Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eve Online Confessions: I'm a Dirty Pirate

Yes. Where so many stories begin. I was tending bar and chatting with the guys, having a few drinks myself when:

We had a missioning permit holder in Adirain running missions. Checked my paper work and saw he had chosen a cutrate permit instead of a higher value one. I was only paid 50,000,000 ISK. I know his Scorpion was worth more than that.

Please take thirty seconds to watch:

I'm a (the) raccoon!

Merk Stainz had the warp in, Evergreen needed to go in with cloaky eyes to see if he was still on short scan. Merk requested that I fly fast tackle.

Time to roll out the fucking Stiletto.

I took gate, landing 78 kilometers from him in the middle of his mission.

Chaz Sievek > I  have a permit to hunt here
Chaz Sievek > Please

I got point on him, and scram. No microjumpdrive for him! Evergreen was close behind with an additional tackle. Suddenly I was ECM'ed!

The longest 20 seconds ever! It did take him long enough he had me agressed for quite a while. Did my Ladar Sensor Compensation V pay off? May be worth further study.. I was able to hold point for at least one, maybe two cycles before getting jammed. I was able to reengage just before he exploded.


Chaz Sievek > What kinda scam is this?
Chaz Sievek > Your hunting permits are bs
Merk Stainz > u must talk to the issuer
Chaz Sievek > He's here in local!
Merk Stainz > he just logeed in must have
Evergreen Max > Chaz Sievek u can buy your loot

Like I said before, I was paid 50,000,000. His Scorpion was worth 180,000,000. You do the math. No bullshit here.

Jobs done. Now I know a few posts ago I expressed my displeasure about permit scams. I definitely surprised both Merk and Jameson2011 today. Allow me to clarify:

Jameson2011 is our CEO now and what he says, goes. He laid down some internal rules I agree with. He may be R1FTA's most powerful negotiator all time. There was a void permit in local and I WILL enforce it.

Our Director of Arts and Crafts Joe can do some great work! Jameson is.. THE DEVIL'S TATTOO

So a lesson for you missionrunners and miners out there, all permits are indeed valid; but don't let Mayhem get you.. pay us at least twice what your mission running ship is worth to avoid bullshit and drama from having the wrong permit.

Couple of things:

This blogging thing originally recommended by my Spirit Conductor from back in Molden Heath has cast a certain spotlight on me. It's been a lot of fun to write but at the same time a little birdie I know from CONCORD and the FIO (Federal Intelligence Office) may know a bit too much about my day to day doings in New Eden. Gonna have to lay low for a while, the authorities are getting a little close.

I picked up the latest season of 'Real Life' to kill some time in my secret numbered Jita clone vat until I've got more time for writing and undocking my Rifter. Real Life is about some guy that has a seasonal job that prevents him from doing the things he really loves. Although he discovers working in concrete ain't so bad.

And another note:

Sanah Ikatashi is my fastest lowsec Courier Contractor since Fortune Famine. If you're an outlaw like myself, she can bring you the goods you need from highsec. For the first time in a long time, I have no outstanding contracts remaining. She's fast.

Now, back to my honest business of exortion, murder, racketeering, possession, drug use, public intoxication, driving while intoxicated, gambling, battery, assault, tending bar. Thanks for reading o/


PS: Blog turned into a real day to day telling of what life is like in lowsec. In my first post I said that dynasties are built through the draft. If you are considering a life as a pirate, doing some pvp, this is what the real world (lol) is like. There are things you learn to appreciate as you go, after a while you figure out it's not just the killmail. The hunt, the pursuit, the good fight shakes. A lone Vexor in a belt? Go shoot it with your T1 Frigate of choice. You don't really have anything to lose, and if you win; it's fucking glorious.

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  1. Going to miss these glorious tales. The bar will be well stocked and ready for a party upon your return!