Monday, March 17, 2014

My first red Rifter

Today, I woke up in my shuttle after a weekend in Auner to read that a long time corpmate of mine, Miss Carry was leaving for Screaming Hayabusa.

I don't wanna gush too much but I've always admired Miss Carry. She was a 'heart and soul' jacket, the 99 Rifter Blowout, the numerous times she's bailed my ass out in Heild, the Placid campaign, and she could always win in a 1v1 against me. She's an oldhead, been in R1FTA a long time like me. (She knows stuff about me too but we won't go there) The Screaming Hayabusa keep plucking the good ones. And the way she can extract tears and beautifully, eloquently written tears in local and messages was really astounding.

Talked to her in corp chat as I wrote my goodbye's in the thread to find out there was a SCUM. gang in Kurnianen. Talking to Miss Carry and writing the goodbye, I couldn't find the right words without sounding all delusional or like some weirdo. My Spirit Conductor says I should keep that to my Rifter Blog. Well, those last moments she was in corp chat I was feeling wonky, I dunno I just get this way when a friend leaves R1FTA, I needed some spiritual cleansing so I wanted to set destination for Egbinger, Molden Heath and instead I typed Eugales. (See what I did there?)

I purchased a Rifter in Avenod, my first Krusual Edition Rifter. Sorta had to make do with what was available, but this worked:

Rocket Launcher II
150mm Autocannon II
150mm Autocannon II
150mm Autocannon II

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II
X5 Engine Enervator

Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
200mm Reinforced Tungsten Plates I

Small Auxillary Nano Pump I
Small Auxillary Nano Pump I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator I

Nanite Paste x 30, Phased Plasma, yadda yadda.

Like I said I was feeling a bit down, nostalgic, wonky.. so I bought a Standard Exile Booster from doomchinchilla for the trip somewhere. I overpaid btw, my other drug guy is way better in pricing but I needed the fix.

I made it like.. 6-8 jumps and I run into that SCUM. gang. I had a WTF moment and realized I set my destination wrong. These... FUCKS!! Luckily I jumped into the back of them and was able to move through Sadusairos without incident. Jumping into Kurnianen however, there was just as big a gang of SCUM. there as well.


I made some distance and just burned to Goinard. I was not going back through that way. I got so lucky. I spent some time trying to figure out how to plan a way around and I came up with an idea that CCP should do: overhaul the ingame map. What if you could click and drag a line on your map and drag it around like google maps for easier route making? I got tired of trying to find a lowsec way so since I was in an empty clone and I was just gonna get high and drunk anyway, I figured waking up in a new, sober clone would be best anyway to recover from my future hangover.

Just looking at that confusing in game map in conjunction with DOTLAN, I just randomly picked Misaba, one jump out of Providence null. I was able to piece together a 28 jump set of waypoints from Providence to Great Wildlands, and set out on my way.

These systems were surprisingly populated. I darted through, not warping directly gate to gate but making my best speed, when about 4 jumps in I run into an Ares and a Hyena at a gate. I jumped because there was also rats on this side.

On the other side they were already decloaked and very close to me, I tried to warp off, but the Ares caught me. I locked him and got my scram and web on him and just hit approach. I entered armor rather quickly, I overheated my top rack, and my repper, and I swallowed my exile. I was easily repping the incoming damage from both ships.


Pretty much no science to this fight, both had approached me and just tried to burn me down quickly. I made a quick safe in this system to rep my armor damage and repair my modules. Dropped a gf in local and moved along.

Before continuing, please play this in the background as you read:

In the next system, gifs, and trash was littering local, there was 36 people, and I saw a "7o"

Brave Newbies.

Atrons, like 20 of them, Talwars. God dammit.

I was careful about trying to find where exactly they were, I realized I was moving with them through this pipe in Catch, and since null systems are so much bigger on average, many gates were 'orphans' or there is no celestial nearby to scan the gate from so I had to just hold my breath and jump through. Of course, I run straight into them. Apparently they were shooting something at this gate because I could hear the blaze of gunfire. I blindly jump into the next system.. into the other half of the BNI gang.. They looked to all be aligned, so I waited to about where the nearest Atron was 20km from me, and I spammed warp to a system called "Oh Shit" 0SHT-A, Curse.

Whew. I was ahead of the blob. Just one neutral in Oh Shit. I had to stop for about 5 minutes to look at my map and see what I could do in Great Wildlands. Ya know, dead end pockets and looking for potential camps.

Next few jumps I noticed local spike heavily and it was a NC. blob. Never saw where they were or what they were in; I just made my way to the Great Wildlands, land of the Thukkers.

Upon landing in UT-UZB, Great Wildlands, I run into a large warp bubble and an Arazu. Almost immediately a Gnosis decloaked. Luckily I was just outside this bubble and I warped to central and then north towards Molden Heath.

In E02-IK I spotted prda prda,  a familiar face from Stay Frosty. back in Hevrice. What a small galaxy..

On my way through I stopped in MD-M3B and picked up some Thukker Fire Whiskey, I figured it would be good to keep some in the Bar back in Adirain. We have some whiskey connoisseurs that frequent Adirain's most famous pub.

I made it up to B-VIP9 and Egbinger without incident. I decided to stop by the Concord Academy station orbiting the 12th planet in Egbinger. I lived here for a few months after the first great R1DER exodus, and it was nice to walk these streets again. Tomorrow I will loop around Molden Heath like the good old days. It's good to be around so many Vherokir again.

I love my new Krusual Rifter, I hope to lose it in a glorious ball of death.


  1. Great stuff Brink. But you are wrong about one thing. We have not plucked ALL of the great ones. You have eluded our clutches, but perhaps in time............
    Keep up the good work on this blog.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lho, at first I wasn't sure I was gonna keep the blog.. When I get back to Adirain I've got cases of Thukker to drink, drop by if you are around :)