Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rainy Day

Watching the holoreel "Real Life." On this episode work was getting cancelled due to rain, so the main character got out his crappy Droid and loaded up the Eve Droid app and put together a new Rifter fit. It was inspiring so I entered my clone in Adirain and put together a Rifter just like what I saw on TV:

(Very nice app btw I have been living under a rock.)

200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II
Rocket Launcher II

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II

Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
200mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I

Nova Rage + Fusion it gets 156.8 DPS.

Been keeping tabs on all the other blogs out there and noticed one of my favorite destinations, Ishomilken, has officially become the Stay Frosty home. Destination: Ishomilken.

We need music! Good thing because my favorite radio station, Trisk's Warehouse was really flowing as per the usual. Grabbed a handful of drugs and the keys to my new Rifter. Gonna do it a little differently this time and have a few songs from the playlist as I go:

Made my way from Adirain in my new fit. Aeschee, Ladistier, Vifraevaert. I always check "Vif." One other pilot, a Coercer. I thought about it, and decided against it. Old enough to know what he's doing. (My buddy Merk came in and killed him later on, straight pimpin')

In Old Man Star I saw a Condor unnamed at a novice. Figured I could take the bait, always gotta assume what that is when you're in OMS.

Condor! About eight kilometers from the warp in, my ship barely was out of warp when I started the lock. Fired all my offensive modules, scram, web, guns. BURN BABY BURN

Was she also doing drugs? (AFK I think) Grabbed loot and her perfectly nice corpse and moved along my route to Heydieles.

Heydeiles, a dump as usual. There was tons of stuff on scan, checking around all the open plexes, there was like 2-4 frigates in each one. No thanks.

Made my way up the pipe to Black Rise. While holding cloak I scan around and spot a Republic Fleet Firetail in a Large FW plex. Warp-Drive-Active.

He was also at zero! Engaged him first, he engaged back and this was a brawling Firetail to my surprise. I was too committed already, ate all the pills and started overheating my mods. Switched dscan to short. I had taken the lead when we entered armor together. But soon we were tied up and now a Kestrel on short. He entered structure first, Kestrel appeared on my overview! Pop!

I had locked the pod but I was also spamming warp on Pynekastoh II or something like that, anything but where I was. My Rifter was pretty banged up, not quite in structure but it would have been an easy one for the Kestrel pilot to finish off. I made my escape, dropping a gf in local Pynekastoh. Pynekastoh is one of those systems.. gotta be on your toes taking fights here with linky nonsense and gatecamps. His fit was a surprise, 400 plate brawler, you see so many more of the arty/dual web variety. 

Just made my repairs in space. No structural damage. My Adirainian crew was able to fix all the overheat damage and repair my armor as good as any station crew.

Trisk's Tunes. They are really flowing today. So are Kane's drugs.. wow. It's the drugs or the fight shakes, or both. I need to get into the liquor cabinet!

The next few jumps looked like the pic above. Mostly empty or the one to three pilots were docked up.

Just cruisin' 2 Ishomilkin'

Stop. Rifter on scan amidst a bunch of Cruisers. At the novice.

Thorax on the outside. Flipped him the bird as I took gate. I land on top of a Rifter. Locked him off and got one or two shots off. This Rifter pilot was another conscientious objector. His Warp Core Stabilizers hummed as he entered warp. I went to go to my Mushikegi Core Safe and realized I didn't have one. Made one real quick.

Up close view of the Mushikegi star, nothing special, just a K5. Don't stare too long.

I've been seeing Frosties in local chat since Pynekastoh. Must be getting closer. I kind of consider Old Man Star/Heydelies the railroad tracks. We are not really neighbors anymore.

Man I am in the mood. These songs drive me to drugs!

Ishomilken. Wolf on scan. Novice plex, Hell I will warp there and wait.

As soon as I landing on the gate, an Atron also appeared on my overview. Where did he come from? I took gate..

This was my view from the Novice plex in Ishomilken. Watched the Atron bugger off of dscan. Must have been another one of those conscientious objectors. I watched the Wolf. Never got closer than 1 AU from me, but was under 5. Soon a Vengeance on scan as well. Vengeance off scan. Wolf off scan. I am alone with 6 other Frosties in local somewhere and twice as many neutrals.

Ooh a Firetail! Within an AU. Within one million kilometers!


And then he was back! I got ready..

He was a she! With all the things overheated I approached when she landed, opened fire and I thought I had scrammed her but I somehow lost point, she was mwd fit? She pulled range very easily. Maybe had the time and the inertia after getting one cycle off. Now the advantage was definitely hers. I zigged and I zagged. Got to within 12 kilometers twice. Trouble with these plated Rifters, they look slow in these situations. I had a bit of a pilot error.. thought I was no longer overheating my prop mod but apparently I was; it had burnt out!

I picked a celestial and kept giving the order to warp. I was tanking the damage for now. No prop mod, she could just stay where she is at that range all day and kill me. I am so bad at this gam-

"Warp Drive Active" said Aura.

huh?! How the Hell? I landed at the planet's customs office, and then I bounced to my Ishomilken safe. I have no idea how I got away from that. Dropped a gf in local and docked up at the station orbiting Ishomilken V, a barren world, the new headquarters of Stay Frosty.

This time I let the mechanics take care of the damage. I had to sit on my couch for a while after that one. Lady Luck was with me today. 

After seeing a CONCORD notification I remembered I was out in public so I better lay low again. Got more Real Life to watch and it's hockey night. Thanks for reading!


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