Friday, March 28, 2014

Tire Fire in Derelik

Late last night I talked to the old Boss about flying Daredevils. It's kind of got my interest, or maybe I been around Serpentis rats too long! I think it's a sexy looking hull and that is how it starts!  On another note, I'd also like to say it's hard to beat yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed my roam in Solitude.

I stared at the market screen a few times over the last week or so and finally decided I gotta at least say I've been in one. Maybe test drive one.

Made a quick buzz up to Couster in Essence and I overpaid a bit but there wasn't many for sale around so I dealt with it. It was the last one on the lot and after seeing it in person I had to have it.

After getting it back home I couldn't help but dream about it - Blasters? Rails? What rigs? Do I use fancy modules? Wow it does 424 DPS with OH.. What could I fight with it? My mind raced with how to set it up, and I kept spinning around in station checking it out. I looked at the owner's manual to see that it's only 34 days for me to hit ISIS Mastery V with it.

I did it with my first love, the Rifter.

This will be by far my most costly lossmail to date, looking forward to my next wormhole to nowhere or itch to go somewhere new.

You know what that means. The beacon is lit. Trouble is somewhere.

(Play as you read if you like.)

On his way home from a null roam, xxMACKxx reports a mining operation underway at Uplingur, Derelik. A Retriever, a Procurer, Hurricane Fleet Issue, and a Hurricane. It was only 20 jumps for me, let's go!

Sem and I rode our Rifters from Adirain. We'll figure out after we get point if it's enough to take them down.

Lucas Padecain, fellow R1DER director and Road Captain could see the fire from Eugales. We would meet in Uplingur.

We also had a bar patron on the way. Makalie. R1DER fleet composition: Proteus, three Rifters and a Slicer.

Had to go through Egghelende from highsec. The gate was clear, good. Onto Uplingur.

Ahh Derelik. There isn't much here, the Ammatar own much of the space around here. Minmatar by origin but I don't care for that tribe. Collaborators are what they are. They should be hung and shot.

Didn't have to wait long for the rest of the crew to gather. We undock and meet on the gate; still gotta make sure our targets are still there doing their thing.

We've gathered. Like a pack of wolves, we jump and land at the belt they were at, Uplingur IV, belt one. Our primary target, the Hurricane Fleet Issue was at zero!

Multiple points landed. xxMACKxx got his point on the other Hurricane. My Rifter was their fleet's primary. My shields were holding but there was enough T1 drones to be a slight problem. Time for some serious barrel rolls and high speed split S's, I think we might have even executed a few dangerous thatch weaves to shake those drones!

The Hurricane Fleet Issue entered structure, and pop!

Hurricane Fleet Issue

Both the Procurer and the Retriever had warped off at this point and we had switched to the other Hurricane, quickly dispatching him.


I went back to the Hurricane Fleet Issue wreck and discovered there was an estimated 192,000,000 ISK in the container. I swiped what I could and brought it to the first station. Lucas had found where the Procurer had fled. At the sun at zero. I dropped the loot off and got back in time to whore \o/


I gave the guys their share and put up my biggest collateral courier contract to date for Uplingur to Rens. Would be nicer to have it fail! If it don't, I think I can range Rens from lowsec somewhere with my trade skills.

All in all - successful heist and another good find by xxMACKxx!




  1. Sure was a great way to log on last night! Much kudos to xxMACKxx for finding them and going on the (frigate) batphone.

    1. That contract was done fast! Everything was easy to sell.