Monday, March 24, 2014

Venture Tipping

Howdy partners! I'm feeling like going and doin' some Venture and FW farmer wranglin!'

I undock, and oh look, a Venture at the IV cluster!

xxMACKxx had already beat me to it. The Adirain police are efficient!

[14:50:29] Brink Albosa > Howdy.
[14:50:37] xxMACKxx > Evening' sir!
[14:50:44] xxMACKxx > That's a nice venture you have there.
[14:50:46] Brink Albosa > I came out to do some Venture wranglin' and it looks like the Adirain Sheriff has beat me to it!

(xxMACKxx's new title? Taking a note. Also had to check out that sweet new cop car)

[14:50:49] xxMACKxx > Shame if something... happened to it.
[14:51:21] xxMACKxx > Brink, he's quiet.
[14:51:24] xxMACKxx > Too quiet.
[14:51:35] Brink Albosa > We are gonna have to clean up this town
[14:51:39] xxMACKxx > Sir I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate your ship.
[14:52:10] xxMACKxx > Of course, if you were to make a nice donation to me and my friend here...
[14:52:10] Alex Kramerr > guys

(Sometimes you got to motivate them to get their wallet out. I cycled my guns)

[14:52:48] Brink Albosa > That's a shot across your bow.
[14:52:51] Brink Albosa > You better make an offer

[14:53:01] Alex Kramerr > may be i go way
[14:54:22] Alex Kramerr > mmm?
[14:54:39] xxMACKxx > 5,000,000
[14:54:42] xxMACKxx > To me and my friend.
[14:54:45] xxMACKxx > and you can fly free
[14:55:16] Alex Kramerr > lot
[14:55:36] xxMACKxx > 1,000,000 then. Last chance.
[14:56:19] Alex Kramerr > I'm a noob, you can release on a first time
[14:56:22] xxMACKxx > Ten!
[14:56:27] xxMACKxx > Nine!
[14:56:31] xxMACKxx > Eight!
[14:56:35] xxMACKxx > Six!
[14:56:40] xxMACKxx > Five!
[14:56:44] xxMACKxx > Three!
[14:56:49] xxMACKxx > Three and a half!
[14:56:49] Brink Albosa > Hold it!!
[14:56:53] Brink Albosa > I was paid 1 mil
[14:57:00] Brink Albosa > Pay my partner too
[14:57:01] xxMACKxx > Right then.
[14:57:09] xxMACKxx > Please doing business with you.
[14:57:21] xxMACKxx > You're free to mine for the next hour.
[14:57:32] xxMACKxx > Better hope none of my friends catch you though.
[14:57:36] Alex Kramerr > tnx

[14:57:41] Brink Albosa > Aloha Adirain

We honor ransoms in R1DER; therefore no killmail. This Venture pilot can go about happily mining. I'm so proud of the SHERIFF, xxMACKxx!

Took a few moments to enjoy that Adirain sun before setting off to ... probably Vifravaert. I jump to Aeschee, jump to Ladistier, and get inside Vifravaert to see a Brutix at a gate, and the only other guy in system was pretty new; a sign he is a farmer. Atron on scan in the plex.

Couldn't get a lock on him in time, he warped to the sun. I give chase..

This is the part where he is boned. I confiscate his ship. 

I try to be merciful:

[15:13:48] Brink Albosa > Howdy partner!!
[15:14:11] Brink Albosa > What's yer pod worth to ya?

[15:14:30] Brink Albosa > Looks like a 10 million to me?
[15:15:24] Brink Albosa > Have it your way vermin.

I talked to Oma Lorche a bit in Vifravaert.

She was trying to get someone to fight her at the sun. She was yellowboxed by someone that wasn't sure to shoot or not. (They were at my outgate) I waited a few minutes, watched local go down, and I moved along to Ladistier. 

There was a Nasranite Watch small gang on the gate, luckily for me I think they were busy with Oma for me to make my escape. Luckily for me too, my Rifter has no tank, and purely agility and speed rigged so I was able to get out. Elite pvp. I felt for Oma, I hope she was able to escape. (The Nasranite guys were talking in local, but I wasn't paying attention)

I made my way up the pipe through Agoze and to that little side pocket in Annancale. Chased around a farmer in there but he was attentive and was able to cloak up.

[15:45:56] Graf14 Niminen > Brink Albosa што хачу?)
[15:46:34] Brink Albosa > Не беспокойся

No dice. I moved along through Brarel and into Intaki. There was T1 frigates moving about, a Venture, and I decided to sit in a safe and watch from far away. I had to gamble a bit on this next one, wasn't sure who exactly the pilot was and for all I know he could be properly pvp fit. Well.. he wasn't.

Scanned around Agoze but the ships there appeared to be just travelling through or POStrash. I moved on to Vey.

Two Tristan's at a belt. I go in, was able to catch one:

Warp Core Stabilizers clearly save lives. On directional scan I see a Maulus. I hate those things and I had to make a decision: Can my 4000 m/s Rifter just approach and kill it fast enough? Is it even PVP fit? There is only one way to find out; I loaded Phased Plasma.

He was only 11km off the warp in. Approach!!!! I spam away 'qqqqqqqqqqqqq,' lock him up, overheat my guns and fire away!! I tried to chill his grill, but I ended up getting burnt. Good Fight, SolarStorm25.

Dropped him a gf in local chat and went to the nearest shuttle for sale on my way home to Adirain, which was in Agoze. Shucks. Seriously even a 2 week old alt with a meta fit could kill the Rifter I was flying, that's how comfortable I am flying around in it. Let that be a lesson Faction Warfare!

Back to Adirain I go.

I took a short break, chatting it up with my homie Merk Stainz and reading like I do between ships.

After dying to the Maulus, I decided to fit my next Rifter for the possible chance that my target is also pvp fit. The trouble with that is 90% of faction warfare will be able to warp off. Oh well.

Waypoints are Hysera - Oto - Tannolen - Eranakko.

When I got to Old Man Star; I notice a Venture on scan. At first I point my directional scanner at a belt, then I remembered this is Old Man Star. I check the FW outpost. Venture.



I raise my drink to Old Man Star before continuing to Heydelies. Checked central to see an Algos, Maulus and a Tristan together. Pass. Onto Fliet.

Condor in the small. I'll take it. I warp in and he just warps out. It is what it is. Multiple gangs were being reported in Pynekastoh and Tama; which honestly is no surprise. A Russian FW gang and Eve University. Damn students.

Then I went for the Atron at the other open plex.

Not sure but I think he was distracted by the other loot cans laying around in this plex. I lock him up and began firing and land my scram on him.


In Nagamanen, I land at a Faction Warfare plex containing a Retribution and a Punisher. I watched for a moment on dscan and thought about it a bit - when  an Enyo was landing on me at 0. Time to bail!!!

I got to Hysera, but everything was a bit out of my league, couple T3's, a Harpy.

To Oto!

Oto was empty. I decided to scrap my idea to go up to Tannolen; just too many gangs about. In Fliet there was an Atron on scan at a plex.

Yep. He was inside. I take gate. He was a long ways from the warp in, about 60 kilometers or so. He started moving towards me, and I to him.

He tipped his hand to me; lighting his MWD. I check his guns, rails. I let him get closer, preheating my own microwarpdrive. Then suddenly I launch forward, 6000+ meters a second and land my scram and my guns and rockets blazing. READ EM' AND WEEP:


Sweet. 101 million ISK pod is a nice catch. Time for a cigar.

In Heydelies I spot 2 neutral pilots and Sem Skord. Threw him a wave in alliance chat. I went inside Abune.

A Legion! And a Loki!

I DO NOT have a warm and fuzzy about this here situation. I burned back to gate to Heydelies, and jumped to Indregulle and warped central. That's when it happened:

Sem Skord reports having point on an Armageddon in Old Man Star. (I know right? This is an obvious trap, but I don't care I am gonna help a buddy out) 2 jumps I said.

xxMACKxx also heard the call, he was also roaming around the same area and was on his way.

Go Rifter go!

Just as I was jumping into Old Man Star, the Armageddon was able to warp away. Weird situation really. Warp Core Stabs? Don't matter let's see where he went; I check central.

I see him at the Old Man Star V cluster. Between the two belts, I went to belt 2, and he was not there. I point my directional scanner at belt 1: Armageddon.

I went in for point and got it, also tried bumped him with my Rifter, but it didn't look to budge. I was typing in 2 channels to make sure Sem knew where to go, and talking on comms and watching to make sure I stay alive. xxMACKxx with secondary point.

It was a done deal.


Nevermind it was a 2014 character in a battleship. I am just simply ecstatic, stoked, IMPRESSED with these new Dragons we got coming in. What kind of crazy pilot fights a Battleship in Old Man Star in a Rifter and then figures out what to do next? And all Rifters that pounded on that; love it!! OLD SCHOOL!!!

Excuse me while I go PUNCH AND KICK THE AIR

That was awesome, I talked to Sem after the fight, asked him if he had the good fight shakes! Of course he did too, I certainly do, and it's well worth the price of subscription!

On my way home I noticed my wallet flashing; did I have a contract fail?

R1FTA oldhead 3D Horrorshow deposited 100 million into my account! 3D approves!!!! \o/

Until next time and thanks for reading o/