Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Poor Man's Titan Bridge

Enough loafing around around Adirain!! 

Destination: Toustain, Solitude. I made final preparations to my Rifter, fitted the Anxiir's 200mm Deathtrap way. 

Threw a six pack of Quafe in, a handful of drugs, and some tobacco. Gotta have my smokes for what could be a long road trip, just want to be ready. Of course; I can't forget the camera crew either..

I jump to Aeschee; but it's not a 57 jump roam like you think!

One of the gorgon twins found a WH direct to Solitude! Lucky me!

See ya later Lower Peccanouette o/

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever set my capsuleer eyes on Solitude. Not much was happening in Toustain. 

Definitely an unexplored region for yours truly.

Much better! I went one jump to waypoint one.

It gets pretty serious when I open MS Paint and show you guys what I have in mind...

After one jump through a highsec island and getting slapped on the wrist by the local Gallente sheriff for having drugs, I jumped into Ratillose. Man they have good cargo scanners, even for way out here. They'll probably talk about that in Ondree for a while! Backwater dump!

Spot a Venture on scan right away! I look around in central and I couldn't find him at any warpable or celestial object. Had to assume he was safed and moved along.

In Vevelonel; I see a Loki on dscan. Sarah Kerriganz of Brave Collective if I remember right. She was the only one in local. Sure why not? I'd shoot at it if I could find it. There's only been 3 Frigate God's in R1FTA's history..

Solitude so far has been accurately named. When I got to Helvene, it was the first system that had more than one other person in it, had 7 to be exact, and one with a criminal timer. Pressed the button that gets my damage control teams to their positions. Condition yellow.

I reached waypoint 3; and realized I missed waypoint 2! There was nothing here so I just moved along, back along the pipe one jump where I came from to waypoint two.

This dead end system contained Sarah Kerriganz from before, this time in a Rapier! I scattered off the gate towards central. This is not good I don't wanna have my trip ended prematurely! Having 7 people in a system nearby and her in a Rapier my instincts were to flee, I warped and jumped back through and tried to put some distance on this area. To waypoint 4!

Small galaxy; I spot Fazarion in local and give him a o/ in the Bar. I jump through the next system and spot Akaraman at the gate in his Thorax. Waved to him too; it's like Aeschee local transplanted out here today lol

I kind of like the scenery around Solitude; but it's no Aridia or Molden Heath. I admit I think Aridia is my favorite so far to look at.

Other than seeing some core scanner probes on directional scan; and assuming a cloaky something to go with it, there wasn't anything in waypoint four. I made my way to my final waypoint five.

On the way, in Yveve, I spot a Rupture on directional scan. Of course I must investigate! It's towards the cluster with like 9 belts! 

Seriously it was like the last belt I scan and there he was with a rat wreck. TIME TO AVENGE THE DEAD SERPENTIS!! I warped in at 0 but he was forty kilometers away, he gathered his drones and warped to my outgate.

I spotted a sort of underwater looking effect on his hull. I think that means he is shield fit. Perhaps set up to tank Serpentis rats? Whatever, I yellowboxed him, and unlocked twice. Got some intel from Akaraman that he was stabbed anyway, the guys had taken a poke at him already so I jumped through this gate to Conomette. Of course I had been relaying my findings back in the bar. :)

At last, I reach waypoint five. 5-6 pilots in local, but nothing on scan. I warp to the only station on scan and burn directly upwards. Figured I could enjoy the scenery a bit before heading home to Essence.

Akaraman let me know they were back in Essence. I was officially in Solitude. (See what I did?? Courtesy laugh!!) He had a nice Thorax 1v1 out here so his hunt was done.

Suddenly a Caracal on scan.

He warped to me, 150 kilometers off. He warped back to station. Fun; I like to play cat and mouse! I warped to a nearby asteroid belt and burnt straight up. Now a Condor too!

Condor. I spot Light Missile Launchers. Wait, am I sure? I look at my rockets. Yes! Assuming a cookie LML Condor. Bouncing around celestials and the Condor and Caracal were giving chase. Met the Condor on my only outgate, back the way I came. I jump through, he follows. 

I burnt back to gate and let him aggro me. He tipped his hand again, microwarpdrive, longpoint. I lit a cigarette and jumped back.

Caracal was landing at the gate as I warp back to central. I loiter a bit for the Condor to come back and then I shot through my outgate and made a bit of distance. Can I refit to fight the Condor?

Looked quick at the market; I can buy a 1MN Microwarpdrive II at Ogaria, Elora has an overdrive; screw it I am doing it. I bought a full fit of stuff from 6 different stations across 15 jumps throughout Solitude.

I went and picked up my items from Elora and Ogaria. Looking at my waypoints and assets screen, I realize I have to go one jump through nullsec Syndicate. Great.

I'm committed now. I refit my Rifter with what I had and burned with best speed after picking up stuff in Heluere. Just had to go through nullsec, and then three more stations.

There was plenty of people in Y9G-KS. I bounced off the fifth planet and crossed my fingers the orphan gate was clear. It was.

Ahh.. friendly lowsec again. Took one jump to highsec and grabbed the rest of my things. My Rifter refit was finally complete. My cargohold looked like a nice loot pinata too I might add.

That moment. 

It was time to go back to waypoint five.

Jumped straight through that null system. Jump - jump - jump. 

They were there :)

I went back to where I first met the Condor. Burnt straight up, and then aligned to my outgate. Condor on scan. Crow on scan now too..

My heart was already pumping. He was too far to get a good look at. I let him get closer, he was burning at a weird speed; a little over 1,000 m/s. What if he also refit?


I warp to the planet the outgate orbits.

The Condor and the Crow warped to my gate. Crow pilot left local and saw it disappear on dscan. I believe it was that Caracal pilot from before. I aligned to my outgate. Condor on grid with me, 50 kilometers away. 50 kilometers is well within skirmish range for a Condor. I ate my pills; except my Exile which would do nothing for me in this situation, I wish I had brought Drop.. I let him agress, I let his counterclockwise orbit get to about my 3 o'clock, he was 17 kilometers from me, his light missiles were hitting and I was pointed. 


I launch forward and get my scram on him, overheating my top rack as well!!!! 


He was a bit tankier than I expected. It was taking longer than I thought!! +1!! I waited a second longer, he entered structure; I started to align to ANYTHING

Crow on grid!! THE CONDOR EXPLODES!!! Crow agresses!!

Aura: "Warp Drive Active"


I need another cigarette!!

[ 2014.03.26 21:22:02 ] neofa008 > well, i don't get why even with my overheat you got faster
[ 2014.03.26 21:22:06 ] neofa008 > gf i guess
[ 2014.03.26 21:22:08 ] Brink Albosa > gf

As soon as my timer expired, I got the fuck out of there. I somehow left my afterburner behind in Ogaria, so I set that as my destination.

It couldn't wait. Started drinking already.

I got to Ogaria and tossed the keys to the first mechanic I saw. I'm getting wasted. The crew deserves shore leave! 

Better not stay too long or my poor man's titan bridge won't work anymore!