a CSM that lives here. She was the only one on my ballot. Congratulations Sugar Kyle!

Nothing happened on this roam. I stopped back in Heild X - Moon 1. I bellied up to the Heild Bar and Grill, and I ordered and downed a shot of Thukker Fire. Ordered another one and stared at it a while..

I had a nice roam, but it was quiet. No wrecks.. 

*downed the shot*

I'll know when it's time to go back, I'm not done here yet.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

From the Ivory Towers


It's weird being a director. Lucas and I have been pushing recruitment. Great news is that it's finally starting to pay off. These Dragons have become Rebels.

We've got some new black jackets:

THE WIFE! Meeting her immediately after character creation, she decided to keep my Vherokir surname and we had a drive through wedding in Ammold. Nora Albosa has been a killing machine. She wasn't sure if her character was able to do anything when she was only two weeks old. I told her, "more dangerous than you know." I threw together what I called a 'poor man's interceptor' - a Slasher with dual scrams and an MWD with all speed rigs, and I watched over her shoulder as she learned to dscan, approach and scram Ventures, FW farmers, and even an Astero. She roamed up and down all the lowsec pipes, dodging camps, killing other noobies. On her first night she was like a mass murderer, and I was so fucking proud. She kept dropping killmails in the bar. People thought she was my alt! I had excused myself from this vote since I am her hubby but I think her reputation speaks for her when talk of her promotion came up.

Accolades: Silver Scorpion (100 kills)

After taking a long break from New Eden, Proton came back and started lighting up the killboards, to the directors attention! We saw he had been in over six months already and dammit get this man his jacket already. Lots of experience with RvB. A good man to fly with. Welcome to the Club, Proton Flux!

Sem Skord. I've heard people say he's the next Crake. In my opinion, I think he's the next Zodiac. Zodiac Black Junior. He will fly into anything in his Rifter. Old school. A fellow Rifter enthusiast and gearhead like myself. Hell yeah, welcome Sem!

Accolades: Bronze Scorpion (50 kills)

xxMACKxx. I met this Brave Newbie at gunpoint at a gate in Frarie. Because I was a criminal,  I had to let him yellowbox me and start firing. No slight to Mack, but I expected 20 more BNI Atrons to come from out of nowhere. He was solo, I underestimated his age.. and it was actually a close fight. I let his pod go and grabbed his stuff for him. We talked for quite a while after the fight, about what corp is best for solo PVP. I remember recommending and telling him of the Tuskers, Stay Frosty and Screaming Hayabusa, as well as the path to the Black Rebel Rifter Club, the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Sent him the link to our forum. Glad he chose to become a Rebel! Welcome xxMACKxx!

Accolades: Gold Scorpion (250 kills)

It was Sunday and I haven't been out in forever already so it's time to knock the rust off. I undocked the Wild and set destination for Alsavoinon, Placid.

The usual people in Aeschee, Ladistier was dead, and checked Vif. Vifravaert was empty as well.

Jovainon, empty. Hevrice, one other Tusker and myself. It was crazy how dead it was! Made my way up the pipe towards Eugales. Spotting another Tusker, Dark Magni, but had nothing interesting on dscan. Moved along.

Dead, dead.

Frarie, dead, Eugales, dead. I've been following a Falcon for a couple jumps.

I reach Alsavoinon and I spot a Slasher in a plex. I chased him around, tried to tickle him with my 200mm Autocannons, but he was able to warp before I could get my lock on him three different times. Just a farmer. What a bust tonight for a solo roamer. Or it's working as intended. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the lowsec scenic routes.

It was already late, and it's Sunday. New holoreels of Real Life start tomorrow so I wanted to get back to Adirain. Autopilot wanted me to go through Aldranette and down through Black Rise. Yeah right.

I spot Dark Magni in local Frarie. He's killed me a bunch of times. There was one other neutral in local. I warped to the only plex in system and waited on the outside. Soon a Tristan on scan. Do I want to fight the Tristan? I had almost thought about not wanting this engagement and warping off but before I could do that he was landing, and I was still on the outside of the gate, so he was very close to me, about 13 kilometers.

The Tristan was indeed Dark Magni. Approach, OH top rack, FIRE! SCRAM! WEB! We nearly engaged at the same time, his drones were tearing me up, my DPS was hitting him hard, hopefully hard enough! I noticed I wasn't closing the gap anymore but I was pretty close anyway, started overheating my afterburner. He and I hit structure. His armor reps were quite large. He was in half structure, now under 25%! I had even less structure remaining!


Wait, I won that? Exchanged gf's in local. I thought I heard the 'engagement timer noises' kind of before he (or I) exploded. Had moused over a celestial on the overview to get my pod out! I thought for sure I was gonna lose at the last second. I got out with 15 hitpoints remaining in structure. Win or lose, I love close fights like that. Feels like a game 7 OT winner in hockey:

When gf's stop feeling like this, I will unsub from Eve.

That's all for tonight and now it's really late. Goodnight and thanks for reading! o/