Friday, April 25, 2014

Loot Fairy Yard Sale

Oh yeah, I'm in Ishomilken! With Jita burning tonight, I held off on my idea to go back to my secret numbered Jita Clone Vat. CONCORD is gonna be busy with all the gankers.

Set up some courier contracts, one of them was for 84 x 200mm Autocannon II's. Hopefully that one makes it to Adirain. While doing so I noticed my courier contracts going the other way, from Adirain to Dodixie and from red space to Rens. Since I am a criminal and I don't wanna give some douche in highsec a free killmail because I'm flashy, I set my destinations for Lermireve and Amamake. With my trade skills, I can range the trade hubs from those systems.

Left the Citadel in a rammy fashion. Casually hitting scan as I went. Somewhere down the line I spotted a Slasher so I went in to take a closer look.

He had cloaked up from the time I took his gate and landed inside of his plex. I had stayed a bit. Not really sure why either, just to think I guess. I had moved along on my route.

I didn't have a safe in Nisuwa so I made one. There was a lot of Quantum Cats Syndicate in here.

When I entered Abune, I came across a 12+ frigate gang on the Oinisaken gate. Spamming warp, was able to align and warp off before anyone could do anything. They were all neutral/positive security status.

Warped through Abune and I realize it's Friday. It's probably gonna be a bit blobbier tonight. Heydelies was a dump, lots of active agression timers. Just moved along to my next system, Old Man Star.

Checked central at Old Man Star and nothing looked appealing. Soul Takers were aplenty in local. Onto Ladistier and then a stretch of ten, twelve systems till I get to the other warzone, but first I would stop in Lermireve.

There are surprises to be had in this pipe. The usual people in Aeschee. Couple neutrals in Onne, nothing on scan. Got to Vitrauze and some group of guys from a corporation called Causa Morti were here, about nine of them all with suspect timers. Never heard of them, their description was piratey. I haven't been around maybe these guys moved here. Read on their site they come from Jan, which I think is out in Devoid? Not gonna bother looking it up but interesting anyway.

Sell. Sell. Sell. "Are you sure, your order is 56% below the average?" Sell. Sell. I just don't give a crap about market PVP. It's all shit I have boosted from others and really I was hoping the courier would get sniped off of the undock or ganked or something to save me from doing this chore haha!! While amusing as that can be sometimes, I have to have my couriers be successful to keep me flying my Rifters. Isn't this player economy amazing?

God this is boring for a Friday. Down this pipe, spotted a SCUM. guy in Mannar, and four more in Schoorasana. By now you can probably consider this a normal area for them to be.

Incursus at the Large in Kurnianen. Local is at around 10 people. No idea who it could be. Warping in at zero.

A Minmatar Brotherhood pilot. I like these guys. They are faction warfare people that actually fight. I start to lock him up and just before I could do anything, he had warped off to a celestial with one belt. I decided out of the planet, POCO, or the belt, I would warp to the belt at zero.

It was a good guess!! He was also there. I lock him up and point him! Rats were shooting me, he was tanky as Hell. I wondered what to do, I have all the rat aggro and his tank was holding against my 158 DPS Rifter fit from yesterday. Slowly but surely, his tank started to buckle, and he went down.


Exchanged gf's in local.

The rat aggro was beautiful. So many pretty lights! I was running low on nanite paste and didn't  have enough to repair my top rack.

Had decided to dock up in the next system on my route, as long as there was repair facilities. Oyonata did have what I needed so I stopped for a bit.

Not much further to go.. and when I checked my assets screen again, I realized  I am going to Amamake to remote sell .. two million worth of garbage. Hardly worth the trip now eh? Oh well I got a killmail at least. Bellied up to a bar near the hangar for a few rounds and then headed out.

I arrive in Amamake. Chose to dock at a station that sounded off the path a bit; Amamake VI, Moon 6. Sold my garbage loot I came all the way out here for and I notice Miura Bull in local. Of course he would be here! Amamake is famous for fights, in comparison to known 'dumps' in Eve, this one's a dumpster fire! I lived out here briefly during our winter deployment to Lantorn. The Hed constellation is a tough place; but I think it was a great experience.

I check my supplies. What if I could fight Miura? I had enough Fusion laying around, not much Nova left, I'll use Inferno instead. Dal, which is one jump away had nanite paste, so I went there to pick some up real quick.

I got back to Amamake and Miura Bull was not here. If I was MB, where would I go? I set destination Egghelende.

Nope. Not there either. Back to Amamake.

I had almost docked and logged out when I decided to add another little leg to the journey. I set a destination for Eifer, and a waypoint for Ingunn. Eifer is three jumps from where I entered New Eden. I learned how to get in a Reaper there. Aura sent me out to kill some rats. And I wanted to try out some of that ninja salvaging stuff I read about in Emogranlan. Kahega's Guide to Ninja Salvaging got me to play this game. Memories of the old days make me weak. These stars around me are my stars from my childhood.

I get to Gulmorogod and there was Miura Bull with an aggression timer. I bounced around between my safe, and celestials to try and scan where he could be down, and then he had left local. Did he go a jump ahead? Or back to Amamake? I went another jump on my route to Egmar. Not there, so I went back to Amamake.

The boss was here. Atron named balloon on scan. There is so much shit here I switched to my PVP overview for another scan and spot a few things, most importantly the Atron, and a Rifter named pooper skooper. It would make sense for him to be in an Atron, being a Screamer these days. Pooper Skooper.. hmm. Had a feeling he might not be the Atron. I warp to the novice plex to see if that Rifter was him..


He was close to the warp in. Luckily I had my damage control teams in position,  already had preheated my weapons and my ancilliary armor repairor, I locked him up and he had locked me back! My gameplan would be to approach and pray.. I wondered what trick he would have up his sleeve. AN ENERGY NEUT!! We entered armor together, I was able to cycle off 2 pulses from my repper before I was capped out. Now this is a DPS race:

Next time I enter a R1FTA church I am gonna start on fire! UNHOLY FLAMES! We exchanged gf's, I can't believe what I had done. MB is a hero of mine, was an honor to fight him! This is actually my second engagement with the boss, outside of one of Joe's Fight Nights. My first one was a total derp on my part from the get go, he kept bouncing around belts in my Adirain and I got careless warping to the next belt at zero in my artillery Wolf. He made very quick work out of it lol. 

Gonna call it here. Thanks for reading!


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