Thursday, March 20, 2014

Okay so I went to Faction Warfare space

Over on Lucas Padecain's blog - Point Blank Diplomacy he has a series going on about going back to basics. Listing different hulls to try out and posting about his results with each. I swiped his Incursus fit to try on my own roam. For myself this is definitely going back to basics, I have no idea how to fly one of these.

Sigh, the usual roam to Agoze can yield some results. Jovainnon, Hevrice, Costolle, Oulletta, and Loes are all good places to find a fight - sometimes you have to catch one. Farmers don't wanna be caught and packing extra scrams you can get the ones that didn't click cloak fast enough or are simply afk. Elite pvp. 

Earlier today I got owned by an instalocking Thrasher gang so I didn't want to go much further north than Vlillerier. I like roaming to Agoze for the pocket it has - Intaki - Brarel - and Annancale. I'm a little wary of fights in Agoze, it's a linky dump.

In Brarel, I had a Vexor on scan and the only other person was very young, so I thought I would wait and see what happens next. I spotted some NPC wrecks at a belt but it wasn't long for the Vexor to dock up. I waited around for about 5 minutes, warping to different celestials for scans but he never appeared on scan.

Like I said before, wasn't too interested in going further north so I set destination next for Ladistier. I went from Agoze down the pipe to Indregulle and through Heydelies, Old Man Star, and finally Ladistier. I found a Rifter and a Tristan on scan at a small complex. Do I do it? Of course!

Mid warp, I realize that there is a Black Dragon Fighting Society member - Sem Skord in local; I kind of assumed that it was him as the Rifter. I took gate and land with the Tristan.

Mikkel Maulerant was the Tristan pilot. I locked him up and he was already in structure, I just had to finish him off and avenge Sem Skord. A few seconds later, (which felt like an eternity) I land my scram on him and it was just a volley or two to finish the job

Grabbed loot from both wrecks, Mikkel and Sem's. Went back to Adirain to drop off loot, and give Sem his stuff back. Good to see the Dragons getting out there and doing work. 

I roamed back over to Heydelies, up to Oinisaken and then all the way to Ishomilken; scaring away a few farming T1 frigates along the way.

Made it to Ishomilken. Had a Punisher, an Atron and a Comet on scan. Spooked away the Atron. Should I go for the Comet?

Tali Lyrae. We met in one of the plexes. As soon as I land I locked her up and begin firing away! We exchanged blows and I kept my distance as the fight went on; careful not to overshoot myself and lose point. It can be a bit tricky. She also had a neut fitted so more reason to keep my distance from her. My repper wouldn't last at all if that neut could do it's job.

I scooped loot and dropped it off in station, hit the repair station, and undocked as soon as possible. 

Atron and Punisher still on scan. I warped to the plex the Atron was at and it was gone. Warp to the plex with the Punisher, it was gone too. Back and forth between the two I went; especially the Atron. For some reason I kept going to near where he warped to, like the same plex or the same planetary cluster. Obvious farmers. 

It was kinda getting late and my brain was quite scattered now between voice comms, all the chat channels and still feeling high from that last engagement I kinda zoned out in my safe and eventually a player (assuming it's the Atron pilot) started talking to me in local. We went back and forth for a while. At first my Google Translate screwed up and translated a phrase he had said into Ukrainian, so I sent my first few phrases back in Ukrainian. After a bit of confusion, I figured out he was actually a Russian player. Talked about the weather, sports, where he was from, where I'm from; interesting stuff. I linked him a wikipedia page about the region he was from and I linked one from where I am from. He told me in Russian he can't look because I will come after him. I assured him I had given up. He don't think he believed me..

That encounter with the Russian is one of my favorite parts about this game. You can meet people from all over. So worldly!

Another Comet appeared on dscan named ♥ 

He was an older player. I checked the market for some Drop and some Exile. Nearby Uuna had each for outrageous prices. They had it and I thought I needed it so I grabbed them off the market and went to that station to pick it up, and then head back for Ishomilken. Pilot still there. Same Large plex. I swallow da pills.

Dibbley Irvam in his Comet. He was not on the warp in but moving at MWD speeds in what looked like an orbit. I started by aligning to the sun. I lock him up and start firing. He was about 20-22 kilometers from me, I stopped shooting to reload into Spike to see if that would make a difference. I flip my Afterburner on and try little tricks and barrel rolls to see if I can break his orbit on me, got to within 19 the first time, 14 the second; and finally I caught him, web + scram. But he was hitting me harder! Blasters? MWD? How do I play the game? I try to pull range but the deed was done. 

Exchanged gf's in local. The fight came down to that last volley. When I caught him I shouldn't have let myself get so close; his Blasters tore my ship up beyond what it could repair. Anyway, I feel good about both fights against the Comets, and I think this Incursus is mean! Definitely happy to got a couple good fights in Ishomilken! I bought an overpriced shuttle for 999,990 ISK in Uuna. (I hate rookie ships) I also linked my lossmail for my Russian farmer friend. )))

This Gallente Shuttle I thought I overpaid for will get me and the surviving crew of my Incursus home in style with a Bose 9 speaker system, leather seats and wrapped controls, brushed aluminum and mahogany, WiFi, a humidor and a power moonroof. The Citadel Package

I mean, tomorrow it will get me home, thanks for reading! Goodnight


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