Friday, April 25, 2014

Loot Fairy Yard Sale

Oh yeah, I'm in Ishomilken! With Jita burning tonight, I held off on my idea to go back to my secret numbered Jita Clone Vat. CONCORD is gonna be busy with all the gankers.

Set up some courier contracts, one of them was for 84 x 200mm Autocannon II's. Hopefully that one makes it to Adirain. While doing so I noticed my courier contracts going the other way, from Adirain to Dodixie and from red space to Rens. Since I am a criminal and I don't wanna give some douche in highsec a free killmail because I'm flashy, I set my destinations for Lermireve and Amamake. With my trade skills, I can range the trade hubs from those systems.

Left the Citadel in a rammy fashion. Casually hitting scan as I went. Somewhere down the line I spotted a Slasher so I went in to take a closer look.

He had cloaked up from the time I took his gate and landed inside of his plex. I had stayed a bit. Not really sure why either, just to think I guess. I had moved along on my route.

I didn't have a safe in Nisuwa so I made one. There was a lot of Quantum Cats Syndicate in here.

When I entered Abune, I came across a 12+ frigate gang on the Oinisaken gate. Spamming warp, was able to align and warp off before anyone could do anything. They were all neutral/positive security status.

Warped through Abune and I realize it's Friday. It's probably gonna be a bit blobbier tonight. Heydelies was a dump, lots of active agression timers. Just moved along to my next system, Old Man Star.

Checked central at Old Man Star and nothing looked appealing. Soul Takers were aplenty in local. Onto Ladistier and then a stretch of ten, twelve systems till I get to the other warzone, but first I would stop in Lermireve.

There are surprises to be had in this pipe. The usual people in Aeschee. Couple neutrals in Onne, nothing on scan. Got to Vitrauze and some group of guys from a corporation called Causa Morti were here, about nine of them all with suspect timers. Never heard of them, their description was piratey. I haven't been around maybe these guys moved here. Read on their site they come from Jan, which I think is out in Devoid? Not gonna bother looking it up but interesting anyway.

Sell. Sell. Sell. "Are you sure, your order is 56% below the average?" Sell. Sell. I just don't give a crap about market PVP. It's all shit I have boosted from others and really I was hoping the courier would get sniped off of the undock or ganked or something to save me from doing this chore haha!! While amusing as that can be sometimes, I have to have my couriers be successful to keep me flying my Rifters. Isn't this player economy amazing?

God this is boring for a Friday. Down this pipe, spotted a SCUM. guy in Mannar, and four more in Schoorasana. By now you can probably consider this a normal area for them to be.

Incursus at the Large in Kurnianen. Local is at around 10 people. No idea who it could be. Warping in at zero.

A Minmatar Brotherhood pilot. I like these guys. They are faction warfare people that actually fight. I start to lock him up and just before I could do anything, he had warped off to a celestial with one belt. I decided out of the planet, POCO, or the belt, I would warp to the belt at zero.

It was a good guess!! He was also there. I lock him up and point him! Rats were shooting me, he was tanky as Hell. I wondered what to do, I have all the rat aggro and his tank was holding against my 158 DPS Rifter fit from yesterday. Slowly but surely, his tank started to buckle, and he went down.


Exchanged gf's in local.

The rat aggro was beautiful. So many pretty lights! I was running low on nanite paste and didn't  have enough to repair my top rack.

Had decided to dock up in the next system on my route, as long as there was repair facilities. Oyonata did have what I needed so I stopped for a bit.

Not much further to go.. and when I checked my assets screen again, I realized  I am going to Amamake to remote sell .. two million worth of garbage. Hardly worth the trip now eh? Oh well I got a killmail at least. Bellied up to a bar near the hangar for a few rounds and then headed out.

I arrive in Amamake. Chose to dock at a station that sounded off the path a bit; Amamake VI, Moon 6. Sold my garbage loot I came all the way out here for and I notice Miura Bull in local. Of course he would be here! Amamake is famous for fights, in comparison to known 'dumps' in Eve, this one's a dumpster fire! I lived out here briefly during our winter deployment to Lantorn. The Hed constellation is a tough place; but I think it was a great experience.

I check my supplies. What if I could fight Miura? I had enough Fusion laying around, not much Nova left, I'll use Inferno instead. Dal, which is one jump away had nanite paste, so I went there to pick some up real quick.

I got back to Amamake and Miura Bull was not here. If I was MB, where would I go? I set destination Egghelende.

Nope. Not there either. Back to Amamake.

I had almost docked and logged out when I decided to add another little leg to the journey. I set a destination for Eifer, and a waypoint for Ingunn. Eifer is three jumps from where I entered New Eden. I learned how to get in a Reaper there. Aura sent me out to kill some rats. And I wanted to try out some of that ninja salvaging stuff I read about in Emogranlan. Kahega's Guide to Ninja Salvaging got me to play this game. Memories of the old days make me weak. These stars around me are my stars from my childhood.

I get to Gulmorogod and there was Miura Bull with an aggression timer. I bounced around between my safe, and celestials to try and scan where he could be down, and then he had left local. Did he go a jump ahead? Or back to Amamake? I went another jump on my route to Egmar. Not there, so I went back to Amamake.

The boss was here. Atron named balloon on scan. There is so much shit here I switched to my PVP overview for another scan and spot a few things, most importantly the Atron, and a Rifter named pooper skooper. It would make sense for him to be in an Atron, being a Screamer these days. Pooper Skooper.. hmm. Had a feeling he might not be the Atron. I warp to the novice plex to see if that Rifter was him..


He was close to the warp in. Luckily I had my damage control teams in position,  already had preheated my weapons and my ancilliary armor repairor, I locked him up and he had locked me back! My gameplan would be to approach and pray.. I wondered what trick he would have up his sleeve. AN ENERGY NEUT!! We entered armor together, I was able to cycle off 2 pulses from my repper before I was capped out. Now this is a DPS race:

Next time I enter a R1FTA church I am gonna start on fire! UNHOLY FLAMES! We exchanged gf's, I can't believe what I had done. MB is a hero of mine, was an honor to fight him! This is actually my second engagement with the boss, outside of one of Joe's Fight Nights. My first one was a total derp on my part from the get go, he kept bouncing around belts in my Adirain and I got careless warping to the next belt at zero in my artillery Wolf. He made very quick work out of it lol. 

Gonna call it here. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rainy Day

Watching the holoreel "Real Life." On this episode work was getting cancelled due to rain, so the main character got out his crappy Droid and loaded up the Eve Droid app and put together a new Rifter fit. It was inspiring so I entered my clone in Adirain and put together a Rifter just like what I saw on TV:

(Very nice app btw I have been living under a rock.)

200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II
Rocket Launcher II

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II

Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
200mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I

Nova Rage + Fusion it gets 156.8 DPS.

Been keeping tabs on all the other blogs out there and noticed one of my favorite destinations, Ishomilken, has officially become the Stay Frosty home. Destination: Ishomilken.

We need music! Good thing because my favorite radio station, Trisk's Warehouse was really flowing as per the usual. Grabbed a handful of drugs and the keys to my new Rifter. Gonna do it a little differently this time and have a few songs from the playlist as I go:

Made my way from Adirain in my new fit. Aeschee, Ladistier, Vifraevaert. I always check "Vif." One other pilot, a Coercer. I thought about it, and decided against it. Old enough to know what he's doing. (My buddy Merk came in and killed him later on, straight pimpin')

In Old Man Star I saw a Condor unnamed at a novice. Figured I could take the bait, always gotta assume what that is when you're in OMS.

Condor! About eight kilometers from the warp in, my ship barely was out of warp when I started the lock. Fired all my offensive modules, scram, web, guns. BURN BABY BURN

Was she also doing drugs? (AFK I think) Grabbed loot and her perfectly nice corpse and moved along my route to Heydieles.

Heydeiles, a dump as usual. There was tons of stuff on scan, checking around all the open plexes, there was like 2-4 frigates in each one. No thanks.

Made my way up the pipe to Black Rise. While holding cloak I scan around and spot a Republic Fleet Firetail in a Large FW plex. Warp-Drive-Active.

He was also at zero! Engaged him first, he engaged back and this was a brawling Firetail to my surprise. I was too committed already, ate all the pills and started overheating my mods. Switched dscan to short. I had taken the lead when we entered armor together. But soon we were tied up and now a Kestrel on short. He entered structure first, Kestrel appeared on my overview! Pop!

I had locked the pod but I was also spamming warp on Pynekastoh II or something like that, anything but where I was. My Rifter was pretty banged up, not quite in structure but it would have been an easy one for the Kestrel pilot to finish off. I made my escape, dropping a gf in local Pynekastoh. Pynekastoh is one of those systems.. gotta be on your toes taking fights here with linky nonsense and gatecamps. His fit was a surprise, 400 plate brawler, you see so many more of the arty/dual web variety. 

Just made my repairs in space. No structural damage. My Adirainian crew was able to fix all the overheat damage and repair my armor as good as any station crew.

Trisk's Tunes. They are really flowing today. So are Kane's drugs.. wow. It's the drugs or the fight shakes, or both. I need to get into the liquor cabinet!

The next few jumps looked like the pic above. Mostly empty or the one to three pilots were docked up.

Just cruisin' 2 Ishomilkin'

Stop. Rifter on scan amidst a bunch of Cruisers. At the novice.

Thorax on the outside. Flipped him the bird as I took gate. I land on top of a Rifter. Locked him off and got one or two shots off. This Rifter pilot was another conscientious objector. His Warp Core Stabilizers hummed as he entered warp. I went to go to my Mushikegi Core Safe and realized I didn't have one. Made one real quick.

Up close view of the Mushikegi star, nothing special, just a K5. Don't stare too long.

I've been seeing Frosties in local chat since Pynekastoh. Must be getting closer. I kind of consider Old Man Star/Heydelies the railroad tracks. We are not really neighbors anymore.

Man I am in the mood. These songs drive me to drugs!

Ishomilken. Wolf on scan. Novice plex, Hell I will warp there and wait.

As soon as I landing on the gate, an Atron also appeared on my overview. Where did he come from? I took gate..

This was my view from the Novice plex in Ishomilken. Watched the Atron bugger off of dscan. Must have been another one of those conscientious objectors. I watched the Wolf. Never got closer than 1 AU from me, but was under 5. Soon a Vengeance on scan as well. Vengeance off scan. Wolf off scan. I am alone with 6 other Frosties in local somewhere and twice as many neutrals.

Ooh a Firetail! Within an AU. Within one million kilometers!


And then he was back! I got ready..

He was a she! With all the things overheated I approached when she landed, opened fire and I thought I had scrammed her but I somehow lost point, she was mwd fit? She pulled range very easily. Maybe had the time and the inertia after getting one cycle off. Now the advantage was definitely hers. I zigged and I zagged. Got to within 12 kilometers twice. Trouble with these plated Rifters, they look slow in these situations. I had a bit of a pilot error.. thought I was no longer overheating my prop mod but apparently I was; it had burnt out!

I picked a celestial and kept giving the order to warp. I was tanking the damage for now. No prop mod, she could just stay where she is at that range all day and kill me. I am so bad at this gam-

"Warp Drive Active" said Aura.

huh?! How the Hell? I landed at the planet's customs office, and then I bounced to my Ishomilken safe. I have no idea how I got away from that. Dropped a gf in local and docked up at the station orbiting Ishomilken V, a barren world, the new headquarters of Stay Frosty.

This time I let the mechanics take care of the damage. I had to sit on my couch for a while after that one. Lady Luck was with me today. 

After seeing a CONCORD notification I remembered I was out in public so I better lay low again. Got more Real Life to watch and it's hockey night. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hungover in Turnur, Metropolis

Five days off, I'm as rusty as a Rifter..

I am gonna try and drive this Rifter after a five day drinking binge in some backwater system called Turnur. Undock and oh, a Firetail on scan. I warp to the only open plex which was empty, but figured I could wait at zero and spring a trap! I can't do any fancy flying with this hangover I got going on. Approach and pray!™

I get inside and suddenly a Comet decloaks!! What?? Just about dropped my cigar! *Takes a pull*

He was 26 kilometers from me, I started to burn for him, and he had pulled range as well.. shit I don't want to get caught in the middle between this Comet which is probably kitey and a potentially incoming Firetail! I burned back to the "pointy thing" (I'm not in FW so that's what I call it. Not the nearby Satellite dish thing)

Soon this Comets drones were on me, and he looked to be burning right at me! Feeling confident I overheat everything and got in his face!


The Firetail entered just as I exploded and I warped my pod off. wtf I lost to a cloaking Comet? ugh. Take 5 days off and it's like I don't know what I am doing. I've noticed since writing this blog I lose to more people with a head of hair than without.

Luckily for me, my favorite place to reship in Metropolis is only two short jumps away, to Avenod!

I've reshipped here many times.. but the last time I was here, I had some trouble leaving! Some Shadow Cartel guy in a Condor was pointing me as I tried to warp off. I just docked for about five minutes before trying again. When I undocked the second time, he was in his Tornado now! I was able to warp off no problem. I know we in R1FTA have no blues, and with Shadow Cartel being so large; I'm fair game outside of Aeschee. They must not have had some poor missioning scrub to go blob somewhere. ;)

There was no trouble this time. I've been away mostly from this game like two weeks and after being away that long I decided it was time to delete all the fits I have been accumulating. Seriously I had like 52 different Rifter fits, and that's just the Rifter. Deleted them all, after backing them all up of course! Wiped the slate completely clean and my goal is to fill it with only stuff I come up with in Pyfa. Of course I will steal the occasional fit linked in whatever chat channel I'm in. I think it will be good experience to know a lot more why some fits work and some just don't. I been experimenting with neuts and 200mm Autocannons lately and I've noticed the capacitor life just ain't there.. anyway:

Fitted up my next Rifter and after throwing a dart at DOTLAN I set my destination for Arnstur.

I didn't get far, I was in Ardar and I had a Breacher and a Talos on scan. The Breacher was in the other plex, this Talos was in the large. My Rifter isn't set up for a Breacher.. well I don't think any Rifter can do well against a Breacher. (Or I don't do well against any Breacher)

I aligned towards the Large.

I burned back up.

Between the two I would rather take the Talos? I aligned back to the large.

I hit warp @ 20 kilometers. Assuming he might be some sort of trap but might as well have a look.

I land 20 kilometers from him, he was at zero! Is he gonna have neuts? His drones were already out, I started my spiral at him, checked my drone tab: Acolyte I, Hobgoblin I, and Warrior I. The other drones he had out didn't even show on my overview, they were salvager drones. I pointed him and he was shield repper fit, and armor repper.. I was only sensor dampened. I pulsed my microwarpdrive just once after I had established my orbit so I can get the drones in a better line to shoot them, they were doing just enough damage to me. After swatting his drones down I put my DPS back onto his ship. Luckily for me I think he forgot about his armor repper till he hit structure, then it fired back on again

Adox Dev > ;lol stop
Adox Dev > 7ill pay

I did not feel merciful today. Suddenly plus two in local. His shield and armor repper just clung on for a few more precious seconds and


Scooped loot. (Only three million worth) Talked to this pilot a while after the fight. Saying he wanted to try out PVP and all that. He was also curious if I was a serious player; how often and how long I have been playing. I wanted to give some advice, for starters I recommended he get out of battlecruisers and ship down to frigs to learn the trade! And then I thought about it; the wall hit me, again. This game is so hard to learn, where do you even begin to tell a guy?

I had said I would stick with it, definitely ship down, you can buy seven Rifters instead of one Talos.

How did I even learn to PVP? I feel like I am still learning everyday, evidenced by this here blog. His questions inspired me to write. I'm gonna dock up in Klogori for repairs and to set a courier contract to have my loot hauled to Rens.

I started out as a ninja salvager. I had this curiosity about lowsec and frigate PVP but the people I knew from my high sec griefing days told me that it's no good to go there, nothing but camps. These were serious, elite highsec warriors that told me that mind you.

I will never forget the fight I had with Zodiac Black in Arnon. He was a guy I met through my contacts in highsec, his name was Meatbix, doing my ninja salvaging. I was two weeks older than he was and I thought I had some good chances. Fitted up what I read was a 'cookie Rifter' and met him at a moon or a planet somewhere. Looked like a solid fit and figured my slight advantage in skillpoints would rule the day. The fight itself.. really wasn't even close. He had range on me the whole time, I couldn't get close enough to use my energy vampire. After the fight, I learned what 'gf' means and he bought me another Rifter. I had my first real fight shakes, and I was .. beyond impressed. I was invited to the Autocannon and I never shut that channel off, I felt that was my in.


One day I saw that Miura Bull had said something along the lines of "Thanatos pointed, Aedald" I was at the time, only like 5 jumps away rotting to death in Rens or something. I jumped in my only Rifter I had laying there and made best speed.

It was the most epic thing I saw.. I looked up and down my default shitty overview, found the Thanatos and got a few shots into it before I died. There was so much yellow and red! So many people!


Not long after that, after meeting Zodiac Black, Meatbix, and finally talking to Miura Bull; I put an application into the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Never looked back to highsec.

I remember my first fight before I had my jacket, even before I had earned the Rifter Club patch. We didn't have the Black Dragon Fighting Society back then so I was just a prospect.

xxxAlloxxx and Xulgar, couple guys from Gunpoint Diplomacy were at the 2/10 plex in Heild. I had warped in at 50 kilometers in my favorite cookie Rifter fit. I literally froze as I sat and analyzed the situation I was in, as they closed on me fast. Soon I was pointed, I finally locked them back but I died horribly. #wrekt


I had said gf but it really wasn't. I don't think they even returned the gf. They were saying stuff in local like 'wtf happened mate?' It was bad indeed. I froze. That was my first fight as a R1FTA. It's funny now when I look back on it.

Anyways.. there is a ton to learn in New Eden about PVP. There is so many different styles as well, not just frigates, there's cruisers, solo or maybe that's not for you: small gang, blobs, ECM, logi, links; I started out in a Rifter like two and a half years ago, and I'm still in one despite the current meta or the rank of what T1 frig is 'best.' Fly what you like! I like how people don't run from my Rifter, that's why I like to fly it!

I think my point is this: I think we all started from humble places, I've got some hilarious lossmails, luckily none of them were super bling fit or anything but many are like the one I had against Gunpoint Diplomacy. It takes a while just to lose some of the tunnel vision and butterfingers, let alone learn all the game mechanics, and it only takes a few days break to forget it all too. Some Eve cliches: Keep at it, and fly what you can afford to lose. Then read the guides. For me at least it was best to learn by doing. I died ALOT. Still do! Within my corp I think I'm top loser every month. Once RL slows down a bit I will regain my throne!

Not that killboards matter.

I didn't even make it all the way to Arnstur before going into storytellin' mode. Might call it here in Klogori. Goodnight and thanks for reading o7


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Road to Ishomilken

Aloha Adirain. Come for the missions. Stay because you died.™

There was a report right away that there was two missioning Tengu's in nearby Lisbataenne. As honorary torchbearer for the local tire fire smoke-signals, I didn't want to start it right away, unless they already had eyes on it; plus I wasn't in the mood to just loaf around in Adi. Destination: Ishomilken.

The trouble with going to Ishomilken from Adirain is the best road there is often camped! Black Rise is constantly blobby and it's never in the same places from one time to the next. Pynekastoh and Tama are some of the worst and the usual places you'd see the #bleb and enormous Faction Warfare and pirate gangs. Trying to set up traffic control points or be highway robbers, depends on who you are and how you look at it.

Roamed pretty fast through Old Man Star, Heydeiles, and my route took me up through Abune.

Griffin and an Incursus at a plex. That doesn't sound fun.

Made it all the way up to Uuna when I came across a Tristan at a plex.

My kind of elite pvp skills are the approach + pray variety, so of course I'm in my mwd and dual scram no tank Rifter. pew - pew, pew - pew - pew! boom.


Well.. I didn't do too bad actually. If I had slightly more tank I am confident I would have won that.  Exchanged gf's in local.

Luckily I exploded in Uuna, which has a decent market, very limited but you can almost fit a ship up from here. Was only missing a couple things on my next Rifter, so I bought the last mods and ammo in Onatoh and Tama. Tama my first waypoint:

DontTouchMeHair > Big Balex camp on Reitsato-Kedama gate

Saw that in alliance chat. Great. Just where I am heading right now!

Lovely thing to land on. Luckily they were doing some fleet maneuvers or something they weren't close to the gate, at a pounce or something. I moved through and got my rig from Tama, then down to Onatoh.

I didn't make it to Ishomilken; but I felt I needed a new waypoint anyway. Destination Alsavoinon.

Got my Rifter ready to rock now and I jumped into Sujarento; I spot a Tristan on scan. Let's try this I guess, my last run in with a Tristan went south I think mostly because my fit was completely untanked. Who knows.

She was in her plex, she was not leaving. Drones out, yellowboxing. Activated my mwd and fired all the things in her grill.


Looked to be a fit just like the one I died to in Uuna. Exchanged gf's in local and scooped my loot to drop off in the nearest station.

Someone will do it. Courier contract does correlate with what dropped on that Tristan btw. :)

Let's get this show back on the road! Held my breath over the next few jumps, it is very active, very blobby. Black Rise pretty much sucks.

Darted around, looking for fights, scanning gates.

Had to chill for a bit. Local chat had spiked. Figured out they came from where I was going so it worked for me to keep heading in Placid's direction.

Made it to my destination. Two Condors at a plex! Going in!

One of them was on the outside moving at MWD speeds, I take gate.. and the second one was almost at 0. F!! I lock, figuring this is gonna be ugly; but before I even got my lock, he warped out.

The MWD Condor enters. I approach and shoot and he dies.


sqvaer perchunenko > gf
Brink Albosa > gf
sqvaer perchunenko > mwd (

Why do people do that? Local intel, best intel I guess? That other Condor is still out there, maybe they are not together? I will never know if he was a rocket/neut Condor now. Might have been the best thing he left if that was the case.

Took a break in space watching this Hookbill on scan as he bounced between the two open plexes. I was enjoying some coffee, gathering my notes for this writeup, and more or less enjoying the scenery. F7C-H0 is just one jump away and I had my first bubble camp in there back when DARKSTAR was a R1FTA. Other than that, this little dead end FW system is pretty insignificant.

Couple jumps later I was in Renarelle and I could see a Slasher in a plex. Going in.

John Lawyer in a brawling Slasher! Not good for the fit I had!!


His Slasher was impressively durable. Interesting to say the least. I love fighting people that don't have fits you would think they will be in. I like to try and do the same thing, keep it random on my losses.

Was able to mostly refit in Vlillerier. Another shitty place by the way. Full of links, #bleb style fights, had to go between 3 different stations. On my last station in Vlillerier, there was an Eos at 0 on the undock with something running that looked like ECCM or a Sensor Booster? Not sure. An Incursus had also tried to lock me up. Nice. Vlillerier; what a dump. Had to pick up a rig in Ostingele and Barleguet.

Ostingele had a ton of people with -10 alliance standings docked up. I won't name names, but we use terrible standings for blobbers, links, ECM, etc. Reputation is pretty big in this niche world of solo frigs. Fitted the rig and quickly made speed for Barleguet.

I spotted a fellow Vherokir with the surname Albosa in Barleguet local. I threw a wave at Frosty Albosa in local chat but never got a reply back. Anytime I see an Albosa out no matter where I am I try to figure out if we are related somehow. Albosa is a common name though so it's a longshot everytime. Never replied back to me, maybe he didn't speak the English.

I fitted up my last rig I needed for my fit and took a break at the station here.

If space-Detroit existed; it would be Barleguet. This was a boomtown when Brave Newbies moved in, bringing with them a well stocked market, targets for the locals to shoot at, and an environment for young capsuleers to come out and try lowsec in big enough numbers to stay safe.

I didn't know that back when I took my pilgramage in my like, second post; spotting all those BNI in Curse near where I did was so close to what they call their new home. They've become null residents; and the local factories and shops in Barleguet are becoming something of a ghost town. I watched people talk in local about how many billions of assets are still here and gushing about who will give who handjobs if they had Carriers for logistics. Nice neighborhood! It's too bad, this has been a good area to reship.

I undock and spot a Venture at the nearest belt.. well might as well give it a try. I land and he's there, 30 kilometers off. I get a lock and fire a volley before he came back to keyboard and warped to station. Kinda sucks those things have natural stabilizers built in; but it is what it is. Kind of unlucky for me too, was in a double scram Rifter earlier, where were all the Ventures then? :) That kind of day I guess.

Destination: Adirain.

In Ouletta, I spot God's Apples in local, an unnamed Tristan and a Kestrel at two different plexes. Didn't want to bother with the probable farmer, so went for the Kestrel.

Well the good news is it's not God's Apples! Not saying this guy isn't capable though. Light Missile Kestrel. He's fast too. We had a nice dance, my DPS was much better than his. Unfortunately for me he had the speed to decide that it wasn't going well for him so he left. Good fights were exchanged in local and he had complimented my damage. Good fight!

Next jump to Melmaniel, and there was another Kestrel. After repping and reloading my mods, I decided to go have a poke.

Kara Prime, this one prefers a Rocket Kestrel. The damage from one of those is WAY higher than a light missile one I fought just minutes ago. Again the speed of a Kestrel is greater so I was quickly dispatched.


Not feeling like it's my day today. Maybe I need bigger guns! Fitted up another artillery Rifter that I shamelessly stole from former R1FTA director, now current SKRMR Tomba, decided to go to Hevrice.

Didn't make it all the way there, noticed an Atron and a Merlin at plexes in Jovainnon so I chased them around, neither were interested in fights, just the loyalty point rewards. Then a Frosty entered local.

He had a Federation Navy Comet. Probably a poor choice for me to stay and wait for him to find me. The fight was short, and I was.. "hashtag dunked" as Coatsie would say. I only got one cycle off my repper!


After exchanging gf's in local, I decided it might be time to try something different after massacring four Rifters. Had a Slasher in my hangar already fitted so I undock and made my way for Hevrice again.

Bounced around Hevrice. I notice a Crake Gaterau in local. Hevrice was pretty quiet, not many Tuskers or Frosties around. Suddenly private convo from the guy that just blew me up in Jovainnon.

He said there was a Hookbill, Harpy, and a Thrasher at the medium back in Jovainnon. We fleeted up and I waited for the word to jump in and assist.

Primary was the Thrasher, followed by the Harpy, and the Hookbill. We didn't have comms so I figured that was the order in which to engage.

After the Thrasher popped I put my TD on the Harpy and applied everything else to the Hookbill. I noticed that was the first thing to take damage after the Thrasher had gone down. SeaElder4's Exequror went down, but I was able to finish the Hookbill off. I had enough speed to do pretty much whatever I wanted to the Harpy, but I admit I derped a little bit and he was able to get away. :( Not sure I had the DPS to take him, he was very tanky. I also had Phased Plasma loaded; not sure off the top of my head if that was the best for a Harpy?

Caldari Navy Hookbill

Talked to SeaElder4 a bit afterwards. Was nice of him to offer a fleet invite. Was a fun little exchange.

I headed up to Hevrice and bounced around different plexes and celestials, I even sat at the sun for a bit but noone wanted to play; despite Crake being in local. I went to dock up and call it a day when I noticed Crake was at the undock!

As soon as I docked, I hit undock. Might as well die again right? XD

It is insane how many times, in fact more than any other pilot I know; have fights that start like this. Too far to look at how he's fit.

He was moving towards me, but not directly. I burnt straight up for about 5 seconds and stopped.

Eventually we got under 30 kilometers from each other and he shot first!

Both of us in kitey Frigates. I had a cheap trick up my sleeve though, a TD with optimal loaded. :) After an intense shootout in the Hevrice top station town square, he warped off, and I warped to my central safe. I think I fly that TD Slasher too often; I bet he's gonna have a trick for me next time.

I went to the bottom station at Hevrice VI and docked up for a while. There was a lot of fights to be had today so that's a good thing of course, even though I didn't have the best ratio.

That's all for now, probably gonna call it here. I've been away from Eve a couple days and I learn everytime that it's like exercise, take a break for a couple days and you're fat again.

Thanks for reading! o7