Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Faction Warfare today

My first day "back" from an Eve spiritual vacation was gonna be different. Not my usual roam to Aset, Eugales, or Heydeiles. I didn't want to sit in Adirain. You ever get in those moods where a 100+ jump roam sounds good, and at the same time some seriously good music was pumping out of Trisk's Warehouse.

 I picked some dead end pockets near me in Heimatar. Auren - empty. Eifer - empty.

Yeah.. it was mostly empty as I darted around this little lowsec roam. Had to burn one jump through a highsec island to reach Hedgiviter "Head giver?" O.O which was also empty.

Had to safe up real fast in Head Giver for some real life things. Wasn't five or ten minutes and I needed to come up with what I want to do today.. my cargo was still full of Mobile Depot. I decided to resupply in Avenod again!

On my way from Head Giver to Avenod, I spotted a Vexor on dscan in Hrondmund, towards a planetary cluster with no station and one belt. I warped in at 0 to investigate.

kentlarquis Jakvard was his name. As I was warping to the belt I checked him out. He was born in December last year. As I land I didn't see him on my overview, not on short 360, switched back to longrange 5 degree scan and he was at another planetary cluster with a lone belt. Warped in..



I ripped through his shields in seconds. His drones were not out... at first. Suddenly I was webbed and scrammed. His drones started tearing through my shields just as fast, his repper was taking my incoming DPS. Suddenly I had to get out. Too many drones, too much damage. I was able to pull range and warp to the first thing I was spamming my warp button on. Exchanged gf's as I sat in a safe repping my armor damage.

My Rifter took some damage this time. Only had about 30% structure remaining. I needed to make an emergency pitstop. Luckily for me the next system - Hrondedir had a Gallente station with a repair facility. Whatever the cost I needed it.

I just burned to Avenod gate to gate, at my best speed. Realizing I was also low on thermal rockets, and nanite paste I was even more convinced now this would be a good time to stop. On my way I spotted an unnamed Executioner in Flosewin at a small outpost. I warped in to check it out, took gate, land on grid and the Executioner just Faction-Warfared off to a celestial with a station. Elite pvp.

Hello again, Avenod VII Moon 13. This time I needed more of the mentioned rockets, and nanite paste but I also wanted to carry some extra modules with me; after all I did have a Mobile Depot.

Check out this loot pinata:

I got some options now; because who knows right? I am determined to make use of this Mobile Depot thing. I realized it's been like a real life week since I had been home in Adirain, so I set that as my next waypoint. I've got some errands to do, some courier contracts to check on; the usual.

I got as far as Schoorasana to see that SCUM. was still in the area. That's not good for solo frigate pilots. I decided that another simulation was in order, because my outgate, Mormelot is one of those orphan ones I can't scan from anywhere. I also dropped most my extra modules and drug in the depot.

Made a Mormelot bounce bookmark; gate was clear. Returned to my depot and scooped everything. Warped to my bounce, checked the gate; still clear. Continued home without any incidents. (Probably sounds really risk averse but it was another practice run, I am normally not so cautious.)

At last, Adirain. Checked my mail, and a package I had been waiting for had arrived for my Wolf. Sweet. I also wanted to see what anomalies were out in Adirain, a nearly dead Wormhole to unknown space, and a relic site. No interest in either. Back in Avenod, I explored the idea of putting a T2 rig on my Rifter. It's lived this long so I might as well add to the lossmail value. :)

Aloha Adirain. Here is an update on what I am flying: (this is the same Rifter "Carry" I left Avenod on the 17th.)

Rocket Launcher II
200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II
200mm Autocannon II

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II
X5 Prototype Engine Enervator

Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates

Small Projectile Burst Aerator II
Small Auxilliary Nano Pump I

In my cargo I have a Neut, Vamp, a set of 150's, and a spare warp scram just incase I need to have a scramble strength of 4. I also grabbed a Sooth Sayer from my stash, from uncle Kane "The Underscore" Black.

I studied the map a while and decided I haven't been to Aridia in long enough. It's not Faction Warfare, So who knows. I set destination for Van, the first system in Aridia. 29 jumps from Adirain.

Flew through Essence, entered Sinq Laison, and about 3 jumps in I'm in Goinard and I spot an Imicus just sitting there on the Rhaegoscon gate.

Renard Estemoire. Very young. Must have been focused on finding those sites. As I lock him up and hit F1 and shoot, his Core Scanner Probes disappear and I tried to warp to a different celestial instead of the one I aligned to. I ALMOST HIT STRUCTURE! Well played Renard.

I warp back and he is still sitting there. Still hasn't moved. I burn to him and blap him away.

Tried to get his pod and I did it again somehow, tried warping to the wrong celestial.. almost died again. Some elite pvper I am! It's a curse putting fancy things on T1 Frigs isn't it? I went back to check his loot and I swiped the afterburner that dropped. Who knows maybe I will run into a fitting problem later.

The next.. several jumps nothing happened. Domain, Kador, Genesis. Genesis is a very old part of New Eden. 

As you can see, I haven't really done much in Aridia for much of my life. I am gonna look in all the pockets, dead ends, and maybe peek out in Fountain or Delve. (Should I have packed a MWD?)

Kinda pretty to look at! Docking up in Van, Aridia for now.


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