Saturday, March 22, 2014

Think Outside the Bun


Local Adirain was busy, I spot Dilum and Miss Carry in local chat and I fitted a Rifter up as fast as I could to intercept. The first fit I chose had 150's, and a vamp in the highs and I swapped for 200's and a rocket launcher. Scrambling my rockets and getting this increasingly annoying reality TV crew aboard my Rifter and undocked. (No drugs today) I warped to the sun but they had already gone. I jump to Aeschee.

Damn they weren't here either. I had to choose between 4 systems they could have gone; I thought towards Hevrice the best choice so I went to Jovainnon. And there they were.

[21:36:31] Miss Carry > Brink Albosa \o/
[21:36:46] Brink Albosa > o/

I bounced around the celestials hitting 'dscan' trying to get my bearings, where are they, what are they in? Are they together? These space samurai's normally fly alone. Police Comet somewhere, Enyo at the small. I warp in and midwarp the Enyo was off scan. I take gate and wait inside.

The enyo was back on short scan - 1,000,000 kilometers. It was a staredown. I needed a song from a western pronto.

[21:41:25] Miss Carry > i will not interfere with whatever you two are doing there :)
[21:42:16] Brink Albosa >
[21:42:17] Dilium >

(that was weird!) XD

[21:42:22] Brink Albosa > haha
[21:42:26] Dilium > lol
[21:42:32] Brink Albosa > wp

We stared each other down from our directional scanners. I was quickly studying the resists of an Enyo.. I am not good at Eve so I thought EMP would be the way to go. I don't know if that's right or not but I switched, a blind squirrel like me can find a nut once in a while.

After a while the Enyo was off short scan, and Dilum left local. Where is that Comet? Where is Miss Carry?

[21:45:15] Miss Carry > wont fight you, brink :)
[21:45:21] Brink Albosa > aww
[21:45:44] Miss Carry > btw
[21:45:48] Miss Carry > nice kill on the copcar
[21:46:31] Brink Albosa > Me?
[21:46:36] Miss Carry > yeah

I'm trying to think of when I killed a cop car; but I think I took her too literally, she meant my fight in Ishomilken the other day, that was a good one! But not a police one.

God's Apples appeared in local. I'm like 0-6 against him all time and he was in a Slicer. (-1 Miss Carry in local) I am not sure of my odds against that and I know he'd be too smart for me so I moved along to Hevrice.

Bounced around, Tristan and a Talwar were about; I still kinda wanted to fight Carry but at the same time .. it is too soon :) God's Apple's in local Hevrice; I'm gonna put some distance from that guy!

Meutralle, Costolle, and Melmaniel. Private chat from Miss Carry:

She says a Tristan in the plex, we should take it together. I had to wait till I was out of warp to head in but I agreed. She was the first one inside the plex.

I land and I take gate, unsure of how things are going in there, I am in a plated AB Rifter, I was hoping they didn't have some high speed chase in there and were like.. thirty kilometers away. Instead he was at 0 on the warpin.'

Miss Carry had him most of the way already and I just got the last couple volleys to finish the job.


I loitered around in the plex after the fight.

A few people were passing through Melmaniel but nothing happened for the next few minutes. Suddenly a small spike in local; maybe 3-6 pilots total. Had a Daredevil on scan; suddenly a Daredevil on short. Carry said to get out, but I was already bouncing :)

Chatted with Miss Carry for a bit. Was nice to catch up! She shared me this link and I thought it was pretty good!

Decided to dock here for now, and as the title of this post suggests; the Albosa's are thinking outside the bun. (Taco Bell) Thanks for reading, o7


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  1. Great stuff again! You've got the knack for this blogging lark, Mr. Albosa.