Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Can you believe it?! I just LOVE these things, I been staring at all of them since they started coming out. The first one I ever saw was Dilium's and I was secretly hoping this whole time that somehow I was on the list that was gonna make it on the Eve Pirate Series One set. Just honored and humbled beyond measure to have one :) I would buy these.



So I am in Egbinger! I look at the good old Molden Heath loop on my handy map and decided to check out a couple of pockets a little to the counter clockwise - Hegfunden and Katlina, then back clockwise to Hrober. Let's get on with the spiritual cleansing.

There was nothing in either Hegfunden or Katlina so I burned along towards Heild back clockwise on the loop and I came across an anti pirate gang in a Rapier, Sabre and about 4 other cruisers. Held my breath and spammed warp. Seriously I was here like 2 minutes ago and suddenly an anti-pirate cruiser gang.

Whew. Got out. NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) What's the fun in that?

There is a corp bookmark called "Plex Topside Safe" and as far as I know, is all that is left of the 2/10 plex in Heild. Pictured above is the view of the Heild star from there. I just had to take a moment and bask in that glorious sunshine. I spotted a Venture on scan, but I believe it was safed somewhere between Heild I and the Star.

On a side note; the last spiritual cleansing I went on I got a weird haircut that no one; myself included, liked. That's what I get for not being groomed by good friend Saftsuze.

Heild - Hrokkur - Hrober (nothing happened) Hrokkur - Heild - Bosena. I stopped at the headquarters of the famous Calamitous Intent, nasty old pirates that have lived in Molden Heath for a long time. Many are former R1FTA. They've got a candidate running for CSM which I may actually register and vote for. Speaking for myself I have never bothered to keep up with any of that political crap in New Eden. I'm sure most of lowsec feels the same; there's never been a real candidate to represent us. VOTE SUGAR! Also, I felt my Rifter needed bigger guns so a pitstop involving a resupply and a refit was in order.

I swapped autocannon 150's for 200's. Bought some more nanite paste, a full rainbow of different projectile ammo types, tried to jam a meta 5 plate on but it was just a hair short. Spun my Rifter around a few times for a final inspection. I realized I hadn't had a break in a while already so I took some time off. I also bought another Standard Exile. (Not a bad price on that either.) Bosena has a great market if you are like me and have a -10 security rating. Very competitive pricing with the Molden Heath regional market. I was kinda feeling like taking an alternate route towards Adirain so I set my waypoints to take me back to Faction Warfare space through Devoid.

The dots represent areas I have visited. I put a couple extra little waypoints in just incase.. and made my way. The destination was Asghed.

I had to burn through approximately 8 jumps of highsec to reach Raa, which is lowsec again. Went a couple jumps towards Asghed, in a system called Sifilar. There was an Ammarrian militia Thrasher on scan at a planetary district, which if I understand correctly, he is shooting something at the surface. I figured I should go shoot him. Ammatar prick.

Battlestations. Red Alert. My Damage Control teams were already in position, top rack preheated, check. I land 3000 meters from my target in the Amarr militia. WEAPONS FREE!!!!

The Thrasher casually aligned and warped off. Elite pee vee pee.

The pilot left also left local Sifilar.

I don't consider myself a hero or anything in regards to the colonists or soldiers that may have been down there. I don't even know if he was shooting the planet, I don't care. Little things like that can affect so much at once. Good deed done. Spirit cleansed!

A few jumps later, I had made it to Asghed. It sorta reminds me of Aset, it's like a hub and there's a bunch of systems that surround it so I decided to check those real quick before logging out and nothing in the first system, nothing in the second system, and then Lapabi.

Incursus on scan.

Some guy named Smeegly Thissant was waiting for me inside the plex. His Hobgoblin was already out. This was gonna happen! We began to dance, my weapons doing decent damage to him, I noticed there was no scram on me. Dual rep? Yes. His armor was instantly back to 100%. Local had gone up maybe 1 or two when the fight started as well so I adjusted my DSCAN accordingly. We continued exchanging fire and I noticed my Rifter being slightly faster than his Incursus, I started aligning towards the Lapabi star.

Tormentor on short.

Smegaton Rinah entered the plex, so I started my usual spam of the warp button to get out, (I never press it just once) and I easily did before things could get too south. She had followed me to the sun, but I had already warped to a random celestial at whatever range.. I can't even remember now; then I bounced off that to an old core safe I had in my bookmarks. I had some significant heat damage to my guns and afterburner, so I repped my remaining armor damage and my crew went to work repairing my ship. As I was repping up in my safe, I checked them both out and they were corpmates in the militia.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but I wonder if I had put a small neut on my Rifter instead of a rocket launcher if I could have possibly won that? I guess I will have to look at it as winning since it was a 2v1 after all and I got out.

Decided after I got back to Asghed that this was a good place to call it a night. The station above the 5th moon at Asghed VI. It's hockey night.

Thanks for reading. Goodnight o7


  1. New blog for my reading list - huzzah!

    Very good stuff matey, enjoying the read so far. Keep 'em coming! :)

  2. I second Nogusha, great reading so far! Been enjoying it and keep it up.