Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday School and *DECLASSIFIED*

Had a Sunday cruise and lunch with Nora in Aeschee, after a day going shopping at Uncle Earl's Gun's n' Banjos.

Taking a Sunday cruise in my new Daredevil with the wife, when suddenly...

Dat fire. THE BEACON IS LIT!!!

Fellow jacket Gavin2505 has tackle on a Tengu in a belt!! Told Nora I would be right back. Jumped in my Daredevil and rushed out the dock!!

Jumped into Adirain and warped to the belt that he was at, unsure of what I could be possibly landing into. Lots of regulars from the bar had volunteered to come out, they can barely even walk, so let's plug their intoxicated brains into spaceships.

Pirates, adventurers, scalliwags, and couriers alike united together under one flag to remove this Tengu from local!

Saint Lucifer > fuck
Saint Lucifer > gf
Saint Lucifer > enjoy that loot
Brink Albosa > gf
Saint Lucifer > Awarmingcoat an I won't forget that...til we meet again
Gavin2505 > gf
Lizzy Stride > What did Coat do? lol
Awarmingcoat > Saint Lucifer u fucking sladnering piece of shuit
Awarmingcoat > uir donme



The loot fairy says: "YEAH BITCH!!!" It pays to be in the right place at the right time! Also how cool is Gavin? He split loot with everyone involved and I made a cool 365,300,000 ISK! YEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!

Wait a second, Lizzy is right, why was that guy so mad at Coatsie? Red hair? Dem cheeks? haha

Picked up Nora and went back to Adirain. Had to chill for a moment.. Dat Tengu.. da money!

What to do now? I got into my Citadel Edition Gallente Shuttle and tuned around to different pirate frequencies to see who was out there..

Well well! What could these two be up to?

"Hey guys!"

Silence, perhaps reluctance. I apologized for intruding (and inviting myself to whatever they were doing in highsec) but apparently they were in some kind of Samurai Sunday School. They invited me to come out to Verge Vendor, only like 4 or 5 jumps from where I live.

After arriving I was handed a pocket bible by a really old guy: "The Book of Atrons"

hm. Intriguing!

I leafed through it real quick, with my Reading Comprehension I skills. I read something about a plague of Catalysts... Samurais practicing with sticks..

  "When not on a military campaign, a samurai would spend most of his time developing his fighting skills."

blah blah blah

  "In order to control his energy, the samurai would perform a repetitive sequence of moves called gankcata, slowly at first to perfect the technique, then building up speed to increase their lethal power."

A gankcata.. mmk.. I undock. Sounds cool.

Met up with 'Crat and Miss Carry and they gave me a Catalyst as the monks searched for our 'test.'

Of course I didn't read the whole story. I just got in my plague ship or whatever and followed the "screamers" a couple jumps to a Skiff:


Alright. Turns out those Skiffs can have battleship sized shields on them! My fellow Samurai were not impressed with such poor discipline on my part! Back to my studies!

  "Gankcata moves are built around attack, defense, and counterattack strategies. The tank breaking method, called overheating, involved swinging antimatter over and over again at a mining barge or exhumer."

I said, "We call those highsec ganks!" I could feel both Reciprocrat and Miss Carry glaring at me through the smoke rising from all the incense. I then kept quiet, as the monks searched for another suitable test. :o

Next time I will just keep my mouth shut and just try to fly under the radar! Focus!

We were off again, flying in a tight formation. Evading the police, holding cloak and moving together. The target!


So That is a .. gankcata. 15 more minutes of silent meditation..


Another lesson in Bushido: podding. Not a bad one either!

The monks wanted one more last and final test. Our gankcata has greatly improved in both speed and accuracy.


Even Samurai's like Reciprocrat and Miss Carry need rest. They called it a night after that last one. Quite fascinating to try out another corporations culture even for just an afternoon! Very enlightening!

I got back into my Citadel Edition Gallente Shuttle to see an urgent message from *CLASSIFIED*

I entered the secret code. *DECLASSIFIED*

Whoa. I haven't seen this in years!

Lucas had found my favorite kind of wormhole. A direct to null from Adirain!

Rallied the troops for a R1DER Special Operations Division roam through nullsec. The Filthy Few are myself, Lucas, Nora, xxMACKxx, and Rakolo. Got my smokes n' my drugs, bringing some whiskey along too; could be a long one.

Bye Adirain! We will be back soon. Just as I was leaving I had some courier business come up. How do they know when I am busy? Just leave the package at Brink's.

Lovely Perrigen Falls.  NO TRESPASSING  I fixed the sign I saw on our way to the first waypoint. They can't tell me what to do.. they rent.

Blue space is neat to look at. The Filthy Few made their way along Lucas' planned waypoints.

I have been near here lately! (Malpais) Honestly I don't recall why I was in Perrigen Falls before. 

I love seeing Rifters! 

How vast is this galaxy? I never go out this far. It's interesting to see the world.

We had a Velator following us the last jump or two so when we got to our next outgate, which was bubbled, we met.

That guy had a cyno. Are we being hunted? Am I being paranoid?

These bubbles are manageable. Not like that craphole Malpais. Kept making our way down the pipe.

I have fond memories of Insmother. It was the first wormhole Merk and I took on  a crazy long interceptor roam last January. I sort of tested the .. storytelling / blogwriting waters when I did my report. Merk and I tried to do a full lap around nullsec; made it about 3/4 of the way around before calling it a day. I suppose the seeds were planted here in this dumpy region!

Rakolo Skor knew some guys here in Insmother and wanted to see if they would be in their home system. I guess they weren't but when we decided to go home..

A couple of miners we had passed and missed on when we came through the first time had come back. I decided to check the nearby ore site to see if they were there.

Indeed they were!! I caught one of the miners, and the fleet gathered on my position and we brought him down. Lucas caught a holoreel of the whole event:


After the fight we returned to our wormhole that goes back to Essence. Not sure what the fuck that guy was crying about in regards to that Noctis. Was kind of funny anyway lol

You can see sunny Adirain from Perrigen Falls!

Had to make sure the entire crew of THE FILTHY FEW made it back through. Was a good roam.

Sorry for the length! Thanks for reading o7


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