Friday, March 21, 2014


Almost on the graph! Something I've been watching since I cracked the top 20k. 10,001!!

I am not sure what direction to take with this blog. I feel like it's turning into a reality show. "LOW LIFE'S on EVE" available in HD. Check local listings!

Took the most direct route home to Adirain from Uuna.

Sigh, what to do now? What ship should I fly next? I looked at my messy assets screen and set up my courier contracts. I can't be bothered to go get loot and market orders myself so I trained Contracting to V and I have public courier contracts for people who like being space truckers.

lol. This one is worth linking in Hauler's Channel.. 4,000 ISK a jump; that should get a reaction from elitist hauling players.

I linked it and waited. No reply from the 190 players in channel. Shucks, I guess I can't get tears everytime. Suddenly private conversation:

Inara Reynold's called me, my Citadel Package Gallente Shuttle has a nice hands free set I have never used before. I answer.

[20:30:07] Inira Reynolds > hey, if you want to private contact me that, I'll do it
[20:30:38] Brink Albosa > Costolle >> Adirain (50 m³)?
[20:30:42] Inira Reynolds > mhm
[20:30:51] Brink Albosa > Why not take it publicly?
[20:30:52] Inira Reynolds > just not in the region right now, so I can't accept it
[20:30:58] Brink Albosa > Ah, figured.

[Deleted the contract, and remade it and linked it in chat]

[20:33:50] Inira Reynolds > got it

And then she hung up. Straight to business, I like that. I might have to tip her for her time. I still haven't gotten out of my shuttle in the hangar outside my Captain's Quarters. Noticing the humidor, I open it and pull a cigar. Quite a large one, with "Mercantile Club" on the band. I puffed and rotated as it lit, destroying the new Gallente shuttle smell. I got out of the shuttle and walked into Captain's Quarters.

Checking my stash, I realize I am gonna need some more hookups from my man "The Underscore." Sent him a mail for a quote.

So back to the question, what ship to take out tonight? Rifter? Incursus? I see my already fitted Atron named Green Shuffle IV, and decide that's the one.

The weather kinda feels... blobby tonight. You know how you can just smell it? Destination: Ostingele

Time to start the roam!

Aeschee - nothing. Jovainnon, Atron in the small. I warp in and take my drugs, he's still there, I take gate. Land.. and he wasn't there. Suddenly he decloaks 36 kilometers from me.... and warps off.

I'm high!! I need a fight!

Hevrice is very full for their Cruiser - HAC roam tonight. I warped to central Hevrice to see what was out in system. Rifter and a Malediction. I warped to the plex containing the Malediction.

Faith Rose's Malediction turned out to be Faith Rose's Malediction. She was outside of the plex when I landed, about 8000 meters from me, I lock and begin firing! She was able to pull range on me unfortunately and she escaped just before she went into structure. Dang.

I didn't wanna follow her, she was moving quite fast, over 4000 meters a second. I gave up and warp off to another celestial. Decided I better get out of here before that Tusker gang gets moving.

Muetralle, Skir Skor on scan. Good fights to be had from him, a notorious pirate from Stay Frosty.

Costolle - Melmaniel, Got some high profile suspects in here, Crake Gaterau and Lijja Cuu - his tristan in the medium? "Lijja Cuu's Tristan" was my clue.

Suddenly, a private chat from Crake Gaterau:

A drunken Screaming Hayabusa pilot was looking for fleet members for a frigate gang. Change of plans I am going on a drunken roam with a Samurai!

Turned this boat around, went to Adirain, reshipped to a Rifter, grabbed the first MWD Rifter fit I saw, but it was this terrible fit I am not even sure how I got. (I got to go through all my fits and delete what I don't use) I had to go to Guns n' Banjo's over in Aeschee. Threw together a fit I think will work for a fleet; but it doesn't matter really I'm getting drunk.

Fleet composition - Crake Gaterau, Lijja Cuu, ddiere, Lucas Padecain, xxMACKxx, Veetor Nara, Trisk Vangur, Sangrado de Boeuf, Cutter Sense. Good to meet some of these WE FIGHT guys finally.. I see them often in and around Placid.

Destination Hagilur. The land of milk and honey. IT'S TIME FOR THE PUB CRAWL!

Mormelot - Lijja Cuu found a Tristan at a belt. We warp in..

Through the cigar smoke I can just barely see the Tristan as it pulls range on all of us. He rightfully got mouthy with us blobbing him.

[23:02:20] Ekron Eratheon > thats it?
[23:02:22] Ekron Eratheon > lol
[23:03:05] Brink Albosa > 
[23:03:29] Ekron Eratheon > I think Im gonna dock now
[23:03:34] Sick Artley >
[23:04:21] Thercule > Black rebels... i wanted to see u for some discussions...
[23:04:49] Lucas Padecain > black rebels
[23:04:51] Lucas Padecain > that's racist
[23:04:53] Lucas Padecain > submitting a ticket
[23:05:34] Lucas Padecain > this is our law/code
[23:05:35] Lucas Padecain >
[23:06:29] Uesugi Yondaime > lol

What we want is fights against the odds. The Tristan pilot can say what he wants, it's true. Though my money would be on Lijja Cuu; he would wreck him.

We took 5 in Schoorasansa.

One jump later, Lijja found an Algos fighting a clone soldier rat.

There was nothing Steve Starwind could do with that many frigates on top of him.


A few jumps later we were in Hadozeko, pounding on a Vexor that Lijja Cuu found.

After repping up in a Hadozeko station, we killed stepkun's Thrasher as well.


[23:47:48] Lucas Padecain > good fight, bro
[23:48:23] stepkun > good rifter club
[23:48:24] Lucas Padecain > 私はジュースが好きです
[23:49:12] stepkun > 私はビールが飲みたい
[23:49:28] Lucas Padecain > 名案
[23:49:52] Brink Albosa > Я на русском знаю только эти несколько фраз

Klogori - we fought Ki Ozran in his Corax


[23:51:20] Ki Ozran > oh hi
[23:51:58] Ki Ozran > "gf"

We were in Arnher and we bumrush a Condor Rifter and a Firetail. The Condor escaped but we dispatched the other two.

Republic Fleet Firetail

In Evati, Lijja caught a couple of Slashers. We came in and dispatched them.


Evati we took a short break, and a small gang was spotted in a plex. Lucas yolo'ed into it and they all scattered in what they called a "tactical retreat' to a medium. Tormentor x 2, Griffin, Coercer, and an Atron.

As Crake assembled the gang on the gate to the medium plex, we came up with a plan quick for the drones to go for the Griffin, and we primary whatever is closest once we land, hopefully the Coercer. Everything was near the warpin, except the Griffin pilot who was already over 50km away. We had good results, and the whined about us blobbing them.

[00:19:13] xxMACKxx > fweddit complaining about blobs ><

Couldn't have said it better myself. The Griffin was able to jam me out. I think it was fair enough. Helped to have the Coercer TD'd.

Griffin - Only good Griffin is a dead one.

We had to burn through a highsec island to get to Hagilur. We waited for Lijja Cuu to get his scout on and a Vexor had come in from highsec. He started yellowboxing me so one by one we all had to jump to Hagilur..

We finally reach Hagilur - the land of milk and honey. There was a Loki and a Legion on gate. I popped, Lucas and Crake were podded, and we called the fleet there.

I'd say it was a fun and impromptu fleet! Thanks to Crake Gaterau FC'ing and Lijja Cuu scouting, we had quite the action! The weather was indeed... blobby! :)

Got my capsule back to Adirain safely.

And thanks for reading, gonna take  a break from flying to tend bar. o/



  1. Was a fun roam! Shame it ended with the unfortunate podding of Crake and I.

    1. I'm surprised they didn't pod me as well, got a pod like you guys. :) dang instalockers. Elite pvp.