Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's a show about nothing.

I had a slow morning, log into Eve and read my news, my blogs, chat it up, and after loafing around in Asghed for a while I finally got moving. I had an idea to try out for *CLASSIFIED* They didn't have any of what I was after in Devoid's market, figured there would be more reasonable selection and location in Metropolis. Destination: Aset.

Aye, back where my roam kinda started the other day; Avenod VII - Moon 13. They had what I was looking for. I headed there and docked up. Shadow Cartel keeps a good market here; had no problems fitting a Rifter the other day and for what I had in mind..

I purchased a Mobile Depot and a Small Remote Armor Repairer II. I needed a quiet place to test it so after looking at the map a bit, I decided that nearby Lasleinur, Metropolis would be a good one.

Damn. One neutral in Laseinur. I looked quick at the other system that was off the pipe and I jumped into Ofstold. There was 20 people total in local and 15 of them were suspect. They were also trashing the local chat with "Bringing friends" and BALEX this, Snuff that, batphones; and I didn't want to test here obviously. Local chat just nonstop arguing and trashing, like seriously why do people shit up local so bad? I figured I should go try my old base in Ingunn, Heimatar. It's where I lived for a while in the "Post Heild R1DER Era" right after I moved out of Egbinger.

Only about 4-5 jumps later I was in Ingunn. 3 neutrals in local. Whatever I am gonna go ahead and test this. I created a safe called "Ingunn Test Site" and warped there to set up my Mobile Depot.

Mobile Depot systems online. I had to let my cerebral connections sort of do their thing and interface with the systems on the Mobile Depot. After a few moments I was able to access the item window and fitting interface.

Right. My crews aboard the Mobile Depot and my Rifter began a refitting drill.

A good first run. Now to refit back to PVP, warp off, and come back. If you try this don't forget you have to bookmark your location where you left your mobile depot. (Since I dropped it in my safe I had the bookmark already) Something I will have to test later now is *CLASSIFIED* or if *CLASSIFIED* Hopefully it works pretty well.

Yep, renamed it "Jiffy Lube" lol. I warped back to the test site. Got my skeleton crew back from the Depot and loaded it back into my cargo bay.

Well that is it for now, gonna dock up and get something to eat. I grew up just a few jumps away from here at the Pator Tech School station in Ammold; it's not often I get this close to home.

Thanks for reading o7


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