Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hungover in Turnur, Metropolis

Five days off, I'm as rusty as a Rifter..

I am gonna try and drive this Rifter after a five day drinking binge in some backwater system called Turnur. Undock and oh, a Firetail on scan. I warp to the only open plex which was empty, but figured I could wait at zero and spring a trap! I can't do any fancy flying with this hangover I got going on. Approach and pray!™

I get inside and suddenly a Comet decloaks!! What?? Just about dropped my cigar! *Takes a pull*

He was 26 kilometers from me, I started to burn for him, and he had pulled range as well.. shit I don't want to get caught in the middle between this Comet which is probably kitey and a potentially incoming Firetail! I burned back to the "pointy thing" (I'm not in FW so that's what I call it. Not the nearby Satellite dish thing)

Soon this Comets drones were on me, and he looked to be burning right at me! Feeling confident I overheat everything and got in his face!


The Firetail entered just as I exploded and I warped my pod off. wtf I lost to a cloaking Comet? ugh. Take 5 days off and it's like I don't know what I am doing. I've noticed since writing this blog I lose to more people with a head of hair than without.

Luckily for me, my favorite place to reship in Metropolis is only two short jumps away, to Avenod!

I've reshipped here many times.. but the last time I was here, I had some trouble leaving! Some Shadow Cartel guy in a Condor was pointing me as I tried to warp off. I just docked for about five minutes before trying again. When I undocked the second time, he was in his Tornado now! I was able to warp off no problem. I know we in R1FTA have no blues, and with Shadow Cartel being so large; I'm fair game outside of Aeschee. They must not have had some poor missioning scrub to go blob somewhere. ;)

There was no trouble this time. I've been away mostly from this game like two weeks and after being away that long I decided it was time to delete all the fits I have been accumulating. Seriously I had like 52 different Rifter fits, and that's just the Rifter. Deleted them all, after backing them all up of course! Wiped the slate completely clean and my goal is to fill it with only stuff I come up with in Pyfa. Of course I will steal the occasional fit linked in whatever chat channel I'm in. I think it will be good experience to know a lot more why some fits work and some just don't. I been experimenting with neuts and 200mm Autocannons lately and I've noticed the capacitor life just ain't there.. anyway:

Fitted up my next Rifter and after throwing a dart at DOTLAN I set my destination for Arnstur.

I didn't get far, I was in Ardar and I had a Breacher and a Talos on scan. The Breacher was in the other plex, this Talos was in the large. My Rifter isn't set up for a Breacher.. well I don't think any Rifter can do well against a Breacher. (Or I don't do well against any Breacher)

I aligned towards the Large.

I burned back up.

Between the two I would rather take the Talos? I aligned back to the large.

I hit warp @ 20 kilometers. Assuming he might be some sort of trap but might as well have a look.

I land 20 kilometers from him, he was at zero! Is he gonna have neuts? His drones were already out, I started my spiral at him, checked my drone tab: Acolyte I, Hobgoblin I, and Warrior I. The other drones he had out didn't even show on my overview, they were salvager drones. I pointed him and he was shield repper fit, and armor repper.. I was only sensor dampened. I pulsed my microwarpdrive just once after I had established my orbit so I can get the drones in a better line to shoot them, they were doing just enough damage to me. After swatting his drones down I put my DPS back onto his ship. Luckily for me I think he forgot about his armor repper till he hit structure, then it fired back on again

Adox Dev > ;lol stop
Adox Dev > 7ill pay

I did not feel merciful today. Suddenly plus two in local. His shield and armor repper just clung on for a few more precious seconds and


Scooped loot. (Only three million worth) Talked to this pilot a while after the fight. Saying he wanted to try out PVP and all that. He was also curious if I was a serious player; how often and how long I have been playing. I wanted to give some advice, for starters I recommended he get out of battlecruisers and ship down to frigs to learn the trade! And then I thought about it; the wall hit me, again. This game is so hard to learn, where do you even begin to tell a guy?

I had said I would stick with it, definitely ship down, you can buy seven Rifters instead of one Talos.

How did I even learn to PVP? I feel like I am still learning everyday, evidenced by this here blog. His questions inspired me to write. I'm gonna dock up in Klogori for repairs and to set a courier contract to have my loot hauled to Rens.

I started out as a ninja salvager. I had this curiosity about lowsec and frigate PVP but the people I knew from my high sec griefing days told me that it's no good to go there, nothing but camps. These were serious, elite highsec warriors that told me that mind you.

I will never forget the fight I had with Zodiac Black in Arnon. He was a guy I met through my contacts in highsec, his name was Meatbix, doing my ninja salvaging. I was two weeks older than he was and I thought I had some good chances. Fitted up what I read was a 'cookie Rifter' and met him at a moon or a planet somewhere. Looked like a solid fit and figured my slight advantage in skillpoints would rule the day. The fight itself.. really wasn't even close. He had range on me the whole time, I couldn't get close enough to use my energy vampire. After the fight, I learned what 'gf' means and he bought me another Rifter. I had my first real fight shakes, and I was .. beyond impressed. I was invited to the Autocannon and I never shut that channel off, I felt that was my in.


One day I saw that Miura Bull had said something along the lines of "Thanatos pointed, Aedald" I was at the time, only like 5 jumps away rotting to death in Rens or something. I jumped in my only Rifter I had laying there and made best speed.

It was the most epic thing I saw.. I looked up and down my default shitty overview, found the Thanatos and got a few shots into it before I died. There was so much yellow and red! So many people!


Not long after that, after meeting Zodiac Black, Meatbix, and finally talking to Miura Bull; I put an application into the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Never looked back to highsec.

I remember my first fight before I had my jacket, even before I had earned the Rifter Club patch. We didn't have the Black Dragon Fighting Society back then so I was just a prospect.

xxxAlloxxx and Xulgar, couple guys from Gunpoint Diplomacy were at the 2/10 plex in Heild. I had warped in at 50 kilometers in my favorite cookie Rifter fit. I literally froze as I sat and analyzed the situation I was in, as they closed on me fast. Soon I was pointed, I finally locked them back but I died horribly. #wrekt


I had said gf but it really wasn't. I don't think they even returned the gf. They were saying stuff in local like 'wtf happened mate?' It was bad indeed. I froze. That was my first fight as a R1FTA. It's funny now when I look back on it.

Anyways.. there is a ton to learn in New Eden about PVP. There is so many different styles as well, not just frigates, there's cruisers, solo or maybe that's not for you: small gang, blobs, ECM, logi, links; I started out in a Rifter like two and a half years ago, and I'm still in one despite the current meta or the rank of what T1 frig is 'best.' Fly what you like! I like how people don't run from my Rifter, that's why I like to fly it!

I think my point is this: I think we all started from humble places, I've got some hilarious lossmails, luckily none of them were super bling fit or anything but many are like the one I had against Gunpoint Diplomacy. It takes a while just to lose some of the tunnel vision and butterfingers, let alone learn all the game mechanics, and it only takes a few days break to forget it all too. Some Eve cliches: Keep at it, and fly what you can afford to lose. Then read the guides. For me at least it was best to learn by doing. I died ALOT. Still do! Within my corp I think I'm top loser every month. Once RL slows down a bit I will regain my throne!

Not that killboards matter.

I didn't even make it all the way to Arnstur before going into storytellin' mode. Might call it here in Klogori. Goodnight and thanks for reading o7


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