Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Faction Warfare today II


62 jumps from Starting location Van. Undock, and I am alone in system. I was alone for the next 3 jumps.

In a system called Zayi, there was 12 people in local and half of them were flashy with suspect timers. Mental note.

Waypoint one, empty, waypoint 2 empty.

Enroute to waypoint 3 however, I saw a Hurricane on scan. I believe it was either POS'ed up or sitting on station. I didn't wanna bother with it.

Waypoint 4, nothing. Only 40 jumps left. No action, only scenery!

The suspected blob with the timers was in Kamih local. As I was warping they disappeared off my local chat window. I had a dead end to look at in waypoint 5, which was empty. I ran into the blob again at Fihrneh. I wasn't on grid with them but I seemed to be going along the same pipe they were.

In Yiratal, I first noticed a Talos on scan. I wondered if it was part of that gang, but I wasn't entirely sure. (The timers have worn off) Figured out the Talos was on station. Then a Proteus undocked with it. I was watching from nearby on dscan.

I spent some time near waypoint 6. I got kind of excited because there was a Tristan on scan towards a planet with some asteroid belts so I quickly warped to something off scan from that, dropped a bookmark and set up my Mobile Depot. Leaving the extra equipment behind and heading back towards Pemsah V just to find out it was pos-trash. How unfortunate. I went back for the mobile depot and continued onto waypoint 6.

Next on my list was finally waypoint 6, also known as Yekh "YUCK." I land on gate with a Helios that had jumped through. I followed.

He burned back to gate very quickly, obviously had an mwd. Looks like I won't be catching this guy but for some reason I can't shake the feeling that I am now being hunted. I suspected he was a scout. I jumped back into Pemsah and jumped into Yrittal...

...into a Legion, Rupture, and ??? (I get some serious tunnel vision in these situations) Tried to warp off and it didn't work, they had me scrammed instantly. I overheated my afterburner and my repper, started running both as well as my damage control and burnt back to gate. I was able to escape!

The "X" is where I run into that gang. I was able to jump into Pemsah and I remembered that Feshur was an alternate route so I made the best speed I could. Jumped into Feshur and warped straight back to Yiratal...

 This gang of elite pvpers outfoxed me and easily destroyed the Carry and my empty pod.

They seemed to know the old trick going around that other system.. Also, sorry, just had to do one more post about this Rifter and I promise I am done bloggin' for a little while.. Took them long enough to pod me too they had to make sure everyone got on the killmail. Thanks to them though, it saved me a long trip back to Essence!

That is all for now, thanks for reading o/



  1. I worry I been posting too much.

    I keep going to zkillboard for my lossmail. I will update the blog immediately when it shows. Painted ships don't exist yet!