Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Grey

No blog yesterday!

I was too engrossed in what Ripard Teg had going on over at his blog. As a player who lives in that 'grey area' of Eve Online; who laughs at the rage mails I get from failed courier contractors, pods you without thinking twice (most days) and gets a good laugh at many villainous things in highsec; I agree with his post.

Even in the grey area of the game, there seem to be black and white issues among even pirates. I could waste a whole post on it but I won't. I've got no respect for Erotica 1, I thought minerbumping was cute for like two weeks, and it's the same old highsec warrior trash talk it's been for years. I don't like 'player word' permit scams either but that's just me. I simply won't do them and that's that. No glory in it.

All in all - it just don't sit right with me! That's why I live in honest lowsec, we all know why we are here. Now an abridged version of yesterday's events:

With the absence of our regular TESF roam, we decided to instead have an impromptu null roam. Sounded good! The guys killed a Sabre. I was scout so I was already a couple jumps ahead. I think for a few guys this was their first null roam.

Sabre (Will update, zkill is in refugee mode to another server)

We stopped a few jumps later for a short break. At the ship hangar, I spot a bar. Stopped for a few shots. In case you don't know, whenever the Intaki Syndicate are involved, it's suddenly the best place in the galaxy to get whatever illicit goods you want; boosters, narcotics, alcohol.

We loitered around in this dead end pocket a while looking for an easy prey. There wasn't anything so we started to make our way back and I spotted a Drake. Something smelled. Merk reconnected after solving some internet connection issues to see that a gang has formed on our only way out.

We formed on this station before setting off and making a mad dash for it.

Aaaand we were hilariously whelped after spending probably a little too much time in a dead end pipe. I enjoyed the roam anyway! :) Somehow I survived, I blame it on being the only one who packed an interceptor. I feel like I learn a ton more each time I go to null sec; what works, what doesn't. I am trying to formulate a *CLASSIFIED*

Speeding through gate to gate for lowsec, I let some guys in frigates waiting on my in-gate know there was a V.e.g.A gang behind me. Good deed done!

Now time for some bad deeds!

In Barlequet, I caught a lone ratting Hurricane, so I helped the rats. Fortunately for the Hurricane pilot, his friends in a Caracal and a Rupture showed up and I had to flee just before the Hurricane entered structure.

I got back to Adirain without incident.

She issued a challenge to those in our alliance to kill something with a Heavy Assault Missile fitted Rifter. Since I'm a scrub and I can't fit HAM's, I put a medium autocannon on instead:

I roamed all the way to Eugales and back to find that everyone was pvp fit for once? Where are the farmers? I'm not even going to complain! I did get to fight with it though:

Neon Meatdream in a microwarpdrive + TD Rifter. Interesting, I've heard of Rifterlings that use a similar fit. Good on Legio x Latro to be out doing some pvp.


Roamed to Ishomilken, and nothing happened. Turned around and roamed to northwestern Black Rise found an Atron along the way.

I warp into Pirate Machine's plex, microwarpdrive Atron. I manually burned to my left. Both of us with our microwarpdrives on, burning parallel with one another towards the sun, it was like two dogs, sniffing butts. (lol) I changed my angle and overheated.


Few jumps later I see a former R1FTA Spike Lightning in local! And a Condor in a plex. What if it's a showdown between me and Spike?

Condor pilot was someone I haven't seen yet. Light missile, TD, microwarp drive. I hit approach.


I got up into Korasen, Okagaiken area, lots of stabbed farmers. Turned around and headed for Lisbataenne to meet Remi for *CLASSIFIED*

And for my favorite fight in a while, found it on the way home:

I warp into a Condor in Akidagi, and he was at 0! I knew what was in store for me, rockets, neuts, scram. This turned into a gritty blow-for-blow Condor vs. Rifter fight. His shield tank was strong, so was mine; I'm hoping that's because he guessed I was an active repping Rifter with a plate. :)


He got away with 2% structure!! I LOVE FIGHTS THAT ARE SO CLOSE!! Good fight, Zerkova Bluecrown of Moira.! o7


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