Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tonight the Monkey Dies

I log in, I wave, I went back to Adirain and threw some drugs in my Rifter.

Set destination Aset. It was reported that an Omen and a Brutix were in Onne doing a mission or something but I didn't really think about it; till I got to Vitrauze.

I sat cloaked, watching the Omen warp to Vitrauze V. Of course I go to my core safe and watch what happens from there. I report that they are probably pos'ed up, but going in for a closer look. They are at a belt! With drones out!

I watched on my directional scanner and reported my findings. I notice a rat wreck on scan. We may not have much time. Then the drones were pulled in. I'm going in, if we are gonna catch them, I felt it needed to happen NOW. The beacon is lit.

Adirainians know a tire fire means there is trouble and I am already in warp to a Brutix and an Omen. I call out point and I don't even think the fleet was in position yet but they were on their way. I needed to stay alive. Just overheating what I can and trying to keep a tight orbit. Realizing I am not going to last, I ate all my drugs - Crash, Exile and Sooth Sayer. Fuck it, it's Saturday, and I died like a rockstar!


I loitered a bit and watch on scan, exchanging a gf in local.


Before I could get going again I had to reship in Adirain to another Rifter, same one as the one above. I was going to meet Yrrek Scatoma and Ishton Crendraven in Aeschee for some loot when another potential target was reported. A Navy Issue Armagaddeon, warping Lisbataenne.

I met it in Lisbataenne on the gate, I shoot, warp off a celestial while a fleetmate held point taking gatefire. I warp back and grab point with my Rifter while the rest of the fleet showed up. IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Armageddon Navy Issue

Later, a site a fleetmate was babysitting potentially had a Proteus returning to it, which it did.

Not a bad night at all!


After seeing this elite cruiser wreck, and noticing two more elite frigate wrecks in Vitrauze, I played garbage man and reshipped to my exploration Cheetah and picked up the salvage from 3 wrecks for like 12 million ISK in loot. Not bad!

I blog too much. Goodnight! o/


PS Armageddon Navy was empty, no fitted modules. Presuming it was just purchased with LP. Will update once killmail shows. 

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