Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday Night Atrons

Now a story about a normal day. Let's roam to Eugales. These Atrons have been staring at me in my hangar for long enough. It's Friday so expect inclement blobbyness!

Left from Adirain. Got 2 more of these to lose, fitted the rail Atron way, I had an empty clone so I had to use 125mm rails.

Got all the way to Costolle to see a Dilum from Screaming Hayabusa in local. Atron in a plex. Atron wasn't Dilum, just was just an AFK farmer. Elite PVP


In Agoze I spot an Incursus at a FW plex. Went in for a closer look!

Ginlock in his Incursus, which turned out to be dual rep. We exchanged blows for a long time! So long in fact, I ran out of antimatter and just threw in Thorium.. not even sure what ammo to use I couldn't do enough DPS with antimatter..

I simply could not break his tank. My 125's weren't doing enough damage even within my optimal. Every now and then he would try to break my manual flying by burning in the opposite direction. What I loved about this fight is I got to get some great practice in manual flight. I love how the Atron can dictate range. I feel like it could be used in so many situations.

Another Incursus showed up on grid with us, and he had aggressed me! Now I have two Incursus on my ass!

Picture above is a good shot of  an Atron whipping a shitty to get the F out! Had to balance who to use my web on, and I was slightly faster. That other Incursus was not dual rep so it was kind of tricky to pull off.

Run n' gun! This was the last moment before I broke scram and got away! Unfortunately I couldn't break the first one and I certainly didn't want to stay and fight both of them with the amount of overheat damage I had and with how low I was on ammunition. I enjoyed that greatly!

Well, not much further to Eugales now! Docked real quick for repairs and also picked up some more ammunition in Annancale, and then moved along.

Other than running a mining barge out of an ore site in Eugales there wasn't anything going on in any of the plexes, so I moved onto Aubenall, then Renarelle, and north.

Slicer in a plex? Aldranette. This area I've started getting more and more cautious around, I've been victim to instalocking Destroyer gangs the last couple times I've been podded between the gates at Vlillerier and Aldranette.

Gonna have to see if he will drop the mitts with me!

His Slicer was fast as Hell and hit me for way more than I could hit back! It was over relatively quickly! Not much else to say!


I think I have bought every shuttle from Aldranette down the way to Intaki. Intaki was my destination, bought the last Gallente Shuttle from there. Then beat feet for Adirain.

Got back, rested a bit, and I only have one Atron left so let's do this! Destination Egghelende!

The pipe from Adirain to Minmatar space is usually quiet but occasionally I stop somewhere near the central to dscan around. You never know there could be a 2014 character in a Battleship.

As usual this pipe was quiet and SCUM. didn't seem to be in Schoorasana so I moved through without any interruption.

Spotted this guy in an Atron at a FW plex so I warped in for an Atron duel! I land and he's almost at zero; is he gonna be Blaster fit? He is!!! Neut as well!!

Pulled range and shot him from a distance. My tank held up and just before I entered structure, the DPS had turned from his favor to mine, and he exploded.


Didn't go as I expected, figured he'd be another rail Atron. Glad I was able to react and outrun his Atron. Again with range dictation on this hull. So HUGE in frigate pvp it seems. (Maybe any pvp)

Ezzara was busy! Firetail, and two Rifters. About ten other pilots total in system. The Rifters were together at a plex, and the Firetail was at the other one. Rifters or Firetail? I went for the 2v1!

One Rifter was 28 kilometers from the warp in and the other Rifter was almost at the warpin.' Unfortunately for that Rifter pilot, I knew what kind of situation he was in XD

As I shot at the Rifter pilot, taking him down, the Firetail appeared.

Do I have a 3v1 on my hands now? Suddenly the Firetail pilot gets a suspect timer instead of turning teal like he would have had he aggressed me. Interesting, a 3 way fight! Soon after the Rifter I was fighting blows up!


And I was able to get a whoring shot on the second one, woot!


Now it was just me and the Firetail. He had quite the range on me and I tried to get closer, which I think worked against me, not sure in the heat of the moment but he got some real good shots off on me, even though I could pull range on him, I had taken too much damage and my tank awkwardly kept me alive for longer than I expected but I couldn't get away


That was fun! Picked up the last Amarrian Shuttle in Arzad. (Seriously I think it is me that buys them all!)

Burned home the short way through highsec. Was only 14 jumps.

One of the Dukes of Adirain, Lord Fisk. Chatted it up with him for a bit and he had noticed an Osprey just sitting outside of our station. There is a rumor floating about that R1FTA only flies Tornadoes now and station camps. Only rumors. :D

I undock and warp to the other station at zero to see that the Osprey had warped to that other station at 100! I watched him as he slowly aligned, to a warpable anonymous site! I chose to warp in at fifty.


It was a good choice :) The Osprey pilot chose to warp in at 70, so he was perfectly sitting within my optimal moving 0 m/s and I one shotted his Cruiser. Elite PVP ;)

Docked back up in Adirain to hear an associate of mine, Mr. Wong, has found a direct to null wormhole! My new favorite hobby! Suddenly it's not a normal day! \o/

Gonna draw up some plans real quick:

Looks good I suppose. After some final preflight inspections, it was time to go to Jovainnon!

I've been to Malpais one other time, just the other day in fact. Didn't have time to explore but now I got my chance.

Kinda pretty! More maps:

Way out in the middle of nowhere. That little yellow dot nearest to me was the spot I came in at from a different wormhole that I mentioned before that I have been to Malpais. This is way out there for me, never headed this way before.

Why do I love doing this to myself XD I kid of course, it's only 76 jumps. I added some extra waypoints after the ones I had planned already. Apparently there is an incursion or something going on, wanted to avoid that.

Someone clearly owns the space here because they have overbubbled every gate I've jumped into. Like more than 20 bubbles!

Ooo, +1 in local. An Ares!

Awesome, maybe I can let him "catch" me at the next gate. I think my Rifter's a good setup for this kind of situation. Never heard of his corp or alliance before, they are not the sovereign holders for this system.

He landed at me at pretty much zero at our outgate. He didn't jump, he started to move.. fuck it: lock, shoot, scram. This was a gritty exchange, blow for blow. My tank looked good at first compared to his, and suddenly shield reps! This guy is actually pvp fit! This is gonna be close; and it really was!


Dropped gf's in local. Got me the good fight shakes!! \o/

Damn. That was so close. And the rest of his gang jumped in and wanted me to meet them in my capsule at the sun. I made a quick safe and initiated self destruct of my capsule. It is the only way..


Capsule (empty)

Whoa. I wiggle my new fingers and toes. I am suddenly relaxed; it's weird to go from a clone that was high as hell on Kane's stimulants and suddenly I am sober the next instant.. My eyes work, I can walk; good. Jumped in a Reaper rental and went back to Adirain. Do I go back to Malpais? Of course!

This place is bubbled worse than anywhere else I think I've ever seen! Every gate!

I can tell I am very far away from anything familiar, normally where I fly I can see Heimatar, Molden Heath, Placid, and Sinq Laison on a regular basis. They are always the same old nebulae in the distance. This blue nebula is not familiar to me. These stars seemed more wild to me for the same reason. Crazy how large this galaxy can seem!

What the fuck? Obviously there is nothing important here right?

A friend of mine, Primo Theron from back in Essence had also taken the wormhole a few hours before me. He was still on this side but 23 jumps from my current system. I decided to head out and meet him.

Yep. I'm way out there. Never even been close to this area before; let alone heard of it.

Every now and then I would spot someone else in local but the next several jumps.. nothing. I saw some core scanner probes once.

I kept moving along, I spent some time in this system because I spotted a Raptor at a celestial. Upon further examination, he was probably at a tower, but no longer. I couldn't find him anywhere, and he hadn't left local. Hard to say where he went honestly.

I guess I have been near here before. I don't even remember! XD

I had finally caught up with Primo in this pocket in northwestern Geminate, where there was a small group of Russian players in one system. We loitered a while and just before we gave up  on them and moved towards lowsec, an Ishtar on scan!

We followed it a couple jumps down the pipe, where I met it at a gate. Cruisers are out of my knowledge in this game so I am not 100% sure what to expect, but checking out this Ishtar, it had some shield thing running, had no guns from the looks of it; and my instincts were drones and neuts. I was right, he had agressed.

Primo came in and we were fighting it and suddenly his friends showed, a Curse, Stiletto (tunnel vision kicks in) I bet I can kill the Stiletto! I moved towards it blazing, overheated and..



Ugh. Opened my eyes. I have all my fingers in this clone too. Brink 33 lived a short, sober, forgettable life. Malpais.. can say I've been there now!

I went back to Adirain to tend to my bar (almost last call) and soon after, I called it a night. Thanks for reading, this one went LONG o/