Monday, March 10, 2014

R1FTA Enthusiast

I'm not very good at words but I thought to give this bloggin' thing a try:

I've been in the Black Rebel Rifter Club for a long time. I remember the "good old days" as a time where the rebels lived in Heild, Molden Heath. It was before we were an alliance, and we had this sort of 'cult' following on various blogs and in game. Our CEO was a pretty big deal, we had membership that could do insane things like solo T3's in a Rifter. Fights were everywhere and it was very rare to do the loop in Molden Heath without blowing something up. (Yourself or someone else)

As far as I know, nothing has changed. Individual players leave for different reasons, maybe they outgrow their T1 frigates and want to do more cruiser pvp. Perhaps real life wardecs them and they take a permanent leave from the game. We are now on our 5th CEO and who knows how many directors exactly.

Miura Bull's R1FTA was a dynasty. I love hockey! Incoming sports analogies!

To let you into my delusional Eve Online brain; I like to think of walking into R1DER's public channel The Autocannon and seeing the jackets of the greats that have flown with us over the last few years. There are many corporate awards that got their names during MB's time. Check out his blog Brutor Bullfighter and read it cover-to-cover, I've done it twice; it's great!

The Devil's Tattoo was created and I remember that later on, we had our first real exodus. Lots of players left for other places in the game. Some players are like a keystone and friends go with them. Just the way it is. We had our first rebuild, a new CEO and lots of regulars like myself that stuck around for that rebuild.

The next dynasty is often built through the draft. The Devil's Tattoo has only two corporations; the Black Rebel Rifter Club and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. For most people to get into R1FTA, they gotta go through the Society. It's a place for us to get to know you and for prospective R1FTA's to learn their trade. 

First impressions last the longest. Throw a nicely written application in with 3 lossmails in lowsec already and you're well on your way. We are recruiting!

We've had some recent changes, and they made me a R1DER director. I was never a solo elitist or a Pyfa genius; only the 'plumber joe' or 'denim dan.' I won't make any changes to our core ethos or beliefs. I'm looking to rebuild and refill our prospect pool. Because who knows; someday even I may leave R1FTA and I hope to leave it so that the legacy, the legend can continue.

We are the Rebels.